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  1. [22:41:17]  <mithadon>  I apologize
  2. [22:41:36]  <mithadon>  I was not entirely sober
  3. [22:41:40]  <mithadon>  I'm sorry.
  4. [22:41:54]  <dry_cycle> Fair enough. I hope you come back when you're feeling a bit better.
  5. [22:41:58]  <dry_cycle> And I appreciate the honesty
  6. [22:42:13]  <mithadon>  what the fuck
  7. [22:42:14]  <dry_cycle> For what it's worth, I relapsed a lot when I first started trying
  8. [22:42:23]  <mithadon>  ?
  9. [22:42:24]  <dry_cycle> Sobriety is a requirement for partiicpation in the main channel
  10. [22:42:40]  <dry_cycle> Out of consideration for other users
  11. [22:42:44]  <mithadon>  wow
  12. [22:42:46]  <mithadon>  seriously
  13. [22:42:50]  <mithadon>  lol
  14. [22:42:52]  <dry_cycle> I'd encourage you to come back when you're sober, there is a lot of support.
  15. [22:42:55]  <dry_cycle> Yes, seriously
  16. [22:43:15]  <mithadon>  you're quite addicted to what you have
  17. [22:43:18]  <mithadon>  aren't you
  18. [22:43:33]  <dry_cycle> we have arrived at the rules we have over years of experience
  19. [22:43:35]  <mithadon>  my being truly honest with you
  20. [22:43:41]  <mithadon>  make me banned
  21. [22:43:49]  <mithadon>  what the hell is going on in your yead
  22. [22:43:52]  <mithadon>  head
  23. [22:44:34]  <dry_cycle> The rules are what they are. If you'd like to get sober, we'll be here.
  24. [22:44:36]  <mithadon>  because you take things into account when it's about people who already have friends, eh
  25. [22:44:47]  <mithadon>  the rules are what they are?
  26. [22:44:48]  <dry_cycle> You don't know the first thing about me.
  27. [22:45:00]  <mithadon>  no, and I don't claim to
  28. [22:45:16]  <dry_cycle> Anyways, this is not a productive conversation. I am going to put you on my ignore list. The ban will expire tomorrow. I hope you come back and get some help.
  29. [22:45:24]  <mithadon>  but I've known  a lot of power hungry people taking control of IRC worlds
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