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Mar 26th, 2019
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  1. Manifesto: A Musical Syllogism
  3. 1) Music is emotion. (a⇒b)
  4. Emotions are personal, therefore each song carries a personal touch.
  5. The emotions each track evokes differ from person to person. From musician to listener.
  6. 2) Evocation of emotions through connotation is key. (b⇒c)
  7. If emotions differ from person to person, from musician to musician, artists can only add value to their music, by adding connotations.
  8. Avoiding emotional connotation is devaluation.
  9. 3) Connotations are linked to locus and tempus. (c⇒(Ln&Tn))
  10. We add context to music through:
  11. Adding value to the creative process in spacetime.
  12. Adding personal artefacts linked to spacetime.
  13. Adding mutations to personal context with our music through spacetime.
  14. The sum total of mutations must add up to a coherent whole. x1 + x2 + X3 ++ xN = Z
  15. 4) Evocation of emotions is convoluted (c⇒d)
  16. The generation of emotions does not follow a logical path, it is convoluted.
  17. But while the convolution itself appears unnecessarily chaotic to the layman or casual observer, the actor at the center of the convolution necessarily views the whole as a logical necessity; in other words: as a simple, self-evident state of affairs.
  18. QED) Music is convoluted
  20. Creation and absorbtion music is a convoluted process. Hence the title of our first bundle of tracks, linked to our lives in our city, in the past two years.
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