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  1. Have been buying from Yellow Haldi since I started consuming Turmeric capsules. Have always been pleased!
  3. I love this product and was looking for a specific one with at least 95% Curcumin in the pill. For ease of digestion, it was also important for me to get Bioperene in it. Great quality and fast shipping!
  5. I've been taking turmeric for over a year. I'm always looking for the best price and quality. This product has changed my life and I've recently started taking it twice a day with great results. I can't recommend it highly enough.
  7. I've been taking Yellow Haldi’s turmeric for over a year. This product has changed my life and I've recently started taking it three times a day with great results.
  9. I did pretty extensive reading on the topic of curcumin before I bought from Yellow Haldi. It has already helped me with gut issues and has enhanced my sleep.
  11. Excellent experience using this product for a while now. BioPerine included in the product, has helped me greatly with digestion.
  13. I've been taking another Turmeric product and this one seems stronger and does a good job for me. You can't beat natural products for what they do. Only issue is that they are out of stock sometimes, so I usually buy 5 bottles set at once.
  15. It’s hard to write all the benefits I have received since there are many. All I want to say Turmeric is a life saver. I have only tried Yellow Haldi as it was referred to me. Thank you for making a great product.
  17. I have been taking the 1300mg Turmeric with BioPerine for few weeks now, and love the product, the price and the convenience of 2-day delivery. Thank you Yellow Haldi!
  19. I always used to take turmeric powder and mix it with water, form a paste and eat it. Took dedication to do that every day! This is so much easier. A capsule with breakfast and lunch and done! Also, it has BioPerine for added benefit. Very pleased.
  21. I have taken Turmeric for many years due to its many healthful benefits. This particular product is the perfect mixture with black pepper extract for maximum benefits. I got my product in 2 days.
  23. I ordered this because it contained the Black Pepper Extract, which I read online was very important to digest along with the turmeric. It was the best price for it that I could find online. The capsules are right size to swallow. 5-bottle shipment was delivered in 4 days.
  25. My friend recommended this site and I'm very glad she did as I found exactly what I was looking for. I requested them for certificate of analysis and they gladly emailed me after my product was delivered.
  27. They have a great product and also a lot of other companies have great products too. What stands out is the customer service. They were so patient and polite. I asked them so many questions. Product was delivered in 3 days.
  29. I am taking this product for some time now. Every morning when I wake up, I have so much energy. Last time I checked, they were out of stock. Now I usually buy 3 bottles set so that I don’t have to worry about restocking.
  31. Using mainly for weight management, and stronger immune system. It has worked wonders for me. I just feel so good and energetic. Always get 3 or 5 bottles because they may be out of stock. It got to my home in 5 days.
  33. I have taken the Tumeric and BioPerine capsule for 2 months now. I noticed a great improvement in my health. I feel fresh waking up in the morning. The capsules are not too large, and they are not hard on the stomach. Highly recommended if you’re reading this review. Also, wishing you a great health.
  37. The swelling from arthritis is reducing and I’m feeling more agile. Fantastic product and fast shipping.
  39. Yellow Haldi has a great customer service. One of their team members offered me 10% OFF on 5-bottles as I’m buying from them for the fifth time. Product quality and packaging is great.
  41. Turmeric Curcumin with BioPerine from Yellow Haldi is hands down the best natural supplement out there. With every shipment they send me the certificate of analysis.
  43. I bought turmeric capsules and have been consuming it with my smoothie month. I can feel a difference in my immune system and energy levels. My spouse feels great too. Good quality product.
  45. I take turmeric BioPerine pills in complement with apple cider vinegar and it has really helped in my overall well-being. This product combo gives me the stamina and mental clarity so that I’m more focused.
  47. Quality and purity are as promised. The only drawback is that they are sometimes out of stock, but definitely worth the wait.
  49. Excellent supplement will continue to use. The health benefits of Turmeric are well known and recognized. This supplement, along with a moderate daily exercise program have resulted in major improvement in my energy levels. Thank you Yellow Haldi.
  52. If you are looking for high quality Turmeric Curcumin that is potent and authentic, I would highly recommend Yellow Haldi. It also has black pepper that helps me digest it really well.
  55. I've used Turmeric Curcumin products from many different companies and this produces the most notable results by far, a boost in energy that lasts all day. Amazing!
  58. I became a big fan of Turmeric after my trip to the Himalayas. After running out of my supplies I bought along with me to my home country, I tried Turmeric from dozens of places just to be disappointed every time. I could not find that consistency and relaxing effect that I experienced with the one I brought from a local in Nepal, until I tried the Turmeric pills by Yellow Haldi which is truly amazing. Definitely worth my money!
  61. I tried saving a few dollars with other forms but was left feeling unsatisfied. Here you get what you pay for. I will no longer consider ordering another form of Turmeric Curcumin BioPerine unless someone physically can show me something as good or better. Please try them, you won’t be disappointed.
  63. I started taking turmeric pills along with smoothie for few months while I was in Korea for an exchange program. I can say it has boosted my energy in the beginning of the day and carried me on throughout the whole, regulated my immune system which prevented sickness and got me more motivated to get up early.
  66. After 3 days of consuming Turmeric Pills from your company, I have noticed a huge difference. My energy is better, my motivation is stronger, and stress is having less of an impact on my life. Little changes to diet can have major impact.
  68. Turmeric Curcumin Pills arrived in 4 days and was securely packaged to avoid damage. I use it for pain in the leg and it seems to help a lot. Very pleased with Yellow Haldi.
  70. I am very glad I tried Turmeric pills from your company for my arthritis. I was taking another supplement which was expensive for years and now I am not taking it at all, just the Turmeric Curcumin and it’s giving me better results. I would highly recommend them.
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