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  1. Tyrat Vanchal
  2. #0007
  4. AsherToday at 2:12 PM
  5. Hello o7
  6. Thanks for replying!
  7. I was wondering if you had some insight to the wardec & the Hog Hitmen intent.
  8. We would like to offer some kind of middleground if possible as we are not interested in fighting a war if there is a diplomatic option.
  9. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:18 PM
  10. I believe it was mostly to provide content in an area we operate in
  11. id have to talk to the director who started the war
  12. AsherToday at 2:20 PM
  13. I'd love it if you could do that! We're mostly an industrial-based alliance and a wardec severely dampens our operations, as I'm sure you're aware already.
  14. We've fought with multiple other groups in the area that have looked for an easy structure kill & all three have surrendered to us due to lack of gudfites.
  15. If there was some way that the wardec could disappear, that would be incredibly appreciated and perhaps some kind of nonaggression pact could be met
  16. We are neighbors and have seen a lot of each other, so having a good relationship I think is better in the long term
  17. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:25 PM
  18. Actually just got contacted by the director
  19. AsherToday at 2:26 PM
  20. Oh that's excellent
  21. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:26 PM
  22. we were actually contracted
  23. we have 3 options
  24. AsherToday at 2:27 PM
  25. Let's hear em :smile:
  26. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:27 PM
  27. make that fiive
  28. still talking to him
  29. pull up the stakes and move
  30. AsherToday at 2:27 PM
  31. I have an idea of what the root of the contract is for, intent wise
  32. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:27 PM
  33. join hogs and lose your identity for 6 months - not really though
  34. rent from us and keep your structures
  35. hold on
  36. doing like 20 things at once
  37. as always
  38. AsherToday at 2:29 PM
  39. No worry my man
  40. Just glad to talk
  41. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:33 PM
  42. so you can pull up stakes
  43. -     move to uttindar and rent from us
  44. -     move to a hog system and rent from them
  45. -     join hogs (more discussed if interested)
  46. -     move away to a different system that is not listed here
  47. AsherToday at 2:34 PM
  48. Hmm ok - those are the only options?
  49. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:37 PM
  50. -     im still working on it
  51. AsherToday at 2:37 PM
  52. Okay
  53. We only have one structure, and our whole alliance is willing to defend it, and it's not a loss big enough to scare us away. We're not moving or renting over a 500m Raitaru. Take a look at our killboard and see the ISK we generally throw around. Those options are not appealing to us
  54. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:40 PM
  55. I mean by all means your free to do what you want
  56. AsherToday at 2:40 PM
  57. Oh yeah for sure. This is EVE :smiley:
  58. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:40 PM
  59. just be aware that we also are free to do what we want
  60. AsherToday at 2:41 PM
  61. We would just rather not fight you if we don't have to because it's annoying
  62. So if we can avoid that I'd like to
  63. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:41 PM
  64. I mean if you rent from us you do get moon mining and protection
  65. AsherToday at 2:41 PM
  66. We have that already. Take a look at the capital fleet we whelped yesterday
  67. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:41 PM
  68. we also can sell you gniess and spud moons in a .5
  69. AsherToday at 2:43 PM
  70. We have our own stuff, we're not interested in joining. We have plenty of firepower and protection haha.
  71. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:44 PM
  72. i mean to each his own ;p
  73. AsherToday at 2:44 PM
  74. Is there no better option than to fight? Truly?
  75. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:44 PM
  76. i'm contracted to remove you from this system
  77. if you were to move
  78. that would be great
  79. AsherToday at 2:44 PM
  80. Haha okay
  81. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:44 PM
  82. we wouldn't have to fight
  83. we could smoke on the patio
  84. have a few beers
  85. yadayadayada
  86. AsherToday at 2:44 PM
  87. Well that won't happen, but I'd still smoke with ya
  88. We won't be leaving Teonusude or Molden Heath anytime soon. If there are any other options once the fighting begins, feel free to contact me here or one of the other CEOs of our alliance.
  89. Tyrat VanchalToday at 2:47 PM
  90. sure thing!
  91. lmk if you change your mind
  92. AsherToday at 2:47 PM
  93. You got it, and same to you
  94. Fly safe o7
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