MPC-BE Changelog

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  1. This file includes only a short list of the changes between Media Player Classic - BE's versions.
  3. English translation of the change log made by u_shell.
  5. Legend:
  6. + Added
  7. * Changed
  8. ! Fixed
  10. 1.4.3
  11. ==============================
  13. Removed AMRSplitter.
  14. Removed WVSplitter;
  16. VTSReader
  17. Added a dialog box with settings to choose from IFO file all programs or only the first (Program Chain).
  18. Added support for opening files of the IFO-ATS_XX_0.IFO (DVD-Audio language). The filter will load the chapters with the same format (LPCM or MLP) and the same channel laouts from AOB files.
  20. ShoutcastSource
  21. Added support for UTF8 in the title and description.
  23. DTSAC3Source
  24. Fixed overflow when searching for large files.
  26. FLACSource
  27. Added support for ID3 tags V2.
  28. The missing data at the end of the file, cosmetics.
  30. AudioSplitter
  31. Added support for WavPack, AMR, AMR-WB, DSF, DFF.
  32. Prevented a possible crash when playing TAK.
  34. MpaSplitter
  35. Fixed incorrect connection to other types of files.
  36. Allowed to change the title of the block when playing (occurs when writing online broadcasts).
  37. Improved work with streaming data.
  38. Improved synchronization (title search) after rewinding.
  40. AVISplitter
  41. Complemented ID list of codecs that are H.264 video (list taken from ffmpeg).
  42. Corrected output MediaType for H.264.
  43. Improved support for Matrox MPEG2 codecs, added fourcc M701-M705.
  45. MatroskaSplitter
  46. Added support CueDuration and CueRelativePosition to pre-read the subtitles.
  47. Added option "Calculate the duration based on the video data".
  48. More correct filling data for MPEG1 Layer 1/2, TrueHD / MLP and HEVC.
  49. Fixed playback of H.264 interlaced video.
  50. Loading embedded fonts in the file even if there are no subtitles.
  51. Improved mechanism for obtaining compute the timestamp packets, it has improved compatibility with some external video decoders.
  53. MPEGSplitter:
  54. Added support for files with variable size (record / download the file in real time).
  55. Added ability to switch programs in MPEG-TS, at the same time will switch all tracks of the program.
  56. Added support for SEGA CRI ADX ADPCM audio tracks.
  57. Improved rewind and playback MPEG-TS + H.264.
  58. Improved handling of HDMV LPCM (PCM in MPEG-TS) packets.
  59. Added support for MPEG-TS with incorrect PES and without it.
  60. Added support for the calculation of the duration/bitrate based on PCR (Program Clock Reference).
  61. Fixed work with AC3 data in TrueHD stream.
  62. Fixed detection of AC3 tracks on some files.
  63. Fixed crash when opening .mpls files, referring to non-existent .m2ts files.
  64. Added support for H.264 format data Annex B.
  65. Fixed work with MLP tracks in .aob files.
  66. Added the ability to work with changing AC3 streams.
  68. RawVideoSplitter
  69. If the frame rate is not specified, then take it to 25.
  70. Added support for H.264 streams in a format Annex B.
  71. Improved support for HEVC flows beginning with Nalu AUD.
  73. MP4Splitter (Bento4)
  74. Added support for the atom 'elst', which allowed processing delays when playing.
  75. Added support for fragmented files.
  76. Added support for HEVC videos tagged with 'hev1'.
  77. Improved mechanism for calculating the aspect ratio, are now recorded data that resides in the atom 'tkhd' and it have the highest priority.
  78. Optimization and adjustment of list building indexes.
  79. Process (and not ignore) atoms in which incorrectly specified size. This will allow to open files in which this happens.
  80. Fixed calculation fps for video, is now possible to use data from the 'stts' atom;
  81. Fixed search for files that have the atom 'stss' (a list of key frames) contains only one entry.
  82. Fixed incorrect display of the head in some cases.
  83. Fixed playback of some MOV-files with PCM track when observed accelerated playback.
  84. Fixed handling of some of the VobSub subtitles.
  85. Fixed code to work with time-stamped data now correctly handle negative offset and delay.
  86. Improved (accelerated) fast keyframe for conventional and for fragmented files.
  88. FLVSplitter
  89. Added support for H.264 format AnnexB.
  90. Adjustment calculation fps video.
  91. Improved support for "broken" files.
  93. OggSplitter
  94. Improved rewind, if the file contains a video track.
  95. Corrected reading of the Theora header.
  97. MPCVideoDec
  98. Fixed decoding of H.264 streams with non-standard order of B-frames
  99. Updated list of NVidia and Intel video card with support for hardware decoding 4k.
  100. Fixed overflow DXVA 2.0 buffer.
  101. Fixed reading of MPEG2 data .
  102. Added OpenHEVC optimization.
  103. Improved display of the last frame at the end of the play.
  104. Fixed crash when playing WMV3IMAGE and VC1IMAGE.
  105. Added Converter to convert 4:2:0 8bit -> NV12 (code taken from the LAV Filters).
  106. Improved mechanism for determining the length of the frame.
  107. Fixed video output 4:2:0 8bit -> YV12.
  109. Mpeg2DecFilter
  110. Fixed crash when BOB and ELA deinterlacing on some DVD-Video.
  111. Connect with permitted ffdshow raw video filter when playing DVD-Video.
  112. Fixed a hang on some DVD with animated menus on pause.
  114. MpaDecFilter
  115. Added support for decoding Opus, ATRAC3plus, SEGA CRI ADX ADPCM, Shorten, DSD.
  116. Rewritten PS2ADPCM decoder, now it is completely on integer arithmetic.
  117. Fixed playback end data (they could not be heard).
  118. Fix memory leak when using "Encode to AC-3.
  119. Bitrstrim E-AC3, DTS-HD and TrueHD is only available on Windows Vista and above.
  120. Added support for determining the SPDIF/Bitstream output for Windows Vista and above.
  121. Removed channel mixer.
  122. Added to decrease in frequency sounds with a sampling frequency of more than 192 kHz.
  124. AudioSwitcher
  125. Removed the "Custom channel mapping".
  126. Remove the old "normalization" algorithm.
  127. "Boost" renamed to "Gain" and now has a range of -3 dB to +10 dB.
  128. Added channel mixer.
  129. Added "Auto volume control".
  130. Audio switcher settings transferred to the panel "Audio".
  131. Now between audio switcher and audio renderer can connect AC3Filter, ffdshowAudioProcessor and DC-DSP Filter.
  132. Audio switcher now always active. It is necessary for proper operation of the player.
  134. MPC Audio Renderer (WASAPI)
  135. Added support for changing the playback speed.
  136. Improved option "Allow bit-exact output".
  137. Improved A/V sync.
  138. Fixed crash for various reasons.
  139. Show status information when the bitstream using.
  140. Added the ability to switch to the default device in the event of a power output device.
  142. VSFilter
  143. Added support to get the type of subtitles: internal/external.
  144. Added new option "Allow drop some subpicture"
  145. Fixed display of animated subtitles (the movement of the subtitles was jerking).
  146. Blocking connection Lentoid HEVC Decoder and input type IYUV, because decoder outputs "invalid" data.
  147. Fixed a crash when using the settings when playing active.
  148. Fixed display an icon in the system tray (sometimes hide the icon).
  149. Fixed incorrect font change.
  150. Returned to override colors instead of the default palette for VobSub-and without palette.
  152. Fixed handling of tags "\ fs +" and "\ fs-".
  153. Codes '& # xx' is converted to the corresponding character.
  154. Fixed subtitle display on pause with madVR.
  155. Fixed display of some PGS subtitles.
  156. Improved support for SAMI subtitle (.smi).
  158. VideoRenderers
  159. EVRCustom: improved redraw after after rewind on pause.
  160. VMR7 Renderless available under the x64 bit system, as well as if the height/width of the desktop more than 2,048.
  161. Rewritten and optimized mechanism DX9RenderingEngine, added shaders Perlin Smootherstep, B-spline, Mitchell-Netravali, Catmull-Rom.
  162. Fixed output text subtitle VMR7 Renderless.
  163. Fixed VMR7 Renderless mode VMR Mixer Mode.
  165. Player
  166. Added support for mounting images of optical disks with Windows 8/8.1.
  167. Added support for mounting images of optical disks using DAEMON Tools Lite for Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  168. Added "Restore the position of subtitles."
  169. Added an option to change the number of recently opened files.
  170. Added the possibility of multiple manual loading external subtitles and audio files.
  171. Fixed the incorrect display of '&' in the status bar.
  172. When you open an external audio adds the ability to open any file/container, not just the audio files.
  173. When using the "Play next in the folder" added the ability to play looped (in a circle).
  174. Do not show error reporting when using Direct3D fullscreen mode.
  175. Removed keyboard shortcuts "Toggle custom channel mapping".
  176. Keyboard commands "Toggle normalization" renamed "Toggle auto gain control".
  177. Limited opportunity selection of ports for Web server from 1 to 65535.
  178. Optimization and adjustment of the output information in PinInfo.
  179. .awb Extension added to the group "AMR", .sfd - in "MPEG";
  180. Group "Matroska" renamed "Matroska/WebM", "FLI/FLC" - "FLIC animation".
  181. Added DSD group and extensions .dsf and .dff.
  182. Extension .rmvb transferred from the group "other" to the group "RealMedia".
  183. Changed some of the settings and their location.
  184. Removed option "Round up to power of two" for subtitles.
  185. Removed the option "D3D Fullscreen GUI Support".
  186. Adjusted and optimized code with auto-tuning mode switch monitors.
  187. If the speed of play is different from the standard, we write it in the status bar.
  188. Fixed problem of clogging registry branch HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts when opening URL.
  189. Corrected speed change mechanism. Modify the list of steps to change the speed of 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, 0.5, 1.0.
  190. Adjusted the volume control work.
  191. Fixed handling of transparency settings OSD.
  192. Fixed display Win7 taskbar preview of the above.
  193. Removed enhanced support opening graphic formats.
  194. Removed ability to save screenshots and thumbnails formats webp/psd/tga.
  195. Fixed creation of default.mpcpl.
  196. Fixed display SeekBar when playing Flash files.
  197. Fixed getting the frame rate to auto-switch frequencies using MediaInfo.
  198. Fixed the field "created" in the properties of the file being played.
  199. Added check for updates.
  201. Improved YouTube, added to obtain information about the author, title, description and date of publication.
  202. Added support for YouTube live streaming (requires LAVSplitter).
  203. Removed support VIMEO (because it did not work).
  204. Changed opening playlists from YouTube, after the opening of the current clip starts playing.
  205. Playlist from YouTube is now loaded only when the option "Load playlist".
  206. Fixed auto-save screenshots for YouTube.
  207. Added support for subtitles when opening clips YouTube.
  209. Updated Russian translation
  210. Updated Basque translation (by azpidatziak);
  211. Updated Dutch translation (by beter);
  212. Updated Chinese (Traditional) translation (by beter);
  213. Updated Italian translation (by Lord Maius)
  214. Updated German translation (by Klaus).
  215. In the installer added DirectX DLL: D3DCompiler_43.dll and d3dx9_43.dll.
  217. Updated libraries:
  218.         ffmpeg git-g843d93d;
  219.         libpng 1.7.0 b35 git-f3b1eb68;
  220.         MediaInfo 0.7.70+ svn rev.6511;
  221.         Little-CMS 2.7 beta git-a41d62ee;
  222.         ZenLib 0.4.29+ svn rev.489;
  223.         jsoncpp 1.0.0.
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