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  1. (10:38:51 AM) Feldi: It's the reception of Reise's wedding and there is a lot of everything that Moriko's mother stated to hate on display. Since the end of the ceremony, Linny has been following the dour woman around; both to stave off the slight jealousy she's feeling about this whole day and because the tengu is obviously going through something, just poorly. And who better to help than a werewolf representing all the things she purports to dislike?
  2. (10:42:34 AM) Ikiryo: A tall, stunningly pretty rokugani tengu with long black hair down to nearly her feet, dressed in a black kimono with red trim. Her plush lips are pursed and her eyes narrowed as she looks about the area, a glass of clear water in her hand as she watches people dancing.
  3. (10:47:28 AM) Feldi: "Copper for your thoughts?" Linny asks, standing beside (and just over waist-high against) the tengu. She nurses what might be her sixth champagne bottle of the night. She's lost count.
  4. (10:48:02 AM) Ikiryo: It's very, very good champagne!
  5. (10:48:09 AM) Ikiryo: "They are not pleasent thoughts."
  6. (10:53:00 AM) Feldi: "They might pair well with a good drink," Linny offers.
  7. (10:55:07 AM) Ikiryo: She shakes her head. "I do not drink...and this is all rather decadent."
  8. (11:01:21 AM) Feldi: Linny looks over the party. "Not for Sigil." She takes a long swig of her drink. "But I know Rokugan is more tight-laced of a sphere."
  9. (11:03:07 AM) Ikiryo: "Not enough for my liking." She sips her own water. "There is far too much there. Partying interferes with good morals."
  10. (11:03:46 AM) Feldi: "Which ones?"
  11. (11:07:28 AM) Ikiryo: "Propriety, Respect and Compassion."
  12. (11:11:00 AM) Feldi: Linny looks over the dance floor again, where Reise and Moriko are slow-dancing with each other. She smiles softly. "So, what happened?"
  13. (11:11:07 AM) Feldi: She asks.
  14. (11:13:00 AM) Ikiryo: "I beg your pardon?"
  15. (11:15:35 AM) Feldi: "To make you hate dancing and a little bit of impropriety. I've been to Rokugan and I know some Scorpions. None of those morals seem to be any of their concern."
  16. (11:20:35 AM) Ikiryo: "My kin are not myself." There is a slight hesitation in before she speaks though. "Without proper morals and upright living, such terrible things..." She pauses. "The world is a much worse place."
  17. (11:23:38 AM) Feldi: Linny lets the silence build and waits for the tengu to fill it.
  18. (11:31:17 AM) Ikiryo: She shakes her head. "And now this painted whore is here to take my daughter away." Despite the very prim vitriol at Reise, most of the focus of her words seems to be about her daughter...
  19. (11:32:42 AM) Feldi: "Your daughter hasn't been on Rokugan for a long time." Linny puts out there.
  20. (11:33:52 AM) Ikiryo: "And I am thankful for that. She..." She visibly stops herself talking again.
  21. (11:36:14 AM) Feldi: "She needed to get away. After everything that happened."
  22. (11:36:33 AM) Feldi: Linny glances up at Moriko's mother.
  23. (11:41:09 AM) Ikiryo: "...she did. What happened to her...I can't forgive it." She takes a breath, visibly trying to calm herself and failing. "It all happened to her because they wanted her to play seductress, to act without morals and attract the attention of that monster."
  24. (11:46:52 AM) Feldi: "They knew he was blood mage?"
  25. (11:47:43 AM) Ikiryo: "They suspected he was...not that my daughter was told. They didn't want her to have assumptions about his dark secrets so she could find them."
  26. (11:52:35 AM) Feldi: "It seems they were more at fault than how they wanted your daughter to act."
  27. (11:54:43 AM) Ikiryo: "Do you know how many lives have been ruined by those methods? How many people doomed?" She shakes her head.
  28. (11:58:17 AM) Feldi: "Isn't that what your clan does for Rokugan? Act in the shadows, dirty their hands, for the good of the country?"
  29. (11:59:44 AM) Ikiryo: "For greed as much as anything else." She frowns.
  30. (12:02:44 PM) Feldi: "Why not leave yourself then?" Linny asks, with no trace of judgement. "I'm sure Mayu would like to see her grandmother more often."
  31. (12:04:26 PM) Ikiryo: "I may not like it but I have my duties...I should hold myself to a higher standard than them."
  32. (12:10:32 PM) Feldi: Linny looks out at the dance floor again. "And You shouldn't hold your daughter to a standard that doesn't apply. The 'impropriety' here...SHE is choosing that of her own will. No tricks or hidden motives. No missions. These aren't methods. Just living, just your daughter living the life she wants to." Linny swirls her drink inside its bottle. "You can dislike it for what it is, but you shouldn't dislike it for holding onto what it WAS."
  33. (12:11:41 PM) Ikiryo: "What it was never existed. She was just too innocent to think it was...and that innocence is lost."
  34. (12:14:42 PM) Feldi: "Innocence is overrated. And it hurt her, sure. But have you ever asked her if she'd do it all any differently? I promise you she'll say no."
  35. (12:15:10 PM) Ikiryo: "And I would do everything differently."
  36. (12:16:48 PM) Feldi: "Ah, guilt. I remember that."
  37. (12:17:14 PM) Ikiryo: She raises an eyebrow at Linny.
  38. (12:18:46 PM) Feldi: "I'm not sure how the things you and I have done compare, but I'm sure that I'd give you a run for your gold." Linny flashes her a humorless grin before taking another drink.
  39. (12:19:51 PM) Ikiryo: "That would be rather a comparison." She nods.
  40. (12:23:09 PM) Feldi: "Would I go back and do things over again? Probably. But I stopped letting those thoughts make me or the people around me miserable or angry, there's better, more useful, things to be furious at."
  41. (12:28:59 PM) Ikiryo: "I have plenty of wrath for all my targets."
  42. (12:32:00 PM) Feldi: "You just have to pick 'em." Linny gestures out to where Moriko is. "Because all Moriko will remember about today is that you insulted her new wife and hated the party. I think you'd regret that too."
  43. (12:41:39 PM) Ikiryo: "...fine. One day."
  44. (12:42:59 PM) Feldi: Linny smiles, watching the party.
  45. (12:44:45 PM) Ikiryo: And then Moriko's mother leans in and kisses her passionately on the lips. "Tommorow I'll be back to my bitchy self...but for Moriko I'll put it off today."
  46. (12:47:13 PM) Feldi: Linny blinks but licks her lips as she pulls back, tasting the cherry flavor left on her lips. "Decided to enjoy yourself then?" She smirks her most insufferably flirtatious smirk.
  47. (12:48:51 PM) Ikiryo: ...when did the tengu get her hands on Linny's champagne? Because she seems to be taking a large gulp of it.
  48. (12:51:04 PM) Feldi: "Oh, now that's how you answer~" She laughs. Moriko's mom was just as much fun as she'd thought.
  49. (1:06:32 PM) Ikiryo: She hands the empty bottle back to Linny. "Well, I have a lot more experiance than my daughter does...and I can't say that painted harlot was entirely a negative description of her wife."
  50. (1:09:12 PM) Feldi: "On any other day, I think Reise would have been able to take it as a compliment~" The talk of 'more experience' sends Linny's mind back to her experience with Moriko.  If Moriko was inexperienced....Linny herself may be in over her head. And she's going to very much enjoy that.
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