Monthly Voice Session Recap - September 12, 2020

Sep 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. historical link on "knock on the sky, ..." but it wasnt solving related
  2. mobius function discussion
  3. -talking about how to perform it
  4. -discussion of minimizing the variables, so to speak, like only changing one of the steps where a cipher could be performed
  5. little conversation about 3301's role in real world now
  6. connection to cicada.berkeley.edu - we pretty much agreed that it isnt anything really
  7. talking about the community and how newcomers get integrated into the community and how they form opinions about 3301/the puzzles
  8. question: how much of an impact has 3301 had on the world/people's lives? - not really solving, honestly just an interesting discussion lol
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