Jan 2nd, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >and currently you are starring at Hexferry
  3. >she’s drinking a jar of honey with her long tongue
  4. >at first you were just bored, but now you just stare to see what happens
  5. >Hexferry noticed you starring at her a while ago, and thought nothing of it
  6. >after a while she looked at you again and raised an eyebrow at you, but then returned back to eating
  7. >on the third time she burrowed her brows a bit as she once again caught you starring
  8. >and you keep on starring, eager to see what comes next
  9. >movement, Hexferrys eye turns and takes a quick glance at you, and returns back to starring ahead after noticing you as Hexferry blushes a bit
  10. >if you would not have been staring at her with all of you concentration you would have missed that
  11. >Hexferrys eyes move again and then quickly dart to stare at the jar of honey in her hoofs as she blushes even redder
  12. >you resist the urge to laugh and just keep starring
  13. >Hexferry seems a bit unsure, fiddling the jar in her hoofs a bit while staring at it, not daring to take her eyes off of it
  14. >but you notice it
  15. >that slight movement of her eyes as she struggles against looking in your direction
  16. >and soon she gives in and looks back, only to see you still staring at her
  17. >Hexferry darts her eyes forward again, but accidently almost drops the jar, making her fumble a bit with it
  18. >after she has the jar secured in her hoofs Hexferry turns to look at you
  19. >and you just stare
  20. >Hexferry blushes even redder now and turns around a bit in her chair so you won’t see her face
  21. >you sit still for a while like this
  22. >time passes
  23. >Then Hexferry turns her head to look if you are still staring at her and almost drops the jar again.
  24. >Hexferry slams the jar angrily onto the table and turns to look at you, blush now gone from her face
  25. “Is there something you want to say to me Anonymous?”
  26. >you reply with nothing
  27. >you just stare with the same look on your face
  28. >Hexferry stares back at you
  29. “Well Anononymous, I haven’t got all day”
  30. >staaaaaare
  31. >Hexferry starts to blush again but she still looks you back in the eyes, but she’s clearly growing angrier by the second
  32. >and then she breaks
  33. “Aaaaaagh just stop starring at me Anonymous! What is it that you want?”
  34. >Hexferry seems surprised at her own anger now, most likely feeling bad about loosing to you
  35. >but you are not done
  36. >oh no
  37. >you smile gently and prepare for the finale
  38. >”If you would wear sexy lingerie, would that make you Sexferry?”
  39. >you can’t help but to laugh as you run out of the kitchen, dodging a flying jar of honey aimed at your head
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