MGE Side III Gremtronics Lab

Mar 7th, 2020
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  1. Gremtronics Lab
  2. Unlike the previous street, this place is a residential area, so it’s quiet.
  3. I don’t dislike quiet places like this.
  4. Yeah, but… as I thought, it seems you can hear it.
  5. If you listen closely, you’ll understand… look. There’s gasping coming from the back alley over there.
  6. Since Saida is the way it is, there are a lot of chicks that boldly try to bring men back here.
  7. Whether it’s quiet or not, if you stand still with a man, like this, it seems you’ll get horny.
  9. Since it’s quieter than other places, this “Gremtronics Lab” was created here so research can be done calmly.
  10. It’s like a building made by some unknown civilization’s technology, and it’s an odd-looking building with pipes and trumpets attached to walls that aren’t quite stone or metal, but on the inside it’s even more awesome.
  12. “Gremtronics Lab!
  13. This is a secret facility for researching cutting edge Gremtronics technology that combines thunderstones* and magical mechanisms!
  14. So, why do we call that technology Gremtronics? Do you understand?
  15. Exactly! Because that is the coolest name!!”
  17. Best not worry about that now. This city has a lot of people fried in the head by lightning.
  18. This is the director, “Nevan”, and this is a lab where the director and similar Gremlins conduct research and development.
  19. The musical instruments and neon lights all over are made with this place’s technology, and our lives are mostly taken care of here.
  20. Nevan was the first gremlin in this city, and together with the many gremlins she brought along, they built up the city as it is today… it seems.
  21. …Basically, a great person representing Saida… I think, so I brought you here.
  23. “Then please show more gratitude!
  24. This is a long-awaited visit of a couple. Please by all means use those bodies to try out the two-person devices our lab is so proud of!
  25. I’m also crying out with my beloved assistant-kun every night, and although we work ourselves ragged, regrettably we don’t have enough data!”
  27. Yeah, this sort of person.
  28. The equipment at venues and mechanisms on Thunder Fish Street are generally made by this person.
  29. Lately, it feels like she’s been thinking about ways to stun humans and monsters.
  31. Also, there seems to be a lot of human researchers at this lab.
  32. It seems the technology of that unknown civilization was the specialty of Gremlins, but now there are also people that make amazing inventions as great as the Gremlin’s.
  33. I think it’s amazing, but because men who research are timid, the chicks whose lovers are researchers say things like it’s somehow fun to carry him around, or that it’s cute to make him scream “Hiiii~”, so there seem to be more song maidens that are interested in them.
  34. There were a lot of enthusiastic girls with bad faces that say “if I catch sight of one, I’ll absolutely fuck him”.
  35. Well, I think Gremlins will get their hands on them first though.
  37. “Precisely!
  38. Me too! My beloved assistant-kun and I were both attracted to the lightning of Gremtronics!”
  40. Yeah, don’t worry about that now.
  41. This city has a lot of people fried in the head by lightning.
  43. *The kanji 蓄雷石 basically mean "thunder amassing stone/gem" so naturally thunderstones from pokemon came to mind, and I went with that.
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