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RPGX Ripping Guide

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  1. Character ID is the 4 numbers that appear after chr_ in the files you'll download
  2. e.g. chr_0043_r18_637f67caec3b8386a86ddb853deeb4ff
  3. Character ID = 0043
  5. Press F12, go to network
  6. Start a H scene
  7. Once it's started right click every chr_ file and open in new tab to download it to a folder and do the same for the uni_ file that's above those.
  8. Open the folder in some Unity file editing program like AssetStudio
  9. Ctrl Click all Texture2D's and TextAssets's, right click and export them.
  10. Go to the folder the images were extracted to and move the Character Stand and the Thumbnail to a different folder if you downloaded them.
  11. If there's two base images move them with their components to another folder
  12. Run this script (requires Imagemagick in your PATH) https://pastebin.com/PngELC1b (embed) on the first folder
  13. If you have another base image edit the final line after %charaID% change the "a" to whatever letter the base image has and run the script in that folder.
  15. To rip the audio run this script https://pastebin.com/GHy40R7Y (embed) and enter the character ID (doesn't need to be 0 padded)
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