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  1. SF team of at least 12 people attacks an island containing objectives
  2. There are X>=5 objectives and 3 are selected to be attacked at random (by a script) when the mission is played
  5. Mission details:
  6. Lingor/Dingor western area with single land bridge.
  7. Low light (early morning night fading into day by 35 after SS). NVG req?
  10. Ratio should be aprox 1atk:4def.
  12. Attackers are SF. They should get w/e tools they need or want to accomplish their objectives.
  13. Attackers may use boats.
  14. (maybe?)They may also use a helo (no pilot slot req, just need to be on the list) like a lil bird.
  15. (maybe?) They may use a minigun jeep?
  16. Can any silenced weapons or weapons w/o a flash be fair in A3?
  17. Basically let them barbie b/c it's so shiney it's blinding.
  19. Defenders must attempt to defend all the objectives until they figure out what is being attacked.
  22. Defenders should have reduced radios limited to FTL and/or SL only. SL might be preferable.
  24. Can pabos item finder object used in one mission to find an objective be given to players?
  25. Can a motion detector or radar thing be made to give def an edge?
  26. Dog Script?
  27. A stationary mortar?
  28. A Kord car with 50 rnd boxes?
  30. Objectives
  31. A. Find/Obtain the intel
  32. B. Asssassinate enemy Commander (commander wears a red hat or w/e)
  33. C. Blow up the cache/object/vehicle (Require Demo for this obj?)
  34. D. AI or playerbased hostage extraction
  35. E. Potato/Object extraction from AO.
  38. Mission tab will give a list of objectives. The objectives to attack will be roughly marked on the map by a map marker.
  39. The map markers for each and every objective will be marked for the defenders.
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