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  1. TheChief Bitch-Slaps Night!
  3. There was recently a new thread opened by the user @Dove covering the topic of demoting @night (current staff member) and promoting @TheChief (trusted member). Dove’s reasonings are that night defended a scammer and is biased , and TheChief is unbiased and “heavily trusted” in the community.
  5. The thread eventually got Night to reply , saying “you still havent shown anyone other than duk and cleef
  6. anyways chief was demoted for being inactive “
  8. TheChief replied back saying “I wasn't the one who let scammers back within 10 days after the rollback happened and then failed to ban him for days despite sizeable proof of his rule violations.
  10. I was active before the rollback as well as after it about the reports I received, as I can be. Wish you were honest for once. Anyway, have a good time evading your duties and silencing anyone who tries to question your "corruption" .”
  12. TheChief’s reply back to night riled up the community and the viewers of this thread as it had gained a large number of likes , it mentions silencing people when night is even mentioned next to the word corruption , which if I’m not wrong , is corruption.  
  14. Night fired back stating that TheChief’s modlogs were empty except him junking friends threads , but this does not make the fact that Night DEFENDED a scammer and helped him not get banned just because they were friends.
  16. A quote from the user Brenden says “Ya'll call him corrupt, but he isn't banning well-known members because he dislikes him. He is not hiding un-bans behind pay-walls. He isn't going behind Ace's back to manipulate members and sub-groups. He is doing...his job. “
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