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On the Observation of Patient Zero

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Oct 13th, 2017
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  1. 10/XX/XXXX
  2. 0800 - Day 0 of Quarantine
  4. Abstract: Dr.REDACTED reporting on mysterious subject claiming to have been the victim of an unknown virus.
  6. Full Text: Test subject put under quarantine after being found upon Flight #REDACTED. Subject claims to have been human said their name was REDACTED and after using our database we found that the subject had extensive knowledge of this individual. This claim will be left open for further investigation.
  8. My colleagues and I did a hot room inspection with full HazMat PPE. Noted that Subject very talkative. The inspection revealed the subject was horse-like in superficial anatomy except for a single keratinous facial projection. Buccal swabs and hemoanalysis collected.
  10. The subject said that 'pre-transformation' had typical flu symptoms. The subject then reported falling asleep on their flight. Subject then reported having a strange fever-dream and the believes symptoms appeared: extreme pain, unassisted bone and joint movement, accelerated hair loss and regrowth with distinct bright coloration, a loss of teeth and rapid regrowth of typical herbivore faceted teeth, an overall reduction in frame, and finally a reversal of typical secondary sexual characteristics.
  12. The subject also reported that they were visited in their dream by two morphologically similar creatures that identified themselves as ‘princesses’ and that they told the subject to ‘go out into the world and spread friendship, and allow the herd to flourish’. My colleagues and I have no idea what this means, but we are keeping the subject on a Black-level security clearance with a Confidential/Sensitive Data/Q-log Sub flag.
  14. After decon all PPE was incinerated, the subject was scheduled for two meals at 1200 and 1800 hours. More information might be gleaned from the lab after buccal swabs and blood testing comes back tomorrow.
  16. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. 10/XX/XXXX
  19. 2300 – day 3 of Quarantine
  21. Abstract: Dr.REDACTED reporting on mysterious subject all tests have been inconclusive and all claims unsubstantiated.
  23. Full Text: I completed my first daily log of the subject, politely asked to be called Daisy, it is currently filed under the subsection of the original log due to character constraints for this logging program, I had been placed on behavioral analysis. Which means I have been in HazMat PPE spending several hours at a time talking with the subject.
  25. Everyone has been on high alert for any flu symptoms, however no exposure has been noted now. I fear for what might happen if I were to be careless upon entry.
  27. According to Subject – Daisy, it was painful just during the initial change. Daisy reported that ‘her’ (Subject’s preference) memories of her original self were fading minute by minute and replaced with memories of elsewhere. She could recount with astounding details about growing up in a ‘Quaint little village filled with happy and friendly ponies that all cared about each other’. She was also unafraid to offer physical contact although she seemed almost annoyed by my PPE preventing direct contact she said nothing after the initial hug.
  29. She reported no more physical sickness, but exhibited the strange occasional bioluminescence from her ‘horn’. I occasionally noted strange tugging at the wrists and ankles of my suit in conjunction with this phenomenon. When asked what she was doing Daisy merely smiled at me, and refused to speak further. At 1200 during lunch she requested I join her for her meal. The provisions given to her were plain oats, and water. As stated in the abstract as of today all tests had come back inconclusive.
  31. My speaking with the subject also lead to no new discoveries able to substantiate the original claim of the subject’s identity even though they could recount information with detail.
  33. ---------------------------------------------
  35. 11/XX/XXXX
  36. 2300 – Day 8 of Quarantine
  38. Abstract: Dr.REDACTED reports on strange abilities of Subject – Daisy.
  40. Full Text: Having completed my log, I feel the need to use one of my four yearly psyche evals. I was able to record on camera Daisy moving objects around the room without physically interacting with them during her 1800-hour meal, again this coincided with her bioluminescence. When asked what she was doing she responded with ‘Magic!’. I asked her to stop, and she promptly dropped the clump of oats on the floor which scattered around.
  42. I quickly bagged them in an evidence bag, and had them sent high speed to Medical and Research. M&R was still examining them at the time of writing this log. Daisy stated that she was sorry if it upset me, but I did not respond to her apology. I had a sudden deep-seated fear for my safety, because if she could lift her food telekinetically or magically it wouldn’t take much for her to break the seals on my PPE. By the time I left the first stage of decon and had the equipment burned my underclothes were soaked in sweat. I left a full exposition on why I feel like the continued behavioral examination of the subject is a terrible idea in the log files for review by Command and M&R.
  44. To summarize the exposition: Her behavior was different today. She was more belligerent on getting ‘cuddles’. She spent the majority of the time while I was examining her far too close to me for my comfort. I understand there are risks involved with discovering the cause of this anomaly but I don’t want to risk myself or my family to such alienating ‘changes’.
  46. I apologize for the short log today. I’m just feeling a bit rattled.
  48. ---------------------------------
  50. 11/XX/XXXX
  51. 2300 – Day 14 of Quarantine
  53. Abstract (by a colleague): Dr.REDACTED had ‘mental health days’ on record so observation was left to me and a new observer.
  55. Full Text: I, REDACTED, had been placed in charge of logging the observation today due to what was a perceived lack of overall mental health for Dr.REDACTED. Everything began as normal. The Observer entered the hot room with full PPE. They had been outfitted with a wired earpiece so I could try to guide them through the observation process based on previous logs and data.
  57. At 1245, after mealtime. The Subject began pestering the observer, begging the observer to get rid of his ‘nasty clothes’ and pet her soft fur with their hand. I advised the observer to try and illicit a phenomenon from the subject by asking them to demonstrate it. The reaction the observer got was a very negative one. The subject at first said she did not understand the request, but after repeated rephrasing, she ‘scrunched’ up her face and refused to perform magic unless the observer removed his gloves.
  59. Observer hesitated at first, but I prompted him to remain wearing all PPE. I then tried to get him to redirect subject onto a new topic of her old and new memories and where the line blurred. At this subject stopped responding until after 1800-hour mealtime. When she resumed asking the observer for pets and or cuddles without him wearing his PPE. I noticed one instance of bioluminescence and the observer noted a tugging sensation at his wrists.
  61. I took note of her belligerence and included it in my full log. I noted his hesitation earlier and have a proposition for Command and M&R for when our mentally overworked doctor comes back. If allowed it will be a fantastic chance to monitor and learn so much more about this virus first hand.
  63. it would be very easy if I got the green light on my little 'side project'.
  65. ----------------------------------
  67. 11/XX/XXXX
  68. 2300 – Day 16 of Quarantine
  70. Abstract: Standard observation of the subject, increased agitation and aggression noted because of the lack of physical contact today.
  72. Full Text: Standard observation of subject continued, aside from meal delivery no observer stepped into the hot room with her to see how the subject would respond. An observer from outside the hot room could use an overhead speaker to talk to the subject. At 1200 – hour meal, the subject attempted to pull the employee delivering food further into the hot room. When the employee refused to enter the hot room, the subject used the earlier reported phenomenon to launch some light furniture at the door. It clattered against the metal of the breech door with no harm to either object.
  74. We are afraid her abilities are growing, but we have no benchmark aside from the strengthening of her ability to lift and larger objects. Caution will now be urged to all employees entering the Hot room for physical examination and observation. Although the subject has shown no violent tendencies towards humans, this outburst provides a reason to elevate risk levels for physical exams and observation for the following 3 days.
  76. No reports of symptoms occurring outside of the hot room. All Employees with observation privilege are to receive a mandatory flu shot and M&R will be providing mandatory immunization updates for all employees.
  78. ** IMPORTANT HIGH-RISK DECISION* Dr. REDACTED will be exposed to possible pathogen agent within a new higher security hot room per Command and M&R. This information displayed to those with the Employee ID Tagged with REDACTED **
  79. Signed off by Command ID Tag#002, 001, and M&R Team Lead #001.
  81. *PPE for observation will include minor defect with zipper and air filtration unit.
  83. ----------------------------------------------
  85. 11/10/XXXX
  87. *Incomplete report, unsent as of 0000.*
  88. Command #001 Reporting.
  90. Abstract: Accidental Exposure due to defective HazMat Equipment, Primary Subject escaped in the ensuing panic. Several employees ‘transformed’. Not enough staff left to initiate lockdown. Worst Case Scenario.
  92. Full Text: We thought nothing could go wrong. We thought ‘it was just a harmless little pastel thing, it wouldn’t be able to do any reasonable harm’. It had spun us a yarn a mile long about how they had gotten the flu and then transformed. Like Icarus hubris blinded us. I watched as man after man, woman after woman in our hot zone was transformed. I barely got away, but my hands are stiff, and I know that I too am infected. I can see some pale hairs sprouting up my arms and legs. The window the subject originally stated turned out to be so very wrong. Where they said it took days or even weeks. It took minutes depending on prolonged exposure.
  94. She used some sort of fumigant or pheromone to convince Dr. REDACTED to remove his suit before he even had the breech door closed. From there it was a matter of two pets and some hugs and ‘he’ was swimming in his former underclothes and a bright and colorful creature.
  96. Using the former knowledge of the Doctor, they made short work of unaware staff around the site.
  98. I just wish that I had listened to M&R Lead #2. He said that this could have been a set-up. He warned us that we were putting us all at risk just to collect some relatively insignificant data. Not to mention the ethics of the situation. Just because someone refuses to do something.
  100. I’m starting to have a hard time typing so I’ve switched to dictation mode. I just really wish that I knew more about the REAL story. I wanted to know more about Daisy, and about Equestria.
  102. I am so excited to learn more about my friends and herd mates
  105. -last edited 0800 of 11/09/XXXX
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