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  1. IT Essentials Knowledge Check
  2. 1.      What are the four segments of the information processing cycle?
  3. Input, Storage, Processing, Output.
  4. 2.      Besides the keyboard, mouse, and storage devices, list five devices that can be used to enter information into a computer.
  5. Touch Pad, Touch Screen, Scanner, Joystick, Digital Camera.
  6. 3.      What part of the computer handles the tasks of calculating formulas and editing documents?
  7. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  8. 4.      What advantage do dual-core and quad-core processors have over single-core processors?
  9. Multiple processors enable the computer to process multiple instructions simultaneously for better performance.
  10. 5.      What is the technical name for the volatile computer workspace that is erased whenever the power is turned off?
  11. Random Access Memory (RAM)
  12. 6.      Which storage device has no motor or other moving parts?
  13. Flash drives & Solid State Drives
  14. 7.      What type of port allows up to 127 hardware devices to be connected to the computer host at 480 Mbps?
  15. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
  16. 8.      What type of software can be copied freely and has no license agreement?
  17. Open Source Software
  18. 9.      What is the basic purpose for a computer network?
  19. Networks allow computers to share resources such as printers, internet connections, and data.
  20. 10.     What two terms describe the “data requester” and “data provider” in a LAN?
  21. Requester: Client || Provider: Server
  22. 11.     What is the name of the connector used on a network cable?
  23. RJ-45 connector
  24. 12.     What is the basic protocol that allows all computers on the Internet to interact?
  25. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  26. 13.     Which protocol and application can you use if you need to transfer a file that is too large to email?
  27. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  28. 14.     List at least three types of malware.
  29. Virus, Spyware, Adware.
  30. 15.     What term describes the act of illegally sharing a software application with someone else?
  31. Software Piracy
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