my letter to tampabay times #yesontwo

pmichelreichold Oct 28th, 2016 218 Never
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  1. my letter to tampabay times #yes on two
  2. RE: medical marijuana support— yes on 2
  4. Dear Editor:
  6. I am writing to thank your for your support of medical marijuana. As you note in your recommendation, marijuana can be of benefit to many of those who suffering chronic pain and illness. Its side effects are far less than those of common prescription medications and of alcohol and tobacco, which can be bought over the counter.
  8. Medical marijuana would only be dispensed to those suffering certain specified conditions. It would not be available to the general public, and certainly not to minors. The outright lies offered by the "vote no" crowd are appalling and lend credence to speculation of an ulterior motive in such opposition.
  10. I hope all voters will read your recommendation carefully, as it is factual, and not guided by those with axes in need of grinding.  Amendment 2 is, as you say, "a compassionate response to people in pain".
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