GFD-W biology

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  1. GFD-bio-lab
  2. PROMPT: You were one of the very few men that managed to avoid the mutagen and was part of a group of scientists trying to find a way to reverse the Change. One of your colleagues has been coming on to you lately, you've told her many times you cannot have a relationship with her because "it's the mutagen speaking, not her" and that "without these unnatural instincts brought by the Change she would not be acting like this". Frustrad and tired of being rejected she slipped some of the infected water into your morning coffee, and now that the effects have begun taking place she has cornered you telling not to fight back and saying "this is for the best, dear! Now come to mommy~"
  4. Poor, poor Jenna. The already beautiful woman, long, wavy hair, oval-shaped face, high cheek bones, (with a subdued foreign accent to make it all the better) had turned into one of the amazonian bombshells, as did most of the other women in the university. You were enough of a paranoid nut to believe rumors of future water poisoning that you stored a month's worth of bottled and cooler-water before the event. Now you were surrounded by thick thighs, wide hips, shelf butts and massive, perky, not-quite-fake-looking breasts in the biological labs.
  5. You were all trying to recreate and then counteract the effects of the flawed nanomachine that caused all of this. And with all the evidence having self-destructed, you were having a time of it.
  7. Worst of all, for the first time in your life, a woman flirted with you.
  8. You knew you were rather ugly. If you saw your reflection in a mirror unknowingly, you would think, ‘who's that nasty– oh, it's me.’ Only the half-blind old ladies at church or your mother called you handsome. You knew you were unattractive. Or at least you were pretty sure. Besides, low self-esteem is also unattractive.
  10. Either way, you were quite convinced you came off as a slimy creep. It was a little offensive that you were only being advanced on when all the women were forced to be desperate.
  12. Okay, no, you were furiously offended. and spiteful, too. You knew it was immature, but you wanted revenge on women in general. Jenna was one who snubbed and slandered you in middle and high school, and while you were often partnered in labs through college and pursued the same degree, you never pursued her again, or anyone else for that matter. You both pretended your interactions back home never happened.
  14. Now that she's pining after you? your old resentment resurfaced as even the thought of a relationship came back. You were going to snub her right back. Besides, you knew she didn't really want you, just a warm body to fuck instead of a dildo. Under normal circumstances, she'd see you as the same slimy creep she said you were back in high school.
  16. You told her so. quite harshly, in fact. Your heart softened, but didn't melt at the sound of her crying to a colleague in the break-room hours later. You were too angry at the world to repent of it.
  18. You did admire her persistence, though, as she flirted at you with her radiant smile, which is what had attracted you to her in the first place. She used her newer weapons, too. She'd come up behind you, gently pressing her breasts against your back and asking you what you were up to, or buffered her wide hips up to yours in the break-room, sneaking her arm around your shoulders, or, as she grew more frustrated, would even sit on your lap. You couldn't retaliate or snap at her while others were around, so you simply endured it and gently pushed her away as much as politeness would allow.  You held on, hard-hearted as you were, reminding yourself of high school even as she took back the things she said about you one-by-one. Even if the two of you were alone, you'd avoid her if you could.
  20. You lashed out with your sharp tongue if you couldn't. Questioning her motivation cut her the deepest. And gentle pushes turned to shoves to get her away from you.
  22. You really should have seen it coming after the first breakthrough. Your team finally managed to replicate the cause of this mess, unintended side-effect and all. Your poor, dumb head was too excited at the progress you all made to notice Jenna steal a sample from right under the team's nose, and then slip it into your coffee, the ultra-high-strength elephant-killer holy water that radiated through your pores.
  24. By the time you realized you were infected, you knew it was too late, and a bulging pair of soft, leaking tits surrounded your head, while her voice gently apologized for her actions, forgave you of yours, and promised a better life for both of you. What choice had you but to accept?
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