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The Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia At The Fair

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Feb 8th, 2022
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  1. The Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia At The Fair
  3. 6:
  5. HERE ARE SAM AND JULIA. They live in the Mouse Mansion, a place unlike any other. Julia lives on the sixth floor with her mother, in a small apartment. She has no father, no brothers or sisters, and no grandparents. She is a SUPER creative little mouse and VERY VERY curious: when she gets bored, she goes outside with her friend Sam, looking for adventures.
  6. Sam lives on the third floor with his father, mother, and siblings. He has two grandfathers and two grandmothers, and a bunch of uncles and aunts. He has a huge family! He is a SUPER good little mouse who is VERY VERY shy. When he’s with Julia, he does things he would never dare to by himself. She always takes care of him. Sam and Julia make a great team. They are great friends and share everything.
  9. IN THE PLAZA in front of the Mouse Mansion is a lot of hustle and bustle. Trucks roll in, and one by one booths and attractions appear. Some very strong mice are building a roller coaster piece by piece. It is so tall that it reaches the third floor of the mansion!
  10. Sam and Julia are sitting on a scaffold excitedly watching everything.
  11. —WOW…Look how high it goes. It is TALL! Julia exclaims. —I’ve never ridden on a roller coaster. Have you?
  12. Sam and Julia can't wait to get on all the rides. But they have a problem: the fair costs money and they don’t have any…
  13. —What if we try to make money? Sam suggests.
  14. —That’s a GREAT idea, Julia replies. —Tomorrow we’ll be able to try all the rides and games!
  15. —But where can we find some money? Sam asks.
  16. Julia thinks about it. —Why don’t we go see the ragman? —I’m sure he could use our help with something.
  18. 10: THE RAGMAN
  19. SAM AND JULIA go to see the ragman at his warehouse.
  20. —Hello, Sam! Hello Julia! I'm so glad to see you here, he greets them.
  21. —Can we give you a hand with something? Julia asks.
  22. The ragman looks around. —I’m afraid there isn't much work today. But.... WAIT! He searches through boxes until he finds what he’s looking for. —These came in last week. You know I only collect scrap metal, clothes, and paper, but everything in this box is too beautiful to throw away. But I don’t have any space, my warehouse is full up!
  24. 11:
  25. Sam and Julia take a look at the box, excited. Inside are some incredible treasures! There is an atlas, a huge silver fork, and a few spools of colored thread.
  26. —What could we do with all these wonderful things? asks Julia.
  27. —Why don't you sell them? suggests the ragman.
  28. Sam and Julia think this is a SUPER plan.
  29. —We can sell the bobbins to the tailor, I'm sure he'll love them, Sam suggests. —And we can take the old atlas to the bookstore.
  30. —Good idea! And what about big fork? What is it? Julia wants to know.
  31. —Maybe it’s a giant’s fork…
  32. Sam and Julia shiver just thinking about it.
  34. 12: THE TAILOR
  35. WHEN SAM AND JULIA enter the tailor's shop, the little bell over the door DINGS. Giorgio, the tailor, greets Sam. —Good morning, Sam! Who are you bringing with you today?
  36. —It's my friend Julia, Sam replies shyly.
  37. Julia is shocked. She’s never been in a tailor’s shop before. At home, her mother does the sewing.
  38. —Good morning, Julia! I am Giorgio. Come stai? The tailor kisses her hand. Julia blushes a little.
  39. —We've brought you some lovely spools of thread, Giorgio. Would you like to buy them from us? Sam asks.
  40. —Let’s see them," says Giorgio, taking a look inside the box. —Ah, what pretty colors! And how soft! I’ll take them all. What would you think about three pennies for the lot?
  41. —Done deal! Sam replies.
  42. When Sam and Julia are about to leave, Giorgio asks them: —And now where are you going with those big knives? To make cheese?
  43. —Ohh, so they are cheese knives! Julia exclaims, surprised. —We thought they were a giant fork.
  44. —Grazie mille, Giorgio, Sam says. —You've given us a great idea! We are going to the cheese factory to sell the knives. Surely they will want to buy them from us.
  47. SAM AND JULIA go to the cheese factory, dragging the heavy cheese fork behind them.
  48. —Hello, little mice! Where did you get those knives from? asks the cheesemaker when they go into his factory.
  49. —The ragman gave them to us. But we thought they were a giant’s fork, says Julia laughing.
  50. —Looks like it, doesn't it? Ha ha! But no, they are four knives joined together. Come with me and I'll show you what they're for. Do you see this bucket? There's fresh milk inside, he explains. —I add ferment and rennet. Then I wait for the milk to thicken and I use these knives to cut it into small pieces. At the end I put the pieces in a mold. And that's how cheese is made. Do you want to try it?
  51. YES! Say sam and Julia.
  52. The cheesemaker cuts each of them a good piece of cheese and gives them five pennies for the knives. —Goodbye, little mice! Have fun at the fair!
  53. Sam and Julia just have to sell the atlas.
  56. Sam and Julia take the shortest way to the bookstore, which goes right through the Mouse Mansion.
  57. —Atlas for sale! Atlas for sale! One-of-a-kind atlas for sale! Julia shouts.
  58. The bookseller laughs, wipes the dust off the atlas, and takes a look at it. —It can’t be… she murmurs.
  59. She puts the atlas on the counter and leafs through it carefully. —I can’t believe it, she stammers. —This atlas is a very important book. Its value is incalculable. It is the first atlas of the Mouse Mansion. I’ve heard of it, but this is the first time I’ve seen one with my own eyes. Thanks, little ones, you’ve made a great discovery! I can offer you ten cents.
  60. —SOLD! Sam yells, but Julia nudges him.
  61. —Ms. Bookseller, excuse me, but if this book is so important and special, I think it’s worth more than ten cents, Julia says astutely.
  62. The bookseller looks at her, bewildered. —You’re a good negotiator, eh? Okay, twelve cents. I can't give you any more.
  63. Sam and Julia look at each other, happy to have gotten so much money for such an old book. —Why is this book so important? Sam wants to know.
  64. —Well, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, long before you were born, a family of mice discovered this place. At first there was nothing, so they started building a house. First one room, then another, and another, until there was enough room for everyone. The house was wonderful. So much so that visiting mice wanted to stay, and built their own rooms. This is how THE MOUSE MANSION was born. This atlas collects the original plans, from when there were only a few families living here. As far as I know this is the only copy, and it is a VERY special book.
  65. Sam and Julia listen in amazement. —What an incredible story…can we come back another day so you can tell us more? Julia asks the bookseller.
  66. —Of course! You can come whenever you like, little ones.
  68. 23: THE CUBBY
  69. SAM AND JULIA run downstairs to their hideout to count their loot. Will they be able to ride on all the attractions at the fair?
  70. —Three from the tailor, five from the cheese factory and twelve from the bookstore. That makes twenty cents. Yesss! We are rich! Julia jumps for joy.
  71. —We should split them up, Juls, Sam tells her. —We must give the ragman a share. Ten for him and ten for us. We will have five cents left each. THAT’S NOT BAD AT ALL!
  72. Julia looks a little disappointed, but she knows that Sam is right.
  73. They go to see the ragman, very happy about the money they’ve made. —Good job, little mice! the ragman congratulates them —You are born sellers. Do you have enough money for the fair?
  74. —Yes, plenty. Almost everything costs one penny, so we can do everything, explains Julia
  75. —Have fun! And don't stuff yourself with sweets!
  76. Sam and Julia say goodbye. It's time to go home for dinner.
  77. —See you tomorrow, Sam. I'll pick you up to go to the fair.
  80. JULIA DROPS BY THE CHINESE RESTAURANT, where her mother works as an assistant chef. —Do you want to stay for dinner, Julia? her mother asks.
  81. —Oh yes, I really want to! Thanks, Mom.
  82. They order a big plate of fried rice. Julia can’t stop talking about the fair tomorrow and the money she made. —We got enough money to ride the roller coaster, the bumper cars, the haunted train and the merry-go-round, she explains enthusiastically.
  83. —Julia, honey, listen. I have to work tomorrow and I'll be home late. I’ve called a babysitter to stay with you all day. I’ll be back at night.
  84. Julia doesn't like the idea at all. She’s never stayed with a babysitter and she's a little hesitant…
  85. —Don't worry Julia. I know you’ll have a great time.
  86. —Why do I have to be baby-sat? Why can't I stay at Sam's?
  87. —Sam's parents have triplets on top of having to take care of you. It's only one day. In the morning when you wake up I’ll already be back.
  88. —And what about the fair?! Julia is ready to burst into tears.
  89. —I'm sure the babysitter will be delighted to take you! We'll ask her tomorrow when she arrives.
  92. THE NEXT MORNING, while Julia and her mother are having breakfast, someone rings the doorbell. —That must be the babysitter, says Julia's mom.
  93. Julia makes a face. When her mother opens the door, she can't believe it... it's Martina! Martina goes to high school, and she's the coolest little mouse in entire MOUSE MANSION! She rollerskates very fast through the corridors and knows how to do some amazing tricks.
  94. —Hello Julia! she says.
  95. —Hello Martina! Will you be my babysitter?
  96. —For today, says Martina.
  97. —How cool, Julia says, and Martina laughs.
  98. —I think you're going to get along very well, girls, says Julia's mom, laughing too.
  99. —Martina, do you feel like accompanying me to the fair?
  101. 29:
  102. —Of course! I wouldn't miss it for the world!
  103. Julia is very happy. Suddenly, she doesn't mind having a babysitter. What's more, it seems like a SUPER plan for Martina to go with Sam and her to the fair.
  104. —My little mouse, I have to go, Julia's mother says. —Will you manage OK on your own? Julia nods and gives her a hug.
  105. —Shall we pick up Sam and go to the fair? Julia asks as soon as her mother has left.
  106. —It's too soon, little one. There are two hours left before the fair opens, Martina tells her.
  107. —And what should we do while we wait? Julia grumbles.
  108. —Why don't we draw for a bit?
  109. Julia and Martina make some beautiful drawings and decorate them with colored glitter. Julia plans to give hers to her mom when she gets home from work.
  111. 30: AT THE FAIR
  112. IT’S FINALLY TIME to go get Sam. Sam is surprised to see Martina and not Julia’s mom.
  113. —Is she your babysitter? How is it? Do you like her? Sam whispers in Julia's ear.
  114. —It’s FINE, Julia answers in a low voice. Martina is very nice. And Julia loves her!
  115. Sam and Julia can't wait to get in, but Martina tells them: —First we have to decide where to meet up if any of us gets lost.
  116. They look around. —In front of the ice cream stand? Julia suggests.
  117. —Perfect, answers Martina —Now what do you want to try first?
  118. —The target shooting booth.
  121. SAM, JULIA AND MARTINA go to the booth for the milk bottle toss. Sam is SUPER good at it. He always wins a prize. But there is a very long line and they have to wait for their turn. It seems that everyone in THE MOUSE MANSION is there waiting!
  122. —You midgets, you won’t even knock over a single bottle! shouts a mouse older than them. His friends laugh along.
  123. Sam wants to get out of line, but Julia stops him. —We are not midgets. Also, my friend Sam is a champion pitcher. What do you want to bet he can knock down more bottles than you?
  124. —Julia! What are you saying? Don't mess around, Sam whispers. He doesn't like betting or competing.
  125. Finally, his turn comes. Sam pays a penny and in exchange they give him three rubber balls.
  127. 33:
  128. —Come on, Sam! You're going to do great! Martina and Julia encourage him. —You’ll show them!
  129. One of the older mice throws a ball and knocks over two bottles. Will Sam be able to beat him? He stands and stares at the bottles. Then he takes a deep breath, aims, and knock down all three bottles in a single throw.
  130. —BOOM! Julia and Martina shout joyfully. The bigger mice clap their hands in amazement.
  131. —Well done, kid. They congratulate him with a pat on the shoulder. Sam is very happy.
  132. —Now we have to get our strength back, says Martina. —Let's go buy some sweets!
  135. THERE ARE MANY stalls selling candy and sweets. How good everything smells! Sam, Julia and Martina stop in front of one of them that has a long line. —Look, Julia, says Sam. —COTTON CANDY!
  136. Sam and Julia walk over to see how the sugar strands wrap around the wood stick.
  137. —Mmm! I want one! Martina, do you want one too? Julia asks. But when she turns around, she realizes that Martina is not there.
  138. —Uh-oh, Sam says.
  139. They look for Martina everywhere, but they can’t find her in the crowd. —I don't see her…says Sam, scared.
  140. —Don't be afraid, Sam, Julia reassures him. — Remember we said we’d meet in front of the ice cream stand if we got lost? Let's go.
  143. WHEN THEY GET TO THE ENTRANCE to the fair, Sam and Julia can't find the ice cream stand. —It’s impossible! Julia exclaims. —I’m sure it was here.
  144. Julia asks a balloon vendor. —The ice cream stand? Who knows. It’s a wheeled cart, so it moves around the fair. I have no idea where he is now.
  145. —What do we do? Sam asks Julia. —We're lost!
  146. —I have a SUPER plan, Julia answers. —If we ride the roller coaster we can see the entire fair from above, and I’m sure we’ll be able to find the ice cream stand.
  148. 39:
  149. Sam and Julia each pay a penny and sit in one of the roller coaster cars. They start rising slowly. —Scary... Sam says, covering his eyes.
  150. —Sam, don't cover your eyes! We have to look for the ice cream cart, remember?
  151. Little by little, their car climbs to the highest point, and for a moment, it is still. Sam and Julia scan the fair with their eyes.
  152. —THERE! Sam shouts. —THERE IT - AAAAAAAAAAAAA! Before he can finish his sentence, the car plummets. Sam and Julia scream with fear and excitement. It's amazing!
  155. NOW ON SOLID GROUND, Sam and Julia get out of the car laughing. —That was INCREDIBLE! says Sam, excited.
  156. —Sam, where did you see the ice cream cart?
  157. —Next to the haunted train, Sam says. But when they arrive, the ice cream cart is gone.
  158. —Oh no, it’s gone again! Sam exclaims.
  159. Sam and Julia look for Martina among the sea of people.
  160. Suddenly, Julia thinks she’s sighted her. —LOOK! Isn't that Martina? She’s getting on the haunted train! They buy two tickets and follow her on.
  161. Julia jumps into the first wagon, but Sam hangs back. —I’m scared, Julia, he whispers.
  162. —Me too! Julia replies. —But it's all make-believe, Sam. That's why it's fun.
  163. Although Sam is not very convinced, he gathers his courage and climbs into the wagon. The train starts to move and rolls into a very dark tunnel…
  165. 44:
  166. —It looks like a cave, says Julia. They hear screams, growls, and terrifying laughter. Suddenly, green tentacles come out of nowhere!
  167. —AAAAAAAH! A MONSTER! Sam and Julia scream at the top of their lungs. But when they look at each other, white as paper, they burst out laughing. It’s all pretend.
  168. They pass by rusted dungeon gates. Suddenly they fling open and monsters run out!
  169. — Be careful, Julia! Sam yells. They’re coming for us!
  170. Their stomachs hurt from laughing so much. And before they know it, they're out. They had such a good time that they forgot about Martina, who still is nowhere to be found…
  174. Sam and Julia run to the refreshments booth and there is Martina, sitting on the terrace drinking a lemonade. —I’m so glad to see you! she says, relieved. —I’ve been looking everywhere for you two!
  175. —And we’ve been looking for you! Sam and Julia say.
  176. —Well, let’s put this behind us and calm down. Do you want something to drink, little ones?
  177. Sam and Julia have a citron pressé while they tell Martina all about the rollercoaster and the haunted train.
  178. —How many pennies do we have left, Sam? asks Julia. They have spent three cents each: one for the shooting range, one for the roller coaster, and one for the haunted train. They each have two cents left, one for the bumper cars and one for the merry-go-round. But they also want to buy candy!
  179. —The treats are my treat, says Martina. —But you have to promise we won’t get separated again.
  181. 48: NINA AND ALBERT
  182. JULIA CHOOSES COTTON CANDY, Sam a lollipop and Martina gets a donut.
  183. Suddenly, Julia bumps into someone. —Hello, Nina! Sam and Julia say in unison.
  184. —I’m glad to see you! Who have you come with? Julia asks, as she looks at the mouse accompanying her friend Nina.
  185. —This is Albert, my older cousin, Nina says.
  186. Albert tells them he has just moved to THE MOUSE MANSION to work in a factory.
  187. Julia notices Martina has turned red and can barely say a word.
  188. —Martina likes Albert, Julia whispers to Nina.
  189. Nina nods with a smile. —Shall we all go on the merry-go-round? she proposes.
  192. SAM CLIMBS on the swan and Nina on the elephant. Julia gets on the giraffe, and now only the horse is free. —Martina, you and Albert will have to ride together, Julia says innocently.
  193. Albert and Martina laugh nervously, and get on the horse. The merry-go-round starts to turn slowly.
  194. As it spins, Julia keeps looking back at Martina and Albert. —Maybe they’ll get married, she fantasizes. —How romantic!
  195. DING DING DING—a bell rings and the merry-go-round speeds up. It’s like they’re flying!
  196. After a few minutes, the merry-go-round comes to a stop. Julia jumps off and runs to Sam. —Sam, hurry up! Let’s go on the bumper cars!
  197. —Yes! says Sam. —Is everyone coming? Martina, Nina and Albert go along with them.
  199. 53: BUMPER CARS
  200. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE, the music is loud and everyone watches the cars collide with each other. BOOM BOOM BOOM! As soon as it's their turn, Sam, Julia, Nina and Martina each get into a car.
  201. Albert rides in the back of Martina’s car, turning to help those who get stuck. At first, Julia is hesitant to crash into other cars for fear of hurting herself, but soon discovers that the harder the crash, the more fun it is. Also, no one gets hurt. No one crashes into Julia, but she crashes into everyone. She is a first class driver, the best on the floor!
  203. 57: BACK HOME
  204. It is time to go home. THE SUN SETS and the fair closes for the night.
  205. —Did you have a good time? Martina asks.
  206. —REALLY good! Sam answers.
  207. —It was one of the best days of my life, Julia says happily.
  208. After parting ways with Sam, the two little mice continue to Julia's house. Julia's mother has left soup for dinner, and Martina heats it up.
  209. —You like Albert, right? Julia asks suddenly.
  210. Martina turns red as a tomato. —I think so, she sighs. —But don't tell anyone, okay?
  211. —I knew it! Julia exclaims. —I won't tell anyone, I promise. It’ll be our secret.
  213. 58:
  214. When Julia gets into bed, she suddenly misses her mom a lot.
  215. —She’ll be home soon, Julia, Martina consoles her. —Should we wake you up when she comes back? Julia thinks that’s a VERY good idea.
  216. Julia is very tired and it doesn't take a minute to fall asleep.
  217. Julia is woken up with a kiss. —I’m here, my little mouse, her mother whispers. —Sleep now, little one.
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