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Sam Sloane tongue twister skit by Studio C.

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Sep 18th, 2019
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  1. *Matt enters through door*
  2. Matt: Sam Sloane.
  3. Jason: Sup.
  4. Matt: Somebody said you stole some secrets.
  5. Jason: So?
  6. Matt: Stop spouting off! *Slaps Jason in the face*
  7. Stacey: September seventh of seventy six, slick! Someone saw you sneaking something psychedelic.
  8. Jason: Say what?
  9. Stacey: *takes bite of donut* Oh, you know you slipped up scooby! Stealing slick secrets from Sweet Slamming Sally Shores. It's sickening.
  10. Matt: Who?
  11. Stacey: She sells short-shorts on seventh.
  12. Jason: So? I set up Sleazy Sally, so she said she'd see Samson Simpson to seek some serious satisfaction.
  13. Stacey: Samson Simpson who sells sinister supplies?
  14. Jason: No, Some other Samson Simpson, stupid!
  15. Stacey: *Slaps Jason*
  16. Jason: Stop slappin!
  17. *Mallory pops up in window behind*
  18. Mallory: Somebody sent some seriously sickening stuff- Says "Sam Sloane should stop snoopin' an' sleuthin' or some snafu will soon snub Slippery Sam so silently, no screaming sounds will save him. Signed, the Snipper Snapper." Sorry, I spilled some sugary strawberry strudel on it.
  19. Jason: The Snipper Snapper the Snitch Sweeper sent that? Sorry sergeants, I'm silent.
  20. *Enter Adam*
  21. Matt: Sir. Seems Sam Sloane stole and sold some of Sally Shore's secrets, so Snipper Snapper the Snitch Sweeper satisfaction using Samson Simpson's Sinister Supplies to subvert Sloane's Squealing.
  22. *Adam takes a big drink of water, pauses, and then slaps Jason.*
  23. Jason: I thought he was gonna spray-
  24. *Adam spews water at Jason*
  25. Adam: Sweet satisfaction.
  26. *Everyone but Jason twirls and leaves.*
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