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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. 3/23 - Pressed Lorrie to come clean why she was avoiding me and not showing me any affection - she said she didn't love me any more.
  2. 3/24 - Lorrie gave me an ultimatum: me leave or she would leave with the kids and stay in hotel
  3. 3/24 - I refused to leave without legal advice. She tried to leave and I refused to let her take kids - called police to settle it. Brought up guest bedroom to her and Police. Lorrie was ok with guest bedroom one left.
  4. 3/25 - Took off from work
  5. 3/25 - Told Lorrie I would have an answer about who would move out after meetings with an attorney. Finished meeting with attorney, got home and Lorrie had already left with the kids, car packed with belongings. I told her I wasn't leaving the house and I wanted the kids brought back because we're happy in our home.
  6. 3/25 - Gave Lorrie a choice...we could agree on what nights I could have the kids or she needed to bring them back immediately - otherwise I would go to court and fight to bring the kids back home.
  7. 3/25 - We discussed which nights and agreed verbally on 50/50 split (Fri-Fri) that we would create in a written agreement so I could have the kids this coming weekend (3/28). Lorrie and kids checked into a hotel and spent the night.
  8. 3/26 - Took off from work
  9. 3/26 - Lorrie asked me to draft our agreement regarding custody while she got moved into her apartment. She stopped by to get some more stuff and she ok'd the document which we took to the bank and got notorized.
  10. 3/27 - Went back to work. Anthony knew of a girl who had mentioned babysitting. I asked him to talk to her.
  11. 3/27 - Lorrie took the document to her lawyer to see if it was enforceable. It was according to her lawyer a legal agreement and doesn't need to be filed with the courts. But, if there are any violations it will require suing the other party (ie. not court order) and a judge will honor the document as a contract.
  12. 3/27 - Lorrie and I agreed I will pick up the kids on 3/28 at 6pm.
  13. 3/28 - Picked up kids at 6pm on 3/28. Got pizza and went to Circuit City to get Rock Band and GH3 for Cameron, Alexis and myself. Had lots of fun...everything went smooth at bedtime.
  14. 3/29 - Cleaned a couple rooms in filthy house and spent time playing with kids. Bedtime went smoothly.
  15. 3/30 - Cleaned a couple rooms in filthy house and spent time playing with kids. Helped Cameron with homework and gave kids baths. Mom arrived Sunday around 8pm. Bedtime was smooth again.
  16. 3/31 - Went back to work. Had a lot of catching up to do. Inquired about the child care and Anthony said to call Sandra and meet with her. Got back home to the kids and Grandma. Everything went well. Grandma played with Alexis all day. Went to Red Robin…Alexis loved it! She kept wanting to get hugs from the Red Robin mascot.
  17. 4/1 – Finally got back on track at work…prepared for client meeting. Anthony mentioned that his friend wanted to meet with me. Came home and had a fun time with the kids. Grandma took Alexis to the mall and did some shopping.
  18. 4/2 – Grandma went shopping again while Alexis was at school. She got lots of good stuff for the kids (and me too). After work I got the kids ready to meet Sandra. Cameron, Alexis, Grandma, and me met with Sandra, her two kids, and her husband. She seemed very motivated to work with the kids. She mentioned that she believes in outdoors and taking the kids to Discovery Place, library, etc. Sounded like it would be a great opportunity for Alexis and Cameron to be exposed to some new things. We went to On the Border for a late supper.
  19. 4/4 - Wrote a check to cover the cost of the kids clothes that Mom bought this week. Lorrie came to pick up the kids and showed up with her friend Jessica from Pennsylvania. I wasn’t very receptive to her showing up at the door so I didn’t have smiles or much to say to her. I don’t approve of her and Lorrie’s gaming lifestyle and the stories I’ve heard of her husband dealing with the same thing as me. I also know her son had trouble getting the mother’s attention. It’s so sad that the kids get tuned out when Lorrie and Jessica get on their game. Lorrie wanted to get some things so I let her grab a few things, but really wanted her to get out the door ASAP. I helped Lorrie pack up some stuff in the car and said my goodbyes to the kids. It was so sad. I could only imagine how their weekend would be with Lorrie and her friend. Mom got back on the road soon after Lorrie left.
  20. 4/6 – Took the kids to the car show at LMS. Alexis has never been. The kids were all over the food and beverage. We got lots of exercise and the kids got to take in the whole racetrack. It was fun – Cameron got some pics and Alexis used up some of her energy. Took them to McDonalds for dinner since Lorrie was at Red Robin with her friend Jessica. I sent Sandra a summary email on the kids’ schedules that evening.
  21. 4/7 – Called my lawyer and gave him an update on how things have progressed. He was surprised about the custody document. He wanted a copy and wants to meet with me this week. Lorrie has been hinting at money for child support – she calculated $1000. The lawyer recommended I get this taken care of soon. He said to prepare my finances and make an appointment. Got another lawyer lead from Mom and her lawyer friends. She recommends me have another consultation with one of these “recommended” lawyers to see if they have something different to say.
  22. 4/7 – Talked to one of Carol’s friends about keeping Alexis and Cameron. She sounds too expensive. She wants to be a nanny and basically give up her part time job to do this. I sent her the kids’ schedules
  23. 4/8 – I had started bagging up Wrote Lorrie a $400 check for child support for now. I said I’d meet with my lawyer after my finances got in order and we’d settle it.
  24. 4/10 – Getting ready for the kids to come back – straightened, washed Cam’s sheets, more clothes. Finally Lorrie met with Sandra. She says Sandra seems fine. Called the girl across the street, Bianca. She sounded nice and we’ll talk in person this weekend.
  25. 4/11 – Picked up the kids tonight.
  26. 4/12 – Took the kids to McDonalds for a quick lunch, then we went roller skating at the Sports Center. It was a blast. Alexis did well. Cameron did too as long as he didn’t grab onto the side of the rink. He did quite a bit of flopping. We all got a pretty good workout and then came home. Cameron was asking if they were open tomorrow, ha.
  27. 4/13 - Met with Bianca and decided to go with Sandra to keep the kids. Talked with Sandra and she and I agreed to $120 a week. Called Bianca and let her know. Sent an email to Ashley once she sent back a $12/hour cost…I told her I wasn’t looking for a nanny at this time.
  28. 4/14 – Dropped Alexis off at Sandra’s. Sandra drove Cameron to school. Sandra was late picking up Cameron at the house today. Carol helped out when she saw Cam’s bus arrive. Submitted a bus change request to CMS Transportation.
  29. 4/15 – Took Cameron to school and then dropped Alexis off at Sandra’s. Sandra said she could pick up Alexis from preschool this week. She picked up Cameron from the house.
  30. 4/16 – Took a PTO day and got Cameron on the bus in the AM (sent Cameron a note to give to his teacher in regards to the bus changes). Alexis and I went to her school to meet before heading down to the Nature Museum. Ms. Chris and I talked and she was very supportive of what I was going through. Had a fun time at the museum. Alexis had some stinky farts and was embarrassing me while we watched the puppet show. Then we walked to the picnic area in Freedom park – had a picnic and Alexis played at the playground. It was fun. Talked with Carol more too. She said she told Lorrie off when Lorrie called her.
  31. 4/16 – Cameron got his report card. It wasn’t very good so I reinforced to Lorrie that we have to check up on him and his work.
  32. 4/17 – Did the morning shuffle – took Cam to school and dropped off Alexis at Sandra’s. Cameron rode home on the new bus for the first time today. He actually got to sit next to Nathan! I’ve been emailing Ms. Fox in regards to helping Cameron improve his grades.
  33. 4/17 - Did 4 loads of laundry and gave the kids baths. Cameron asked for a second time if he could stay longer than his week. He said he at least wanted to to spend another night. I said he’d have to ask Mom. On the phone she told him that she really needed to see him and missed him. I packed up a bunch of coffee mugs, some kids sippy cups, and some more kitchen towels, rags, and a kitchen rug for Lorrie.
  34. 4/18 – I wrote Lorrie an email asking if Cameron could stay longer. She responded she didn’t want to be the bad guy, but needed him to come with her this weekend. I suspect she’s worried about the long term where Cameron would want to stay here most of the time and only occasional visits with Lorrie. I wrote Lorrie a $600 check for child support and Sandra a $120 check for the week of babysitting.
  35. 4/18 – Picked up the kids. Sandra took Alexis to a local alpaca farm in the morning and had lots of stories to tell. Cameron again asked to stay longer. I told him I was fine with him staying, but he needed to ask Mom. When we got home Cameron went out back to play with the neighborhood kids. Lorrie showed up and Cameron pleaded with her. I explained that she really missed him and wanted to spend the evening with him. He didn’t care, when Lorrie told him not to disobey, he got upset and started crying. It broke my heart to witness this. I so wanted him to stay… For now, I have to be fair and have to try to make this work so we get equal time with the kids. I’d like to think that someday in the future, the kids will both want to live with me and Lorrie gets visitation.
  36. 4/18 – Alexis seemed happy to see her Mom. I kissed and hugged them and told them I’d call them before bed. Both kids said they loved me and would see me soon. I was sad to see them go. They mean so much to me and I worry about them. I called them before bed and told them goodnight. I think Cameron was doing ok.
  37. 4/19 – Had a long day. Did yard work and found the nest of the bees around the playset. Turns out they were Carpenter bees and made holes right where the kids play. Went to Lowes and got some bee spray and bought some flower seeds so Alexis could plant some flowers with Sandra in a couple weeks. Went to the grocery store and bought some dinners and got some things for the kids next weekend. Talked to the kids at bedtime. Cameron wants his headphones so I agreed to bring them over on Sunday. Asked him if he was adventurous enough to go camping this coming weekend…he sounds scared.
  38. 4/20 – Took headphones over to the apartment. Alexis was in her underwear, Lorrie had purple dye in her hair, and Cameron was closed up in his room on the computer. Alexis wanted to leave with me so bad…Lorrie and I had to tell her in a few days she could. She so wanted my attention and wanted me to carry her, lol. She held onto me as I was about to leave and it was really hard to say goodbye. I miss them so much! Got back on my budget and getting finances together this evening.
  39. 4/21 - Called Paul Pawlowski today and setup an appointment for Thursday at 10am. Came home and watched the Caps desperation to force game 7. Called and wished the kids goodnight – they both had a lot to say. Can’t wait to see them on Friday.
  40. 4/22 – Cleaned up in the kitchen and mopped the floor. Called the kids and Alexis answered the phone. She mentioned Momma had a friend. I asked who and I heard Lorrie in the background saying you don’t have to tell him anything…and Cameron chimed in “Fartman”. Lorrie said, “yeah, Fartman.” I tried very hard to get her to tell me who it was and why she brought someone around the kids so soon. I’m very concerned for a new man being introduced to the kids so soon after our separation. They’re already struggling to understand all this. Again, the selfishness of Lorrie only thinking of herself. I asked her why she couldn’t wait to do that until after the kids are with me. She said “ok” finally which I believe was just to get me off the phone. I don’t think she has any intentions of actually being discrete about this.
  41. 4/23 – Sent Paul Pawlowski an email asking specifically what to bring. I also mentioned about the mystery man who showed up for dinner and my concerns. I also feel very threatened that she brought someone into the kids’ lives so soon. I worry about how they’ll deal with this. Lorrie is obviously trying to hide this person so no doubt the kids will be instructed to hide any information on this person. It really just another example of her deceit and teaching the kids it’s acceptable to lie and keep things from me. I also sent Rob Blair, Jr. an email asking for a consultation. He wrote back his consultation would be $500 for 2 hours and his hourly rate afterwards is $350 an hour. Yikes! Might be working with Paul exclusively.
  42. 4/23 - Talked to Mom tonight and she’s planning to send me some money to help with the attorney fees. Also, discovered Hammie was dead. Talked to the kids tonight and didn’t tell them about Hammie yet…and talked to Lorrie briefly…she said her friend wasn’t there. She again said “ok” when I asked her not to bring these strangers around the kids.
  43. 4/25 – Picked up the kids at 6pm. Interestingly Lorrie had everything ready at the front door and really didn’t want me nosing around. Cameron revealed that Lorrie’s friend is named Mark, he is from Tennessee, drove a Jeep (could be any SUV - he thinks gray), and stayed there every night and left the apartment just before I showed up. Took the kids home and we had a great evening playing and having fun.
  44. 4/26 - 4/27 – Spent a lot of time outside with the kids this weekend. Sam came over and we talked. I told him I was interested in going camping with the kids to Morrow Mtn State Park (recommended by Deb at work) and he said he too was thinking about taking Jessica and Stephanie camping. He said, of course, Carol wouldn’t want to go, but to let him know when I decided to go.
  45. 4/28 – Realized Mother’s Day weekend is the weekend the kids are with me. As a nice gesture I asked Lorrie if she wanted to swap weekends so I keep them this weekend and she gets them for Mother’s Day. She wrote back that would be fine. I immediately started planning to go camping.
  46. 5/2 – Tent arrived just in time for our camping trip.
  47. 5/3 – Went camping at Morrow Mtn in Albemarle, NC. The Mustang barely made it. I had to keep pedaling the accelerator to keep from burning up O/D. We finally arrived and we found a nice campsite (Cameron picked it) that was near the bath house. We setup the tent and started the fire to make some hot dogs. Then we went to the lake and rented a canoe. Cameron was scared as soon as we got in the boat, but as soon as he got a paddle and could control the boat he was fine, lol. He splashed Alexis and me…he didn’t quite have the form down yet. We went back and I cooked some burger, potatoes, and carrots over the fire pit. That night we got out the light sticks and I monkeyed around with the lantern to get it burning. About scalded myself. Finally got it going, then some rain started. We ended up staying in the tent the rest of the night and getting some sleep.
  48. 5/4 – Woke up early the next morning and I got some breakfast going. I cooked eggs, bacon, and hash browns in the new iron skillet. After that we packed up and came back to Charlotte. I quickly did some laundry and got the kids ready for Lorrie to pick them up. She had just come back from a road trip and took a dump in the powder room. Nice.
  49. 5/5 – 5/9 – This week got a realtor to come out and take a look at the house and said realistically it could sell for $205,000.
  50. 5/10 – Spent all day dusting, cleaning bathrooms, and vacuuming the house. That evening when I called the apartment Nana answered the phone. She had to explain that Alexis fell into the pool and had to be fished out. Apparently they let Alexis get too close. The kids were good and were looking forward to coming to visit.
  51. 5/11 – Lorrie asked when I was planning to pickup the kids. Normally we did 6pm, but she wanted me to be there at 5pm. So this meant either she was heading out of town or had someone coming. Well, she called from her cell to wish the kids goodnight so I asked if she was headed out of town…she said yes.
  52. 5/12 – 5/14 – Cameron had a rough week with homework. I spent a lot of time helping him with his EOG practice sheets. I wish I had spent more time with Alexis.
  53. 5/15 – Took Alexis and Cameron to school because Sandra’s kids had a virus. I went to work for a few hours, then picked up Alexis and went to Cameron’s Success Academy Awards ceremony. He got his completion award and the “Most Improved” in his group. I was so proud of Cameron. Lorrie of course didn’t show up…she was too busy with her new boyfriend to take time out for Cameron.
  54. 5/16 – Had summer hours, but took the whole day off to let Alexis sleep in. Also, wasn’t sure what Sandra’s situation was with her kids being sick. Took Cameron to school and then spent time with Alexis playing. She went over to Carol’s for a couple hours and when Cameron got out of school we cooked some pork chops and steamed broccoli. Lorrie picked up the kids…she had her computer in the trunk of the car from her visit probably to Tennessee. Also when I told her I was working on a project for the office in Nashville she perked up and asked if there was a chance I’d have to move there. That makes me think she’s pretty serious about this guy if she’s contemplating moving up there…I gotta be careful because she might try something sneaky to take the kids up there. She asked if she could take the kids to Dolly World the weekend of June 14th. I asked if she was just going for the weekend and she said it would probably be a 3-day weekend. I played dumb and asked her why she wouldn’t take them to the one close to us instead? She said she planned to do that as well. Ugh, I cannot let her take the kids to Tennessee to be with this man - CANNOT allow it.
  55. 5/17 -
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