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  1. <center><t1>fundamentals</t1></center>
  2. <li><t2>full name</t2> here</li>
  3. <li><t2>nickname(s)</t2> here</li>
  4. <li><t2>birth date</t2> here</li>
  5. <li><t2>age</t2> here</li>
  6. <li><t2>gender identity</t2> here</li>
  7. <li><t2>pronouns</t2> here</li>
  8. <li><t2>sexuality</t2> here</li>
  9. <li><t2>current relationship status</t2> here, include partners' names (with links) if you can</li>    
  10. <li><t2>hometown</t2> here</li>
  11. <li><t2>current location</t2> here, specific borough!</li>
  12. <li><t2>highest education</t2> here</li>
  13. <li><t2>occupation</t2> here</li>
  15. </br><center><t1>appearance + health</t1></center>
  16. <li><t2>face claim</t2> here</li>
  17. <li><t2>height</t2> here</li>
  18. <li><t2>personal style</t2> <blockquote>here</blockquote></li>
  19. <li><t2>body modifications</t2> <blockquote>here</blockquote></li>
  20. <li><t2>mental ailments</t2> here, delete if none</li>
  21. <li><t2>physical ailments</t2> here, delete if none</li>
  23. </br><center><t1>family facts</t1></center>
  24. <li><t2>parents</t2> <blockquote>here</blockquote></li>
  25. <li><t2>siblings</t2> <blockquote>here, delete if none</blockquote></li>
  26. <li><t2>children</t2> <blockquote>here, delete if none</blockquote></li>
  27. <li><t2>other notable relatives</t2> <blockquote>here, delete if none</blockquote></li>
  28. <li><t2>pets</t2> <blockquote>here, delete if none</blockquote></li>
  30. </br></br><center><t1>personality deets</t1></center>
  31. <li><t2>moral alignment</t2> here</li>
  32. <li><t2>zodiac</t2> here</li>
  33. <li><t2>deadly sin</t2> here</li>
  34. <li><t2>heavenly virtue</t2> here</li>
  35. <li><t2>hogwarts house</t2> here</li>
  36. <li><t2>divergent faction</t2> here</li>
  37. <li><t2>character parallels</t2> <blockquote>here, optional</blockquote></li>
  38. <li><t2>character tropes</t2> <blockquote>here, optional</blockquote></li>
  40. </br><center><t1>other characters</t1></center>
  41. <a href='LINK2ACC' class='charlink MEMBERGROUPbg'>first last</a>
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