Dec 29th, 2021
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  1. "But!" Mordred continues. "I will trust my advisor's knowledge in this matter. I will allow you to serve as my court magician, though you will have no official authority as would normally be provided by the role. You will offer advice only when it is requested. You will not seek to talk with others without either the express permission of myself or my advisor." Mordred suddenly raises her left hand, and the command spells begin to flare with power. She's kidding, right? There's no way that the command spells could enforce such an order, they aren't powerful enough to do that!
  3. However, Mordred doesn't just simply use one of her command spells, and instead, seems to be diverting her incredible reserves of magical energy within her to the command spell itself! The girl starts to give off a tremendous amount of magical energy as she activates her Magic Core, the glow of her command spell continues to increase as she pumps magical energy within it! You take a step backwards as the glow intensifies, the command spell that Mordred is about to use... it's an order of magnitude more powerful than a normal command spell!
  5. The command spell finally activates, and Morgan doesn't even make an attempt to resist it. Even if she otherwise would've been able to ignore such a command due to the specifications of the order, with that much magical energy backing it up, you strongly doubt that anyone would be able to resist it. It's a spell of command made using the near-unlimited magical energy Mordred is capable of putting out with her draconic core. "Now, how are you feeling, Mother?" All things considered, Mordred's commands are harsh... but necessary. You briefly consider whether you would be able to duplicate what Mordred did there with your own magical energy but quickly dismiss the thought. After all, if a single command spell is enough to recover most of your energy, then that would mean that you would have to use most of your magical energy to even make one twice as powerful as it should otherwise be.
  7. Part 18
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