Necromancers culture

Mar 15th, 2019
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  1. *Necromancers can build temples on Barren tiles, and the barren tile will still be considered "Barren" for attrition purposes. They gain base +20 growth and +1 profit from barren tiles.
  3. * When a living necromancers army dies, it returns as "Undead" with -100 strength. Undead don't suffer attrition penalties and gain 20% strength bonus when fighting over barren tiles. An army will not respawn as undead if the necromancers have less temples built on "Barren" tiles than the amount of current undead armies.
  5. * You can spend an action and sacrifice 50 population to plague the ground, turning a "Forest" or "Plains" tile in your territory to a barren tile.
  7. * Necromancers can perform "Dark Rituals" to appease certain powerful demons and fallen gods living in the underdark and gain their powers. Rituals require the necromancers to perform a certain set of action on a certain turn to get that god's dark blessings.
  9. Rituals List:
  10. 1) "The Immortal Way"
  11. Requirement: can be performed on turn 3 and 9. You must spend all of your actions to do wars with other nations.
  12. Reward: Each of your living armies that dies this turn will return as "Undead" but instead of penalty they resurrect as undead with additional +30 strength for every temple you own that is built on barren tile.
  14. 2) "Enveloping Darkness":
  15. Requirements: Can only be performed on turn 4 and 8. You must spend all of your actions to expand territory.
  16. Reward: +400 progress for every temple built on barren tile
  18. 3) "Gate to the underworld"
  19. Requirement: Can only be performed at turn 5 and 10. Spend all of your actions to build temples.
  20. Reward: You can summon 1 demonic army from the game. You can not summon an army with base strength higher than the amount of temples you have built on barren tiles * 100. (5 barren temples = 500 max base strength)
  21. --
  22. Objectives:
  23. "Followers of the dark path": Complete at least 3 rituals, and have at least 12 temples built on barren tiles.
  24. "The Undead Horde": Have more [Undead Levy] type strength than any other nation has [Levy] strength among their armies, and it must be over 4,000 strong.
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