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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. Vexius Staff Meeting 14 December 2019
  2. Goal/vision of the server? How do we want to show ourselves to other servers?
  3. Small community server, started as a prison server, then opened survival. No specific theme e.g. rp server. Main vision - small community that you can chill/be comfortable in, nice environment to play in. Try to keep at the current number of players.
  5. Current plan: get prison up and running then fix Skyblock eco, etc. By then survival will need updating to the latest patch (1.15 or 1.16)
  7. Prison was meant to be in November, got delayed due to Skyblock. Now prison is being worked on and hoping to be opened by Christmas/new year time.
  9. Scavenger hunt arena with rewards, etc for survival or skyblock. Possible build competition theme and winner arena is used for hunts.
  11. Island competition for skyblock - best looking island award. Event run each month to see who’s island looks the nicest. Rewards could be ranks, upgrades for islands etc. Lots to use as rewards/prizes.
  13. Public chat for staff support that is seperate from the ticket system. Problem as it makes it harder to have a record of solving problems/tracking common problems.
  15. Auto Smelter machines: Minecarts and buildup of mobs causing lag problem. Possible solution: increase stack limit on pigs, cows, etc. Prevention methods for mob buildup which causes lag problems.
  17. Spare server usage poll: creative (very laggy though, little W/E or Voxel), new towny server that has a lot more combined stuff in it. Minigames server (knockback arena, spleef, infected)
  19. Remodel of the forums, make it easier to get to the basic stuff like applications, update log, rules.
  21. Clearer signing of the “English only in main chat” rule. Add religion as an inappropriate topic as well as politics.
  23. Assign someone as an application manager - normally done by the manager/admins. Focus on Prison has made this harder to keep track of. Possibly add a bot that links to any new applications in the #Applications chat
  24. Buycraft shop. Why can you buy /nick in skyblock and not survival? Ranks cannot be changed due to every single donator needing it adding personally so impossible to edit as we have no manual access to the file as it’s on cloud storage. Planning on moving access to the console so changes are easier to do. In thought already.
  26. Prison: something on the lines of guards where if you have "contraband" like a mine bomb or something, you get it taken from your inventory. Bounty system where other players can come after you for loot/money. Cooldown on pvp, 15/30 invul time. 1 day cooldown on setting a bounty on someone and you can’t claim your own bounty. High risk, high reward system on the mines so there are some safe mines where you can’t pvp but the rewards in that mine are less compared to those in the unsafe mines where you can pvp.
  28. Staff meeting once every 3 weeks to review any added questions or concerns that have been added, important for the staff team to have that communication so we all know that we are being taken seriously.
  30. Put some people in charge of media/advertising (Abel Atuan). The Instagram is being worked on, other promotion methods e.g. Youtuber/Twitch ranks need to keep track of if they are releasing the videos on the server.
  32. Staff for prison: Set up applications for prison once it’s been running for a month or two and share staff with the other servers in the meantime.
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