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Sequoia Session 21

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  1. [19:11:09 ][Doxy] Anyway~
  2. [19:11:29 ][Doxy] it's a beautiful day outside. Luvdisc are singing, flowers are blooming...
  3. [19:11:47 ][Doxy] on days like these, kids like you...
  4. [19:11:57 ][Doxy] should be wearing slutty beach clothes
  5. [19:12:07 ][castfromhp] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2jVbSI9H4o
  6. [19:13:27 ]* Masterly (~chatzilla@FCC83353:88282E3C:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  7. [19:13:57 ]* Metaknight is now known as Percival
  8. [19:14:57 ][Doxy] Moses seems to have organized a game of volleyball with the PET Sisters. Robin is near her wagon with her Charmander, Torkoal, and Olivia; they're all wearing flower crowns and building sand castles. Really huge sand castles.
  9. [19:15:53 ]* Masterly is now known as Lucian
  10. [19:16:28 ]* Lucian approaches Robin and the Pokemon, careful not to disturb the sand as they work on their construction project.
  11. [19:16:48 ][castfromhp] Sven woke up early this morning to ask you all for water Pokemon to borrow and then promptly disappeared~ Anders has moved his beer stand aboard George and Pattie's "pirate boat"  and is going up and down the beach handing out drinks.
  12. [19:18:20 ][Doxy] "Okay, go ahead and start on lot 12 after you reinforce the base on sector 5 and- oh, morning Lucy," Robin says from what seems to be some sort of sand-throne.
  13. [19:19:24 ][Lucian] "I'd offer to help but I think I'd tear it all down if I tried," he says from afar.
  14. [19:21:37 ][Doxy] "Well, that's half the fun," Robin says and then blows some hair from her face. She stands up, adjusting her witchdress. "Where'd you go off to last night anyway?"
  15. [19:23:45 ][Lucian] "I was wandering around on the beach. Met up with Sue and we talked a bit."
  16. [19:23:56 ][Lucian] "...she's not as awful as I had initially thought."
  17. [19:24:28 ]* Percival gets up from dozing off in the sand and heads over to watch the volleyball game.
  18. [19:25:21 ][Doxy] "Sue... that was the one with the big tits and the short temper, right?"
  19. [19:25:36 ][Percival] "It's good to know you didn't run off after yesterday's event. Still having fun there Moses?"
  20. [19:26:43 ][Lucian] "Yeah. Once she's not drunk and angry she's pretty alright."
  21. [19:27:46 ]* Adrienne notices Percival going for the volleyball game and jogs to catch up to him. "Hey, Percy, I need your help later with Nero."
  22. [19:27:58 ][Lucian] "I dunno, she's kinda like me except more...up front?"
  23. [19:28:07 ][Lucian] "Got attitude problems miles long."
  24. [19:28:51 ][Doxy] "She smells like money. Not surprising."
  25. [19:28:57 ][Percival] "Oh right, I'll make sure to leave a good amount of time for Nero, there's still quite a bit to be done."
  26. [19:29:21 ][Doxy] Robin sits down on the sand near you, and collapses backwards, spreading out to make a quick sand angel. "What's on the menu for today? I think the hipster boy wants to do a thing?"
  27. [19:29:34 ][Lucian] "Believe me, coming from money comes with its own sort of problems..."
  28. [19:30:03 ]* Lucian collapses back as wall to get a better look at Robin's face. "Yeah, we're going diving. It should be fun."
  29. [19:30:35 ]* Adrienne makes a bit of a waving off motion. "We can do it on the way to Blackwillow."
  30. [19:30:36 ][Lucian] "You sure you gonna be alright? I remember you had some issues about going into the water before."
  31. [19:30:37 ][Doxy] "You don't have to tell me twice," she says with a sigh. "As a poet once said: mo' money mo' problems."
  32. [19:30:58 ][Lucian] "Yes, the urban poets of our time."
  33. [19:31:19 ][Doxy] She grins at you. "I'll be fine, I was just foolin' around before. I'm not literally made of fire."
  34. [19:32:26 ]* Lucian puts a hand on Robin's cheek, "Definitely not."
  35. [19:34:30 ][Doxy] Robin blushes a bit, but smiles. Her cheek DOES feel warm - hot even. A nervous "Heh," is all she manages for a moment. "I uhm, yeah."
  36. [19:37:49 ]* Lucian half sits up and begins to lean in but pulls up at the last minute, getting onto his knees and then standing up and stretching. "You wanna get in on that game of volleyball Moses is trying to pull together?"
  37. [19:40:06 ]* zooftop (~zoofsama@Rizon-ADCE5E06.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  38. [19:40:21 ][Doxy] She begins to lean in too, and almost face-crashes in towards the sand as you suddenly stand up up. She scrambles up onto her feet quickly and nimbly, a little flushed. "Sure! Yes. Let's hit some balls."
  39. [19:41:36 ][Percival] "You know uh, would you know anything about the talking pokemon that were judges there, is that just a... normal thing here?"
  40. [19:42:57 ]* Lucian laughs, "You know, some guys might take that the wrong way."
  41. [19:44:38 ][Doxy] "I thought you'd be used to it considering how yesterday went for you."
  42. [19:46:01 ][Lucian] "Okay, one: me getting nutchecked does not happen /that/ often. And two: yesterday was kind of a huge mess, all things considered."
  43. [19:50:15 ][Doxy] She giggles at that. "Well, it was fun too right? You know, like, 'it's better to have loved and lost blah blah blah'... except, with terrible drunken choices. Or you might as well stay in a safe and collect dust."
  44. [19:50:55 ][Doxy] "... I don't know if that made sense, but MY POINT is at least it'll be funny memories later."
  45. [19:52:36 ][Lucian] "It was a fun mess and I don't regret it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves."
  46. [19:53:09 ][Lucian] "Most of the stuff that went down yesterday...not exactly stuff to be proud of."
  47. [19:53:23 ]* Lucian leads the way to Moses to see if there's still room for 2 more in the game.
  48. [19:53:27 ][zooftop] Speaking of nutcrackers, Sue's been by her tent most the morning, with quite the sour look on her face.  Right now she's laying on a towel near it, wearing a trendy pair of shades and watching the beer cruise Ander's leading.
  49. [19:54:08 ][Doxy] She pats you lightly on back. "Well, I did say it'd be funny LATER. That might be like, a LOT later."
  50. [19:54:24 ][Lucian] "Don't remind me..."
  51. [19:54:44 ][Doxy] As you approach Moses and the PET sisters, they turn to look at the pair of you. They're all dressed in swimsuits and just finished setting up the Spheal-Ball court; you know, the volleyball net, moat, hoops, penalty hoops, water-pool, and wrestling pit.
  52. [19:54:51 ]* Lucian waves at Sue as they pass but doesn't say a word as he makes his way over to Moses.
  53. [19:55:19 ][Doxy] Moses beams. "Hello Lucian! Who's your....  friend here?"
  54. [19:56:01 ][Lucian] "Oh, this is Robin," he says, patting them on the back and pushing them forward. "You still need people for your...this isn't volleyball is it?"
  55. [19:56:06 ][Doxy] He gives Robin's outfit a twice-over, apparently not impressed by the nouveau-witch fashion.
  56. [19:56:35 ]* Lucian looks at him incredulously, "What? Not a fan? C'mon, it's cute."
  57. [19:56:39 ]* Adrienne greets the new arrivals. "Sup Lucy, Robin."
  58. [19:57:20 ][zooftop] Sue waves back, but likewise says nada
  59. [19:57:29 ][Doxy] "No of course it's not volleyball - it's SPHEAL BALL. Haven't you played before?"
  60. [19:57:38 ][Lucian] "No," he responds flatly.
  61. [19:57:54 ][Percival] "I don't believe so, are the rules different?"
  62. [19:59:36 ][Doxy] "Very! But easy to pick up," Moses says, putting an arm around Percival. "Would you all like to join us? We'd have just enough for two teams."
  63. [20:00:06 ][Percival] "Sounds like a good idea to me, I'm in."
  64. [20:00:41 ][Lucian] "I'm in, sure."
  65. [20:01:11 ]* Adrienne sighs. "Why not, I guess."
  66. [20:01:27 ][Doxy] "Perfect. Myself, Paula, Emily, and Tracy vs the four of you then?"
  67. [20:01:54 ]* Lucian looks at his team and smiles, "Guess so."
  68. [20:01:59 ][Adrienne] "Sure."
  69. [20:02:22 ][Doxy] THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNanVnf3W3c
  70. [20:02:39 ]* Lucian nudges Robin, "You're filling in for Dann. Give us your best repressed, shovel-wielding psychopath impression yeah?"
  71. [20:05:07 ][Doxy] Robin laughs. "I'll try my best!"
  72. [20:06:05 ][Adrienne] "I think she thinks you're joking, Lucy."
  73. [20:06:41 ][Doxy] Anyway, Moses takes a few minutes to explain the rules! After a few demonstrations, Paula lets out the Spheal, while Moses readies the beach ball, rubber ball, and volley-ball.
  74. [20:07:09 ][Doxy] "Good luck everyone!" Emily says. "May be the best team win~" "Let's have a fun game!"
  75. [20:08:05 ][Percival] "Right, we'll see how it goes."
  76. [20:09:03 ][Lucian] "Okay, we're the Benedict Goers, alright?"
  77. [20:09:11 ][Lucian] "That's our Spheal Ball team name."
  78. [20:09:28 ][Doxy] Okay! Someone roll one of each: Athletics, Acrobatics, Stealth, or Combat~
  79. [20:09:40 ][Adrienne] "... We don't need a team name."
  80. [20:10:02 ][Doxy] "LETS GO BENEDICT GOERS WOOO!" Robin says
  81. [20:10:54 ][zooftop] Cornelious scuttles up into the ref's chair, with a wistle in one claw and a yellow flag in the other.
  82. [20:11:28 ][Adrienne] 4d6+1 AP ACROBATICS
  83. [20:11:28 ][CritSenpai] AP ACROBATICS: 15 [4d6=5,2,1,6]
  84. [20:11:57 ][Percival] !roll 4d6+1 Ap and Athl
  85. [20:12:00 ][Percival] er
  86. [20:12:29 ][Percival] 4d6+1
  87. [20:12:29 ][CritSenpai] 4d6+1: 15 [4d6=3,2,6,3]
  88. [20:12:53 ][Lucian] 2d6+1 AP Combat OR Stealth
  89. [20:12:54 ][CritSenpai] AP Combat OR Stealth: 7 [2d6=4,2]
  90. [20:13:15 ][Doxy] 2d6+1 Combat for Robin!
  91. [20:13:15 ][CritSenpai] Combat for Robin!: 10 [2d6=6,3]
  92. [20:15:28 ][Doxy] Absolute chaos breaks out as the match begins! The Spheal begins to run around the field as Lucian and Tricia are trying to catch it! Robin manages to wrestle Tricia and get control of the BLUDGEON BALL! Adrienne and Percival together manage to score one point as they spike the Volleball!
  93. [20:15:40 ][Doxy] Roll again, can't be same skill
  94. [20:15:51 ][Lucian] 3d6+1 Athletics
  95. [20:15:51 ][CritSenpai] Athletics: 7 [3d6=1,4,1]
  96. [20:16:50 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1 AP Stealth dammit Lucian why did you pick Athletics
  97. [20:16:51 ][CritSenpai] AP Stealth dammit Lucian why did you pick Athletics: 10 [2d6=5,4]
  98. [20:17:47 ][Doxy] 2d6 Acrobatics for Robin!
  99. [20:17:47 ][CritSenpai] Acrobatics for Robin!: 9 [2d6=4,5]
  100. [20:18:31 ][Doxy] Percival?
  101. [20:18:51 ][Percival] 2d6+1 Ap Combat
  102. [20:18:51 ][CritSenpai] Ap Combat: 8 [2d6=3,4]
  103. [20:21:01 ][Doxy] Robin clocks Paula with the bludgeon ball, and allows Adrienne to take a shot at the hoop - which she makes! Moses meanwhile tackles Lucian into the moat, scoring a point for the Melon Marauders! Percival fares less well too as he ends up face down in the mud pit with Emily on top of him.
  104. [20:21:09 ][zooftop] Cornelious blows the wistle and throws the flag down!  "Traveling by the Benedict Goers!  Automatic first down for the Melon Marauders!"
  105. [20:21:23 ][Lucian] "Bullshit!"
  106. [20:21:56 ][Doxy] "Crab Rangoon for Dinner!"
  107. [20:22:18 ][Adrienne] "I don't think threatening mealtime two days in a row is going to work."
  108. [20:22:42 ][Percival] "Well alteast I have spare clothing...."
  109. [20:23:46 ][Doxy] The score is now tied 3 to 3, and the spheal did a full lap of the court and jumped into the pool, triggering the lightning round! Everyone roll any phys stat!
  110. [20:24:21 ][Percival] (not the same one as last time?)
  111. [20:25:02 ][Lucian] 3d6+2 Ap Athletics
  112. [20:25:02 ][CritSenpai] Ap Athletics: 11 [3d6=4,2,3]
  113. [20:25:18 ][Doxy] (can be if you want)
  114. [20:25:39 ][Adrienne] 5d6+3 AP Survival is totally a physical stat
  115. [20:25:39 ][CritSenpai] AP Survival is totally a physical stat: 23 [5d6=2,4,5,3,6]
  116. [20:25:48 ][Percival] (i assume its also not the same as another person)
  117. [20:25:59 ][Doxy] (nope, can be the same as another person this time too)
  118. [20:26:09 ][Doxy] 2d6+1 Combat Robin
  119. [20:26:10 ][CritSenpai] Combat Robin: 8 [2d6=2,5]
  120. [20:26:38 ][Percival] 4d6+1 Ap Athletics
  121. [20:26:39 ][CritSenpai] Ap Athletics: 22 [4d6=6,6,6,3]
  122. [20:29:12 ][Doxy] Lucian tackles Moses before he's able to throw the bludgeonball and they both go down in a heap! Adrienne is busy trying to discern north and current wind-speed and humidity but as she's doing that Tracy clonks her on the head with the scoreball - which bounces off Adrienne's skull and nets a point for the Benedict Goers! Robin and Emily tussle again, and this time Robin is thrown
  123. [20:29:12 ][Doxy] into the heap though she takes Emily's top with her. And then Percival jumps from half court and slam dunks the hoopball in the hoop.
  124. [20:30:22 ][zooftop] Cornelious calls for another fowl, on Tracy! "Pass interferance!  15 second time penalty for the Melon Marauders!"
  125. [20:30:53 ]* Adrienne rubs her head. "Holy crap, ow."
  126. [20:32:04 ]* Lucian offers her a hand, "Walk it off. This is gonna be close."
  127. [20:32:35 ][Lucian] "I'm pretty sure you're not concussed."
  128. [20:32:46 ][Percival] "You alright there? That's quite the punishing slam you got on your head."
  129. [20:33:02 ]* Adrienne takes the offered hand up. "I'll be fine."
  130. [20:33:32 ][Doxy] anyway, standard rolls again! (roll a skill you haven't rolled yet~)
  131. [20:33:32 ][Lucian] "Good, because if you can do it again we might just win this."
  132. [20:34:13 ][Adrienne] 4d6+1 AP Athletics
  133. [20:34:13 ][CritSenpai] AP Athletics: 14 [4d6=4,2,4,3]
  134. [20:34:50 ][Doxy] Robin Stealth 1d6 :B
  135. [20:34:55 ][Lucian] 2d6 Combat
  136. [20:34:55 ][CritSenpai] Combat: 9 [2d6=3,6]
  137. [20:34:55 ][Doxy] 1d6 derp
  138. [20:34:56 ][CritSenpai] derp: 1 [1d6=1]
  139. [20:35:00 ][Adrienne] >1
  140. [20:36:07 ][Percival] 3d6+1 AP Acrobatics
  141. [20:36:08 ][CritSenpai] AP Acrobatics: 10 [3d6=2,6,1]
  142. [20:37:57 ][Doxy] Robin climbs out of the moat and his hit by the Bludgeonball and thrown into the pool! Lucian blocks Paula's throw with the Scoreball and passes to Percival! Percival catches, dodges Moses' tackle, and passes to Adrienne! Adrienne shoots - and scores!
  143. [20:38:15 ][Lucian] "GO GO GOERS!"
  144. [20:38:48 ]* Lucian tries to whip up the rest of the team in a similar cheer.
  145. [20:40:27 ]* Adrienne does her own thing, pumping both fists into the air and yelling "Woo!"
  146. [20:41:13 ][zooftop] Cornelious blows the whistle! "Victory goes to the Benedict Goers!"
  147. [20:41:50 ][Doxy] Robin holds up a fist from the pool in victory.
  148. [20:42:02 ][Doxy] Though she's still face-down in the pool
  149. [20:42:22 ]* Adrienne pulls her out of the pool.
  150. [20:43:48 ]* Lucian goes as well but remembers, after the celebration, about his prize. "Hey, Adrienne. You know the cookbooks from the contest yesterday."
  151. [20:43:52 ][Lucian] "Do you want them?"
  152. [20:44:11 ][Lucian] "I can't really use them myself and I kinda wasn't supposed to be on stage so...."
  153. [20:44:55 ][Doxy] Moses chuckles, standing up after his missed tackle and brushing some sand off. "Not graceful exactly, but Spheal-ball is always... INTERESTING. Thanks for playing guys! Hope you're not too badly bruised."
  154. [20:45:55 ][Lucian] "Nah, I'd be more worried about your side, Melon."
  155. [20:46:07 ][Lucian] "If anyone is hurting I can try to patch them up."
  156. [20:46:22 ][Lucian] "I doubt anybody needs anything though."
  157. [20:46:29 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, sure, I'll take the cooking stuff."
  158. [20:48:15 ][Percival] "Nah we're alright, that was pretty fun even if it bowled everyone over."
  159. [20:48:47 ][Doxy] "Why were cook books the winnings for a wet t-shirt contest anyway?" Robin asks, retrieving her hat.
  160. [20:48:59 ]* Adrienne shrugs.
  161. [20:49:04 ][Adrienne] "Beats me."
  162. [20:49:35 ][Percival] "It's more practical than handing out a t-shirt for a prize atleast."
  163. [20:53:13 ][zooftop] The cooking set, to be more pecise, comes in an ornate, wooden box with asian script scribed in the top of it.  Inside is a leather felt interior with several very high quality cooking knives, and a block of quartz to serve as a cutting block.
  164. [20:53:44 ][Doxy] "Speaking of cooking, why don't we have something to eat before we go to Hipsterbean's mystery underwater Atlantis adventure?"
  165. [20:54:19 ][Lucian] "Sure, mind if I invite Sven and Sue?"
  166. [20:54:55 ][Lucian] "Did you know she's heading out to Blackwillow with us? She's one of Professor Bing's aides."
  167. [20:55:09 ][Lucian] "This conference is gonna be pretty big."
  168. [20:55:15 ][zooftop] The cookbook itself is leather bound with similar markings, and the text is written in a fancy, cursive style.  Yes, written.
  169. [20:55:28 ][Doxy] "Is that so?" Robin asks kind of .. flatly
  170. [20:55:32 ][Percival] "She is? Huh, I don't see why not in that case."
  171. [20:56:04 ][Lucian] "Yeah. Small world, huh?"
  172. [20:56:36 ][Adrienne] "She really doesn't seem like the aide type."
  173. [20:58:04 ][Lucian] "Well, none of us really seem like Professor Benedict's type but here we are."
  174. [20:58:19 ][Lucian] "Trust me, she knows her way around things."
  175. [20:58:36 ][Adrienne] "Yeah, okay, you got a point."
  176. [21:02:22 ][Adrienne] "Anyways, I'll get something going back at our campsite."
  177. [21:02:27 ]* Adrienne heads there first.
  178. [21:03:02 ][Lucian] "I never got their numbers so I should head over to their tent to invite them."
  179. [21:03:07 ][Doxy] "I'm... gonna look for a place to wash all this mud off."
  180. [21:03:31 ][Doxy] Robin wipes some grime from her dress unhappily and marches off.
  181. [21:04:55 ][Doxy] "You all have fun. I really should get all my things together and get going. I'll see you all in Blackwillow~"
  182. [21:05:06 ][Doxy] Moses waves again and struts off toward his tent.
  183. [21:05:17 ]* Lucian looks at Robin, clearly confused, but shrugs and splits off from the others to invite the pair.
  184. [21:07:40 ][zooftop] Sue's still sunbathing outside her tent, where she was before.
  185. [21:08:18 ][Doxy] The PET Sisters stand around awkwardly by Percival, waiting to be invited uwu
  186. [21:08:42 ]* Lucian makes his presence known from afar, "Yo, you were looking kind of pissed earlier when I passed by. What's up?"
  187. [21:09:38 ][zooftop] She slowly removes her sunglasses, and squints at you.  "What an unfortionate choice of wording.  This morning I discovered that someone...relieved themself in my tent."
  188. [21:09:45 ][zooftop] "I spent most the morning attempting to clean it."
  189. [21:11:04 ][Lucian] "...oh, shi-" he begins but then tries to reword,  "I mean, oh...no?"
  190. [21:11:15 ][Lucian] "I'm guessing you weren't very successful..."
  191. [21:12:25 ][zooftop] "It smells like a homeless person in there.  The tent is trashed, yes.  I've been debating whether to just burn it when we leave or take it down and throw it away."
  192. [21:14:42 ]* Lucian looks nervous, unsure of where how he should tread, "Is there anything I can do to help or..."
  193. [21:16:18 ][zooftop] "At the moment, no.  It's not really crucial since the weather has been nice so far.  Glad I didn't spend the night in it, at least."
  194. [21:17:10 ]* Lucian smiles wryly, "I'm also glad you didn't spend the night in it."
  195. [21:17:49 ][Lucian] "Well, that's as good as lead in as I'm going to get: why don't you travel with us?"
  196. [21:18:23 ][Lucian] "We've got the space and you don't have to deal with your funked up tent. We're heading the same way anyway, right?"
  197. [21:20:00 ][zooftop] She "fufu's' at your complement as she sits up.  "Hrmph.  I suppose that does make sense, to travel together, yes."
  198. [21:20:31 ][Percival] "Oh, you lovely ladies are welcome to join us, you were handling Winston yesterday weren't you?"
  199. [21:20:41 ][Lucian] "Speaking of, we're about to meet up for lunch. You wanna come with? Sven too."
  200. [21:21:25 ]* Lucian looks around her and at the tent, "Is there stuff you can salvage from it?"
  201. [21:22:39 ][Percival] "I don't imagine it'd be trouble at all."
  202. [21:22:49 ][Doxy] Paula, Emily, and Tricia smile at Percival. "Oh, we'd be delighted. We'll bring some snacks."
  203. [21:23:04 ][zooftop] "I suppose I should eat something, didn't bother to after I found the 'surprise' this morning.  I am unsure where Sven is, however."  She looks at the tent. "I'm just using it for storage at this point, until we leave."
  204. [21:24:20 ][Lucian] "Sure."
  205. [21:24:33 ][Lucian] "If you need any help though, just hit me up."
  206. [21:25:52 ][Lucian] "Should we go look for him?"
  207. [21:25:58 ][Percival] "Would you business happen to revolve around grooming, I can't help but notice that he was quite taken care of."
  208. [21:25:59 ][Lucian] "Or can you just text him."
  209. [21:26:24 ][zooftop] She gets up and shakes her towel out, then gets her phone from her purse to do just that.
  210. [21:26:47 ][zooftop] "Where should he find us, exactly?"
  211. [21:27:37 ][Doxy] "Well, we do grooming, nutrition, and mentorship - but our specialty is consulting with Trainers about the psychological and spiritual state of their Pokemon and accessing the bond between Trainers and Pokemon. We believe all of these things are intimidately related."
  212. [21:28:13 ][Lucian] "I have no clue. I should ask the others."
  213. [21:28:51 ][zooftop] She follows along, waiting on a reply from Sven.
  214. [21:28:53 ]* Lucian types out a group text, somewhat hesitantly after yesterday's events, [Yo, where the eats? I'm paying.]
  215. [21:30:51 ]* Adrienne texts back. [I'm just making the stuff at our campsite.]
  216. [21:31:38 ]* Lucian relays this to Sue, "You're in for a treat then. Adrienne's going to be cooking for us."
  217. [21:31:50 ][Lucian] "Tell him to meet us at our campsite."
  218. [21:33:33 ][zoofman] Tap tap tap.  "That sounds promising."
  219. [21:34:35 ][Lucian] "Yeah, she's a great cook. It's kind of her 'thing' I guess."
  220. [21:37:19 ][Percival] "Huh, that's quite an interesting way to look at it, I work as a sort of mentor myself back home and within this circle here, mostly for young pokemon though. I'd be interested in seeing your work too."
  221. [21:37:53 ][Doxy] "You're welcome to visit us in Widowgrass - that's our normal place of business. We'd be more than happy to show you how we operate."
  222. [21:38:51 ][Doxy] Anyway, Sven texts you that he'll meet you at your campsite.
  223. [21:39:06 ]* Cable (~a@1BBA625F:8A8A6BCD:56CB226C:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  224. [21:39:45 ][Doxy] ~BACK AT THE CAMPSITE, A FEW MINUTES LATER~
  225. [21:42:11 ][Doxy] everyone stands around in silence I guess
  226. [21:42:17 ][Doxy] a funeral for Sue's tent
  227. [21:42:19 ][Doxy] rip
  228. [21:43:10 ]* Adrienne is putting the finishing touches on some pancit that she was making for lunch. She waves at people when they arrive.
  229. [21:44:35 ][Doxy] The PET Sisters show up a bit later, each bringing a tray full of desserts.
  230. [21:45:09 ][castfromhp] Sven shows up in time to be fashionably late, finding a seat and sipping his coffee.
  231. [21:45:48 ][Doxy] Robin still hasn't returned from wherever she want, though her Torkoal is here keeping the fire warm.
  232. [21:46:01 ][zoofman] Sue takes a seat on the ground and watches the cooking process judgingly.
  233. [21:46:32 ][Doxy] went*
  234. [21:48:05 ]* Lucian squats nearby Sue and the fire, "I'm sure whatever she prepares will be up to par with your rich girl standards."
  235. [21:49:00 ][zoofman] "I would hope so, if this is her one THING," Sue says quietly.  
  236. [21:49:34 ][castfromhp] "The food smells delicious, but I think we should hold on getting absolutely stuffed. I've prepared an underwater scavenger hunt for us after this." He nods in thanks towards each of you who've lent him Pokemon~
  237. [21:49:38 ][castfromhp] *Sven
  238. [21:49:45 ][Lucian] "It's not her /one/ thing, it's just her main thing is all."
  239. [21:49:55 ][Adrienne] At this point, there's not much to judge. Adrienne taste tests the final product, then begins serving out plates of the stuff to people. Chicken and pork, lots of vegetables and noodles. Mushrooms too, the ones that were definitely safe for eating.
  240. [21:50:11 ][Lucian] "Kinda like how medicine /my/ big thing but I'm also a big jerk on the side."
  241. [21:51:10 ][Adrienne] "Don't be modest, being a big jerk is more than just a side thing."
  242. [21:53:01 ][Lucian] "You're right, I'm imporant enough to have at least two 'things'."
  243. [21:53:09 ][Lucian] "I guess being arrogant is my side thing."
  244. [21:54:07 ][Adrienne] "Anyways, enjoy lunch. This was kind of a slightly bigger turnout than I expected, but it's not a big deal."
  245. [21:54:51 ][zoofman] Sue samples the dish once she gets her plate, and nods.  "Well this does live up to your claims, especially given the tools available here."
  246. [21:54:59 ][Lucian] "Where's Robin? I figured they'd be her by now."
  247. [21:55:02 ][Lucian] here*
  248. [21:57:36 ][zoofman] Sue eats quietly, eyeing all these STRANGERS. And Sven.  Who seems suspiciously quiet.
  249. [21:58:48 ][Adrienne] "I'm used to cooking with less than an entire kitchen," Adrienne says to Sue. "But it'd be nice to. Lots of stuff I can't do on the road."
  250. [21:58:51 ][Doxy] The PET Sisters sit around Dann, Emily to his left and Paula to his right. And Tricia pouting a bit as she sits next to Emily.
  251. [21:59:16 ]* Lucian nudges her side with his elbow, "Relax, they're all cool. I told them you were cool. We're all cool."
  252. [21:59:23 ]* Cable is now known as Dann-
  253. [21:59:53 ][zoofman] NEVERMIND ZOOF CANNOT READ.  She perks up at the mention of 'scavenger hunt.'  "Oh ho, so that's what you've been up to all morning?"
  254. [22:00:32 ][castfromhp] "It was." Sven says with a self-satisfied smile, sipping his coffee.
  255. [22:01:07 ]* Dann- takes his plate eagerly from Adrienne with a grin, barely managing a 'thanks' as he begins shoveling food into his mouth. When the sisters sit down, he slows his pace somewhat and tries to give them a smile through a mouthful of noodles.
  256. [22:02:04 ][Lucian] "Well what are we waiting for, let's get to it."
  257. [22:02:33 ][Doxy] "The food really is quite delicious Adrienne~" "Mrmrph!" "No wonder your Pokemon are so healthy!"
  258. [22:03:32 ][castfromhp] You all get fed and then Sven fetches the diving gear and prepares to lead you all to the waterside!
  259. [22:03:33 ][Percival] "That's a grand assortment of food you've made, thanks a ton Adrienne!"
  260. [22:03:38 ][Doxy] Robin approaches the campsite and sits down, now wearing a swimsuit instead of the sleek outfit you've seen her in until now.
  261. [22:04:15 ][castfromhp] He also hands out a scribbled sheet of paper to each of you: http://pastebin.com/BGv1axMB
  262. [22:04:31 ][castfromhp] "It's not waterproof, of course, so you should probably memorize it before you go diving."
  263. [22:04:43 ][zoofman] Sue hrmphs, looking to the water, "Well if everyone insists, I suppose its alright."
  264. [22:05:05 ]* Adrienne looks smug from the praise.
  265. [22:05:31 ]* Lucian smiles at Robin when they reappear and pats the spot beside him, getting a plate of food ready.
  266. [22:05:42 ][Doxy] "So that's why you needed stuff?" Robin says, looking at the paper. She tosses it behind her shoulder with a flick of her wrist; it catches fire and burns up entirely in a burst of flame before it even begins falling again.
  267. [22:06:43 ][castfromhp] "I thought about making all of them items various types of coffee, kept in waterproof bags of course. ...But then what would have happened if no one found any of it? It would have been -such- a waste."
  268. [22:06:51 ][Doxy] Robin sits down next to Lucian in the spot he indicates, and takes the plate from him. "Oh,this is good Adrienne."
  269. [22:07:11 ]* Adrienne quickly memorizes the list and puts it in her stuff to recycle later. She suppressed a snort at Sven's first idea for a scavenger hunt. "Thanks."
  270. [22:07:43 ][Doxy] "Are there any rules?"
  271. [22:08:13 ][castfromhp] "Don't be a dick, I guess?" Sven shrugs.
  272. [22:08:31 ][Lucian] "Is this a team thing or is it a free for all?"
  273. [22:08:52 ][castfromhp] "Oh it's a team effort. I'll have a prize if you manage to round up all 8 red coins."
  274. [22:09:13 ][Adrienne] "Where's the area for all this?"
  275. [22:09:44 ][castfromhp] "It's underwater. I'll show you the area."
  276. [22:10:57 ][castfromhp] (hop on roll20 everyone!)
  277. [22:12:06 ][castfromhp] (this will work similar to that pokemon catching bit in the triathlon; just describe a general area you're searching and we'll respond accordingly)
  278. [22:14:17 ][zoofman] What Sven ends up handing out is the diving equipment Sue brought, which is actually just a rebreather.  Super simple to use device, and Sue supposes she can show people how to properly put it on, if she has to.
  279. [22:15:01 ]* Adrienne gets it on easily enough.
  280. [22:15:41 ]* Lucian puts it on with a little effort, though he feigns some ignorance at the going ons to get an explanation from Sue.
  281. [22:17:07 ][zoofman] "Really?  Geez, it's so simple too..." she explains how not to drown like a dumbo.
  282. [22:17:40 ]* Dann- attaches his rebreather pretty quickly, remembering the time he asked his dad to show him how it worked. He then calls out Sinon and prepares to dive in.
  283. [22:18:20 ][castfromhp] Go ahead and describe where you're approaching first!
  284. [22:18:33 ][Lucian] Lucian will swim toward the ship in search of Merric, reasoning that the childish Pokemon will go to the most 'interesting' looking location, with the hopes that having his Water Pokemon back with him will help him in his search for the other items.
  285. [22:20:33 ][Doxy] Lucian - the old sunken ship has clearly been here a long time. There's lots of holes in the wooden hull, and finneon are swimming freely in and out. Dare you go inside?
  286. [22:20:41 ][Lucian] Yes
  287. [22:20:51 ]* Adrienne swims towards the tombstone-looking thing, it looks interesting! She also checks the surrounding area.
  288. [22:23:00 ][zoofman] Adrienne - the tomestone is covered in seaweed and mossy greens, it looks really odd down here since someone clearly placed it here at some point.  There's a few Clauncher's scuttling around near the base of it.
  289. [22:24:51 ]* Dann- indicates to Sinon to lead the way, and he'll check there first.
  290. [22:25:06 ][Doxy] Lucian - You swim around inside the ship, and eventually find yourself in the main cargo area - inside there's... LOTS of frillish, floating around avoiding the light. There's also two chests here, sitting at the bottom.
  291. [22:25:19 ][zoofman] Roll me Perception, Adrienne!
  292. [22:25:38 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1 AP Perception
  293. [22:25:38 ][CritSenpai] AP Perception: 10 [2d6=5,4]
  294. [22:25:44 ][Lucian] "Eenie meenie miny mo, catch Pyroar by th-both."
  295. [22:25:52 ]* Lucian swims down to unlatch both chests.
  296. [22:26:30 ][Doxy] As you unlatch the first chest, Akamamuji pops out and shocks you! Ow
  297. [22:26:34 ][zoofman] The Claunchers are scuttling around and pinching at something that's laying in the sand by the tombstone.
  298. [22:26:44 ][Doxy] He speeds away, swimming out out
  299. [22:26:56 ][Doxy] The second chest has two red coins.
  300. [22:26:57 ][Doxy] yay
  301. [22:26:58 ]* Adrienne swims over to check that something out!
  302. [22:27:05 ]* MasterlyPhone (~AndChat29@4D22053A:9686AACD:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  303. [22:27:23 ][zoofman] It's...a baby Kyogre!
  304. [22:27:26 ][zoofman] A dead one, they are eating it.
  305. [22:28:08 ]* Adrienne had no idea there were baby Kyogres!
  306. [22:28:21 ][zoofman] You can see a Scuba Steve action figure sitting on the tombstone, like an offering.  http://imgur.com/p9fb0i4 is engraved on the tombstone itself.
  307. [22:28:41 ]* Percival has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  308. [22:28:47 ]* Percival_ (~BusterBee@Rizon-3F3AA704.hsd1.ca.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  309. [22:29:21 ]* Adrienne leaves the Claunchers alone, since she wasn't into the idea of eating a baby Kyogre. Instead, she takes the Scuba Steve action figure and then checks out the little bushes of underwater plantlife while she heads north into the more vegetative looking area!
  310. [22:29:31 ]* Percival_ is now known as Percival
  311. [22:29:45 ]* Lucian has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 42.0/20151029151421])
  312. [22:29:51 ][castfromhp] Dann-, Sinon's instincts point you towards the bottom right of the map. You swim your way into a particularly thick forest of kelp. It's dark brown and has a mottled, almost rotten appearance to it. Once you swim in, it's hard to see where the forest ends, even though from outside it's quite easy to see the boundaries.
  313. [22:30:03 ][castfromhp] Do you swim further in?
  314. [22:30:28 ][zoofman] As you swim over there, Adrienne, you notice something sticking out of the sand.  Looks like a bottle.
  315. [22:30:45 ]* Adrienne grabs the bottle. What's in it?
  316. [22:31:06 ]* Dann- gestures to Sinon to swim above the kelp forest as he presses deeper into it. Hopefully she'll be able to get him out if he gets lost.
  317. [22:31:22 ][zoofman] Well, beer. It's a beer bottle.  There's no label on it, but the glass has 'Power Mushroom' engraved in it.
  318. [22:31:31 ][castfromhp] There are flickers of movement from all around you as you go deeper, Dann-. Make me a perception check!
  319. [22:31:54 ][zoofman] *Super
  320. [22:32:00 ][Dann-] 2d6 Perception
  321. [22:32:00 ][CritSenpai] Perception: 4 [2d6=1,3]
  322. [22:32:52 ][zoofman] When you get to the left kelp bed, you notice a few Mantykes swimming around, fiesting here.  You also see a frog suit tied to one of the kelp stalks.
  323. [22:34:27 ][castfromhp] The forest is incredibly thick, and you have to push the kelp out of the way to go forward. Unfortunately for you, you push your hand into a Skrelp clinging to the kelp and blending in perfectly! It stings you, just enough to hurt but not to poison you, then waggles angrily in your face before darting off. Once it's gone, you find in front of you a particularly large kelp plant, much thicker than the rest in this area.
  324. [22:34:58 ][Adrienne] "Well, this is probably it," Adrienne thinks to herself, taking the bottle and frog suit along with her. She gives the area another swimming around before she heads east to check out the northern kelp thingy.
  325. [22:35:34 ][zoofman] Roll me Acrobatics, Adrienne
  326. [22:36:10 ][Adrienne] 4d6 No AP
  327. [22:36:10 ][CritSenpai] No AP: 13 [4d6=2,4,2,5]
  328. [22:36:17 ][castfromhp] There is something wiggling further down the kelp stalk.
  329. [22:37:30 ]* Dann- notices the wiggling and carefully lowers himself in the water to get a closer look.
  330. [22:37:57 ][zoofman] As you untangle the frog suit from the kelp, something shoots past you at a dangerous speed.  You manage to avoid it and get a good look at it as it swims hastily toward the coral beds in the center of this area.  A teardrop shaped Pokemon with two little arms and a headbandy looking appendage on its head.  Roll me Pokemon Education.
  331. [22:38:27 ]* Percival swims down southeast towards the mushroom looking stalks to investigate.
  332. [22:38:50 ][Adrienne] 4d6+1 AP
  333. [22:38:50 ][CritSenpai] AP: 16 [4d6=2,3,5,5]
  334. [22:39:02 ][castfromhp] You notice a group of Skrelp hanging onto the kelp with their tails, swaying with the movement of the water. Nearby...is Glyce, very poorly imitating them by clinging to the stalk himself.
  335. [22:39:32 ][zoofman] Hold the phone, its a Phione!
  336. [22:39:37 ][castfromhp] (Percival, move yourself to where you mean?)
  337. [22:41:03 ]* MasterlyPhone2 (~AndChat29@1728BDD7:B8F1683B:D84128E2:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  338. [22:41:24 ][castfromhp] Percival, you swim over to the area and find it's mostly barren of plant and Pokemon life, at least compared to the kelp forests outside and the coral reef in the center of the area. A few mantyke do swim by though, and you notice a Qwilfish sleeping under one of the mushroom-shaped growths. Something is glistening from under it.
  339. [22:43:33 ][Percival] "Hm? That's quite a dangerous place for... anything really."
  340. [22:44:15 ]* MasterlyPhone has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  341. [22:45:08 ]* Adrienne is kind of excited! She decides to follow the Phione, for fun!
  342. [22:45:17 ]* Percival attempts nudge the Qwilfish awake rather than putting his hand right underneath it's body.
  343. [22:45:41 ][castfromhp] ( BGM for this diving bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL80bU8VTV8 )
  344. [22:47:06 ][castfromhp] Percival, you poke at the Qwilfish, and it immediately inflates, pricking you! ...But looking at how big it is, you're glad this didn't happen with your hand under it. It would've pinned your hand to the sea floor! It opens and closes its mouth angrily at you, swimming back and forth over what you can now see is a red coin.
  345. [22:47:52 ][zoofman] The coral reef has a lot of Quilfish and Finneon swimming around, but you got a hankerin' that's not all! Roll me Perception.
  346. [22:48:17 ][Adrienne] 2d6+1 Oh bvuy perception!
  347. [22:48:17 ][CritSenpai] Oh bvuy perception!: 6 [2d6=1,4]
  348. [22:48:24 ][Percival] "Yikes! I'm glad I get to keep my hand atleast."
  349. [22:48:56 ][castfromhp] It continues to puff up at you and glares.
  350. [22:49:01 ]* Dann- laughs to himself at Glyce's mimicry, sending a small burst of bubbles towards the surface. He pretends not to have noticed, and inches closer to the Skrelp plus Glyce, reaching carefully for a ball on his belt.
  351. [22:50:28 ][zoofman] You notice Merric trying to hide in the coral beds, and some bubbles coming out from an anemone
  352. [22:50:31 ][castfromhp] The Skrelp look over in shock as you laugh, then dart down towards the sea floor. Glyce is a bit slow on the uptake and takes a moment before detaching and starting to swim down as well - before noticing it's you and swimming over. He curls up around an arm.
  353. [22:51:25 ]* Percival pulls out a piece of bait and holds it out towards the Qwilfish. "Would this be a suitable apology for disturbing your sleep?"
  354. [22:51:52 ]* Dann- gives Glyce an affectionate stroke before pointing at the escaping Skrelp vigorously and miming a bear hug motion.
  355. [22:52:00 ]* Adrienne swims over to Merric and pokes him.
  356. [22:53:09 ][Doxy] Percival starts taking in water when he attempts to talk under water
  357. [22:53:13 ][castfromhp] The Qwilfish eyes it suspiciously, nudging at it at few times before opening wide and eating the bait in one gulp. It then deflates happily and settles on top of the mushroom growth and goes back to sleep.
  358. [22:54:06 ][zoofman] Merric makes a giggly motion and starts to float to the surface, his gig clearly up.
  359. [22:54:41 ][castfromhp] Glyce darts down toward the Skrelp and attempts to entangle one! After a bit of dodging and pursuing, he manages to grapple one near the sea bed, though it's hard to see from where you are.
  360. [22:55:08 ]* Adrienne keeps an eye out for the Phione while she checks out the anemone with bubbles coming out.
  361. [22:55:47 ]* Percival shakes his head and swims over towards the coin to pick it up.
  362. [22:56:07 ][zoofman] You get closer...and closer...and closer...
  363. [22:56:18 ][castfromhp] Red coin get!
  364. [22:56:22 ][zoofman] and then the Phione pops its head out from the anemone, staring you right in the eyes.
  365. [22:56:57 ][zoofman] And then lasers come out of its eyes.
  366. [22:57:00 ][zoofman] 1d20 Signal Beam!
  367. [22:57:01 ][CritSenpai] Signal Beam!: 8 [1d20=8]
  368. [22:57:17 ]* Dann- kicks his legs furiously, trying to catch up to Glyce and the Skrelp.
  369. [22:57:27 ]* Adrienne is not fast enough to dodge the Signal Beam.
  370. [22:57:51 ][zoofman] You take 40 damage! And your bathing suit top is now shreded.
  371. [22:58:00 ][zoofman] The Phione darts away, moving toward the cave in the northeast.
  372. [22:59:25 ][castfromhp] Glyce appears to be struggling for a while, but by the time you get there, it's looking rather resigned to its fate. It's not even trying to wriggle anymore and just sort of floats there with a "oh just get this over with and eat me" expression pointed towards Glyce. You also notice a red gleam from the sea bed, where this little tussle had kicked up a bit of sand!
  373. [22:59:48 ]* Adrienne starts cursing underwater, then repurposes the frog suit as a really terrible top.
  374. [23:00:16 ]* Adrienne has half a mind to summon Rami to eat the Phione, but doesn't.
  375. [23:00:17 ][castfromhp] *the skrelp is looking rather resigned
  376. [23:00:33 ][Adrienne] Instead she just continues on the scavenger hunt.
  377. [23:01:36 ]* Dann- pulls out a basic ball and bops the Skrelp on its head, not wanting to prolong its suffering. He then gives Glyce a thumbs up and swims down to inspect the glittering red object below.
  378. [23:01:38 ]* Percival swims over to the colorful array of folliage to the north west.
  379. [23:02:11 ][castfromhp] Percival, you bump into Adrienne there, who has been searching that area!
  380. [23:02:20 ][zoofman] Oh, also, Adrienne
  381. [23:02:27 ][zoofman] There was a red coin in the anemone
  382. [23:02:38 ]* Adrienne takes the red coin.
  383. [23:03:13 ]* Adrienne waves at Percival and points to the north-eastern cave, then attempts to pantomime something like "don't do in, there's a jackass there".
  384. [23:04:42 ]* Percival waves and nods in understanding, he then points towards the mushrooms and mimics puffing up as a warning for that area.
  385. [23:06:00 ]* MasterlyPhone2 has quit (Quit: Bye)
  386. [23:06:54 ]* Adrienne nods, gives the "ok" handsign, then moves on. She also comes to the realisation that Mina was probably there in the cave, and then gets an idea. But first, the kelp bed she was on the way to going to before Percival showed up.
  387. [23:09:05 ][zoofman] Adrienne, the cave leads down to a really dark tunnel.  Looks like not a lot of sunlight gets down there.
  388. [23:09:13 ]* Percival swims about trying to follow the Mantyke school around.
  389. [23:09:22 ][zoofman] Oh sorry misread that
  390. [23:12:06 ][Doxy] Percival - one of the Mantyke spots you following the school, and breaks away to investigate you. It begins swimming around you in slow cautious circles, and then stops in front of your face. It blows a little bubble which floats slowly towards you, and pops against your nose.
  391. [23:12:08 ][Doxy] boop.
  392. [23:12:26 ][zoofman] Adrienne, when you get closer to this kelp field, you're greeted by a school of Horseas!  They swim around you playfully, waving with their little fins.  There's also a few Skrelp here as well, being less active as they laze around the bed.  Sue's over here as well - she gives you a polite nod as you enter the field, and continues looking over the Pokemon here.
  393. [23:12:35 ][zoofman] Very meticulous, like she's looking for the healthiest one.
  394. [23:15:11 ][castfromhp] The Skrelp is vwooped up into the ball, and you find a Red Coin, Dann!  (Sorry I missed this line for a while D:)
  395. [23:15:48 ][castfromhp] Seeing you find the red coin, Glyce seems eager to swim his way out of the kelp forest, starting to lead you up and over the area.
  396. [23:16:34 ]* Adrienne isn't too interested in the Horsea and Skrelp. She returns Sue's nod, and searches around for stuff in the scavenger hunt's list. If there's nothing here, she'll head over to the cave in hopes of finding Mina and exacting revenge against the Phione.
  397. [23:16:49 ]* Percival waves at the curious Mantyke before pulling out a Basic Ball and poiting towards it and the Mantyke.
  398. [23:17:02 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, the cave leads down into a dark tunnel, hidden from the sunlight up above. Bioluminescent sea plants cling to the walls, and you can see faint red glows deeper in.
  399. [23:18:21 ]* Adrienne heads towards the red glowing, curious.
  400. [23:18:43 ][Doxy] The Mantyke inspects the poke ball, clearly not knowing what it is. It tries blowing more bubbles at it,
  401. [23:19:15 ][castfromhp] As you swim further into the darkness, you see the occasional Staryu stuck to the wall, their red cores giving off a soft, pulsing glow. Looking down, you suddenly see a number of the red glows down deep beneath you extinguish - or maybe they got covered by something? You feel a rush of water approaching from below.
  402. [23:20:58 ]* Adrienne swims out of the way, just in case.
  403. [23:21:42 ][castfromhp] Dann-, up above the kelp forest you see Sinon's gotten into some argument with another Remoraid! After a bit of back and forth burbling at each other, the pair swim up face to face, then turn around. The swim out a distance, then suddenly swivel around and fire beams from their mouth at each other! The wild Remoraid misses, but Sinon hits her mark and the other fish swims away in shame.
  404. [23:23:32 ]* Percival taps his chin for a second, before taking out Maimaigon's ball and releasing them to demonstrate the ball to the Mantyke.
  405. [23:23:33 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, you flatten yourself up against the wall just in time. A huge serpentine form jets up from the darkness, the red staryu cores around you illuminate a peach-colored belly followed by glistening red and blue scales as it rushes past you. For a brief moment, you see the Phione hanging onto the Milotic's fan-like tail, blowing a raspberry at you.
  406. [23:24:08 ][Doxy] The Mantyke seems to understand! These balls all contain Shellos! Wow!
  407. [23:24:28 ][Doxy] It swims forward and tries tapping your other Pokeballs, trying to get you to release them too
  408. [23:25:59 ]* Adrienne shakes her fist at the quickly disappearing Phione, looking annoyed at it.
  409. [23:26:03 ]* Dann- smiles behind his rebreather at the duel and makes a mental note to write something down about the display later. If he catches Sinon's eye, he pumps his fist upwards as if to say 'victory!'.
  410. [23:27:33 ][Adrienne] Once both it and the Milotic are gone, Adrienne shrugs and then decides to explore the cave, wondering to herself about whether she should catch a Staryu or not.
  411. [23:27:35 ][castfromhp] Sinon swaggers her way back to you and blows celebratory bubble rings. Suddenly though, she jets at you and starts pushing, as if warning you to move.
  412. [23:29:03 ]* Dann- quickly contorts his body in the direction Sinon is shoving him and tries to find cover while looking around for the threat.
  413. [23:30:43 ]* Percival shakes his head back and forth before returning Maimaigon to their ball and taps between an empty ball and Mantyke to demonstrate it's emptyness.
  414. [23:30:44 ][castfromhp] A gigantic Milotic jets past you, the strong current left in its wake pushing you back. A small blue Pokemon is flung off its tail and takes a moment to orient itself before swiming off toward the north in a dizzy zigzag pattern.
  415. [23:33:09 ][Doxy] The Mantyke is confused again. It opts to just sit on your head.
  416. [23:33:23 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, you find a small school of tentacool deeper within the cave as well, mixed with a group of Frillish. Man, lots of red glowing things here today. One of the Frillish floating around looks a bit odd though - there's a yellow-orange glow coming from within it, but it's hard to see past all the other jellyfish here.
  417. [23:36:59 ]* Dann- chucks a basic ball at the zigzagging blue creature on a whim.
  418. [23:37:45 ][Dann-] 1d20+1 Underwater fastball??? (+AP)
  419. [23:37:46 ][CritSenpai] Underwater fastball??? (+AP): 19 [1d20=18]
  420. [23:37:58 ][castfromhp] Hits!
  421. [23:38:09 ]* Adrienne attempts to swim around the Tentacool and other Frillish to check out the yellow-orange glowing Frillish from closer. She readies a ball.
  422. [23:38:14 ]* Percival opts to gently tap the Mantyke with the empty ball to put them inside so that they might see what's inside.
  423. [23:38:21 ][Dann-] 1d20 Capture roll
  424. [23:38:21 ][CritSenpai] Capture roll: 13 [1d20=13]
  425. [23:39:54 ][castfromhp] The ball shakes a few times, then the Phione busts out! It continues on its zigzag path, zipping off faster into the distance and into a sandy area near the cave filled with large shells.
  426. [23:41:03 ][Doxy] roll Percival :O
  427. [23:41:04 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, as you get closer, you can see the Frillish is a blue male Frillish that seems to have...eaten or absorbed a glowing, pulsing flower? Flower with a face? It's more like a series of concentric disks fastened onto a stalk with leaves.
  428. [23:41:27 ][Percival] 1d20
  429. [23:41:27 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  430. [23:42:23 ][Doxy] The Mantyke is ZOOP'd into a Poke Ball, which clicks shut.
  431. [23:44:46 ][Adrienne] Oh, it's the Fire Flower from the scavenger list. Adrienne taps her chin, then decides to throw a Dusk Ball at the Frillish!
  432. [23:45:31 ][Adrienne] 1d20+1 AP attack roll vs AC 6
  433. [23:45:32 ][CritSenpai] AP attack roll vs AC 6: 2 [1d20=1]
  434. [23:46:07 ][castfromhp] The Frillish opens its mouth and breathes out a puff of fire, which pushes the ball away.
  435. [23:46:41 ]* Adrienne waits for a second to grab the Dusk Ball and try again? :D
  436. [23:47:01 ][Adrienne] 1d20+1 AP attack roll vs AC 6
  437. [23:47:01 ][CritSenpai] AP attack roll vs AC 6: 9 [1d20=8]
  438. [23:47:11 ][castfromhp] It frumps at you and breathes fire at you first as you reach for the ball.
  439. [23:47:13 ][castfromhp] 1d20 ember
  440. [23:47:13 ][CritSenpai] ember: 5 [1d20=5]
  441. [23:47:23 ]* Percival places the ball with his others before swimming southwest towards the the more sparce weeds.
  442. [23:47:32 ][castfromhp] 1d8+6+10 if that hits
  443. [23:47:32 ][CritSenpai] if that hits: 22 [1d8=6]
  444. [23:47:55 ][castfromhp] Hits though. Go ahead and roll capture.
  445. [23:47:59 ]* Dann- shrugs at his two pokemon and starts paddling in another direction.
  446. [23:48:12 ][Adrienne] 1d20+4 vs ???
  447. [23:48:13 ][CritSenpai] vs ???: 16 [1d20=12]
  448. [23:49:08 ][castfromhp] The Frillish struggles mightily inside the ball, but it's ultimately captured!
  449. [23:49:29 ][Doxy] Percival - There's not much vegetation here, nor Pokemon. There is a large tombstone with the following on it however: http://imgur.com/p9fb0i4  
  450. [23:50:26 ]* Dann- waves at Glyce and Sinon and swims towards the sea bed near the cave. Maybe there's some interesting stuff in the sand here?
  451. [23:50:34 ]* Adrienne does a very short victory dance because ow, getting burnt was not fun. She'll have to ask Lucian to look at it later. Ball with flaming Frillish in hand, she leaves the cave.
  452. [23:51:49 ][castfromhp] Dann-, there's a collection of large shells half-buried in the sand, with few fish around but bits of seaweed growing there. Occasionally, a Krabby crawls up from under the sand and scuttles across the area before burying itself again.
  453. [23:52:24 ]* Dann- ponders for a moment, and then whips out his dowsing rod.
  454. [23:52:30 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, roll Acrobatics.
  455. [23:52:39 ][Adrienne] 4d6 gdi not again
  456. [23:52:40 ][CritSenpai] gdi not again: 17 [4d6=5,6,1,5]
  457. [23:53:13 ][castfromhp] You feel something behind you and manage to dodge out of the way of a Staryu flying up at you from below at high speed!
  458. [23:53:43 ]* Percival scratches his head in confusion before heading towards the cavern enterance.
  459. [23:54:15 ][castfromhp] In reaction Dann-, some of the shells start snapping open and shut. Seems like some of these are Clamperls and still alive!
  460. [23:54:16 ]* Adrienne takes a look at the attacking Staryu while trying to leave.
  461. [23:55:58 ][castfromhp] It seems to just be fleeing as well, as it darts right past you! There was a flash of yellow light from below as it did though.
  462. [23:56:23 ][castfromhp] Percival, you run into Dann near the cavern entrance, with a whole lot of Clamperls opening and shutting in the area.
  463. [23:56:35 ]* Adrienne looks down. Yellow light sounds familiar!
  464. [23:56:41 ][Adrienne] Well, sort of.
  465. [23:56:49 ]* Dann- holds his dowsing rod sheepishly just outside of the reach of the clamping shells.
  466. [23:57:35 ][castfromhp] You see an electrical crackle, and another Staryu down below you suddenly jets up toward the surface. A yellow light near where it was waggles back and forth, as if waving at you.
  467. [23:58:04 ][castfromhp] Dann, your dowsing rod is responding to one of the shells!
  468. [23:58:10 ]* Adrienne swims downwards!
  469. [23:58:15 ][Adrienne] It's probably Mina.
  470. [23:59:30 ]* Dann- looks down in surprise, and then flips his body so that his head is aiming at the sea bed to get a better look at the shell.
  471. [23:59:31 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, you find Mina there. The little fish holds up a red coin and then covers its bulbs with it, reflecting a red glow onto the cavern wall. It looks very proud of itself.
  472. [00:00:23 ][castfromhp] The shell snaps shut as you approach, but before it does you just manage to notice a shining tiara inside, with what looks like Shards set around the rim.
  473. [00:00:30 ][Doxy] Percival - you approach the mouth of the cavern. Looking within, you see only a deep dark tunnel, though there's occasional flashes of light.
  474. [00:01:47 ]* Adrienne lets the accumulated stuff float for a bit and politely claps at Mina, smiling at the fish. She holds out a hand for the red coin.
  475. [00:02:21 ][castfromhp] She hands over the coin, then starts swimming up out of the cave.
  476. [00:02:56 ]* Adrienne gathers all her stuff and leaves.
  477. [00:06:03 ]* Percival peers inside before investigating the stones outside.
  478. [00:06:36 ][zoofman] Yup, sure are cute shells.
  479. [00:06:55 ]* Adrienne checks out the eastern kelp bed once she exits the cave.
  480. [00:07:11 ][zoofman] As in, near the stones there's a bunch of cute shells.
  481. [00:07:23 ][zoofman] There's also a Shellder making raspberries at you.
  482. [00:07:24 ][zoofman] What a jerk
  483. [00:08:11 ][Doxy] As you investigate the rocks Percival, one of them begins to move and you realize it's not a rock - it's a Relicanth! It nudges your legs, and begins swimming off slowly now that you've disturbed its spot.
  484. [00:08:56 ]* Dann- reaches for the shell and tries to pry it open.
  485. [00:09:24 ][castfromhp] Dann-, roll Athletics or Combat.
  486. [00:09:46 ][Doxy] Robin swims by Percival, holding two red coins! She waves them excitedly, one in each hand.
  487. [00:09:54 ][Doxy] Looks like you guys found everything on the list! Yay
  488. [00:10:20 ][Dann-] 4d6 Combat
  489. [00:10:21 ][CritSenpai] Combat: 16 [4d6=2,6,2,6]
  490. [00:11:14 ][castfromhp] You manage to slowly pry open the shell - and then the Phione from before swoops in and grabs the tiara, putting it on its head and perching on a nearby shell.
  491. [00:11:22 ][castfromhp] It's a bit big for it.
  492. [00:15:31 ]* Dann- flips back to having his head facing up and puts his hands on his hips as he looks incredulously at the Phione.
  493. [00:16:15 ][castfromhp] The little fish struggles to keep the tiara on its head as it just doesn't fit very well. After a few tries, it just flings it at you in frustration, then swims past you toward the south again.
  494. [00:16:40 ]* Percival follows the Relicanth about.
  495. [00:18:10 ][Doxy] It noticed, and gurns and growls at you grumpily. >:O
  496. [00:18:54 ]* Dann- snatches the tiara triumphantly and presents it to Glyce and Sinon.
  497. [00:19:49 ]* Percival offers a piece of bait to the Relicanth.
  498. [00:20:04 ][castfromhp] Glyce immediately tries to wear it but only manages to fumble into having it be a weird band around its body.
  499. [00:22:21 ][Doxy] 1d20
  500. [00:22:22 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 9 [1d20=9]
  501. [00:22:45 ][Doxy] The Relicanth rushes forward, and smashes into Percival's gut with its rocky head!
  502. [00:22:49 ]* Dann- grins and gives Glyce another thumbs up.
  503. [00:23:15 ]* Adrienne feels like this is it and leaves upwards to put a shirt on and turn in her various scavenger hunt things.
  504. [00:23:25 ][Doxy] 5d12+45
  505. [00:23:25 ][CritSenpai] 5d12+45: 78 [5d12=2,12,11,2,6]
  506. [00:24:47 ][castfromhp] Up on the surface, you find Sven chilling on George and Pattie's boat, sharing coffee with the goofy "pirate" pair.
  507. [00:25:39 ]* Adrienne waves at Sven half-heartedly on her way.
  508. [00:25:48 ][castfromhp] The Phione from earlier pops up and sits itself at the helm of the boat. Sven calmly walks over and hands it a cup of coffee, which it chugs before hopping back into the water and swimming laps around the boat. Sven then returns to his seat and starts pouring you a cup.
  509. [00:26:30 ]* Percival reels in pain and half heartedly throws a ball at the Relicanth in retreat.
  510. [00:27:26 ][Doxy] roll it I guess :O
  511. [00:28:26 ]* Adrienne does the thing and comes back to whole-heartedly curse out the Phione for destroying her top. Then she angrily but safely drinks the coffee.
  512. [00:28:35 ][Percival] 1d20+1 Ap
  513. [00:28:36 ][CritSenpai] Ap: 12 [1d20=11]
  514. [00:28:39 ][Doxy] hits
  515. [00:29:00 ][Percival] 1d20
  516. [00:29:00 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 11 [1d20=11]
  517. [00:30:06 ][Doxy] the Relicanth pops out of the ball quickly, but with enough time to let you escape!
  518. [00:30:14 ][Doxy] but it buys enough time*
  519. [00:30:48 ][castfromhp] "You uh, need a towel?" Sven says looking at your dubious replacement top.
  520. [00:32:00 ]* Adrienne already said she went back to the camp to put a shirt on. Or at least imply it.
  521. [00:32:18 ][Doxy] Dann - you at least probably see Percival getting attack, yes
  522. [00:32:35 ][castfromhp] Oh okay. Sven is totally sipping coffee with the Phione when you get back.
  523. [00:33:24 ]* Adrienne comes back to whole-heartedly curse out the Phione for destroying her top and attacking her. Then she angrily but safely drinks the coffee.
  524. [00:34:11 ][castfromhp] The Phione makes a face at you and dives back into the ocean.
  525. [00:34:41 ]* Lucian (~chatzilla@FCC83353:88282E3C:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  526. [00:34:52 ]* Percival determined to catch the fish risks himself once and hurls another ball towards the enraged fish.
  527. [00:35:11 ][Adrienne] "I got a bunch of the scavenger hunt stuff," she tells Sven, holding it all up.
  528. [00:35:26 ]* Lucian who was totally here the entire time, swims around in search of wild Pokemon.
  529. [00:35:31 ]* Adrienne also holds up the Dusk Ball with the Frillish in it. "This Frillish has that fire flower thing.
  530. [00:35:32 ]* Dann- points at the scuffle between Percival and the rock-headed fish and swims over there with Sinon.
  531. [00:35:33 ][Doxy] roll again Percival D:
  532. [00:35:51 ][castfromhp] "Excellent work." Sven says with a sip. "It 'has' the flower?"
  533. [00:36:15 ][Percival] 1d20+1 AP
  534. [00:36:16 ][CritSenpai] AP: 20 [1d20=19]
  535. [00:36:17 ][Adrienne] "It ate it and shot fire at me."
  536. [00:36:36 ][Adrienne] "In that order, but not right after the other."
  537. [00:36:50 ][Percival] 1d20
  538. [00:36:50 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 20 [1d20=20]
  539. [00:37:14 ][Doxy] WELL
  540. [00:37:43 ][Doxy] Percival holds his probably broken ribs and throws another Poke Ball at the Relicanth!
  541. [00:37:56 ][Doxy] It hits it in the face as it's rushing right at you for another attack
  542. [00:38:09 ][Doxy] it gets ZOOP'd into the ball, and the ball floats slowly towards the sea floor
  543. [00:38:46 ][Doxy] Lucian, who has totally been here the whole time, has seen lots of Pokemon! There's a lot of Tentacool throughout the area, and Frillish within the sunken ship and the caverns.
  544. [00:39:18 ][Doxy] Qwilfish and Finneon surround the center reefs, while Skrelp lurk within the kelp beds.
  545. [00:39:42 ][castfromhp] "Huh, I guess I'm going to have a hard time returning that flower to Robin then..." Sven shrugs. "More coffee?"
  546. [00:40:51 ]* Percival swims towards the ball and heads towards the surface.
  547. [00:40:58 ][Doxy] Is there any particular area you'd like to look at in more detail, Lucian?
  548. [00:41:03 ][Adrienne] "I'll break the news. Sure, hit me up. I'm feeling pretty shitty."
  549. [00:41:14 ]* Adrienne walks up to join Sven in hanging out.
  550. [00:41:23 ][Lucian] Has anybody gone into the cave yet?
  551. [00:42:15 ][Doxy] Yes. The others saw lots of Staryu and Tentacool within the cavern, as well as more Frillish.
  552. [00:42:49 ]* Lucian swims toward the tombstone, moving closer to get a better read of the words on it.
  553. [00:43:02 ]* Dann- halts abruptly and stifles a laugh. Apparently Percival doesn't need his help after all. He gathers his items and pokemon and heads to the surface.
  554. [00:43:33 ][Doxy] Lucian - you float towards the large monumental tombstone, and see the following engraved on it: http://imgur.com/p9fb0i4
  555. [00:44:13 ]* Adrienne also hands over the stuff she found in the hunt (Scuba Steve action figure, two red coins, the frog suit, the super mushroom bottle, and she releases the Frillish to prove that he has the fire flower), and mentions finding Mina and Merric.
  556. [00:44:27 ]* Lucian gives the stone a shove to check if it's something Sven planted there for his hunt.
  557. [00:45:02 ][Doxy] Roll percep, Lucian
  558. [00:45:04 ][castfromhp] Dann and Percival make their way to the boat too, just as Sven is giving that Phione -yet another- cup of coffee.
  559. [00:45:24 ][Lucian] 4d6+2 AP
  560. [00:45:25 ][CritSenpai] AP: 15 [4d6=3,4,1,5]
  561. [00:45:37 ][Doxy] You give the stone a shove, and see it's very solid. Plus there's stuff growing on the rock - it's clearly been here a while. However, looking around the area, you spot a few more things...
  562. [00:47:24 ][Doxy] you spot a basculin and a carvanha fighting with each other; perhaps over territory? You spot a clamperl wedged at the base of the monument, opening and closing slowly. But perhaps most oddly
  563. [00:48:28 ][Doxy] you spot what seems to be a large metal cylinder - one of those big industrial trash cans - being dragged along the bottom of the ocean by the current. A very confused looking grimer is poking his head out of it as it tumbles along.
  564. [00:49:13 ]* Lucian swims closer to get a better look at the thing, readying Arden in case he needs protection.
  565. [00:50:08 ][Doxy] Arden floats in front of you like a shield as you approach, although the grimer doesn't really react except to slowly wave at you.
  566. [00:50:40 ][Doxy] The container hits a rock, and is send spinning. The grimmer seems a bit annoyed but overall doesn't seem to mind too much.
  567. [00:51:17 ]* Lucian looks at the bronze shield and shrugs, "Hit it with a Hypnosis so it keeps still."
  568. [00:51:28 ][Lucian] 1d20 AC 6 Sleep
  569. [00:51:28 ][CritSenpai] AC 6 Sleep: 12 [1d20=12]
  570. [00:52:00 ][Lucian] 1d20 AC 6 Basic Ball
  571. [00:52:00 ][CritSenpai] AC 6 Basic Ball: 12 [1d20=12]
  572. [00:52:08 ][Doxy] hitto
  573. [00:52:13 ][Lucian] 1d20+2 Capture Check
  574. [00:52:13 ][CritSenpai] Capture Check: 18 [1d20=16]
  575. [00:52:37 ][Doxy] And the ball sinks into the container, rattling around in there! Nothing pops back out so you can only assume it's caught!
  576. [00:52:50 ]* Lucian tosses a Pokeball at the drifting (to sleep!) Grimer, swimming out to retrieve the ball and returning to shore with the others.
  577. [00:54:28 ][castfromhp] And we'll wrap up there unless anyone had more to add!
  578. [00:54:33 ][Doxy] ~
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