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Drake's judgments

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Nov 8th, 2010
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  1. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. Drake's judgments
  3. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  5. GenericTouhouFan: 6/10
  6. An okay entry. Your player types were okay; the balance between power and homing were fine but homing had a huuuuge advantage. What I noticed is that you had a lot of plain ol' really really fast danmaku that came from various directions and aimed series of bullets that either just wall or are coming at weird angles. Also ramming enemies. Lots of that. Aside from that, meh. Need to work on danmaku in general.
  8. Iryan: 6.5/10
  9. At least you're going for enemy harmony, but really it just ended up being random bullets flying around everywhere. Those curvy bullets? Honestly that was just a really bad idea. Boss was much more fun, though.
  11. Kylesky: 7.5/10
  12. Your entry was actually pretty okay. Lunatic was a bunch of bullshit but Normal was fun. Danmaku overall was pretty good, but I definitely did not like the random static lasers throughout the stage. Rest of the stage was fairly entertaining. Disintegrating Fairies was really boring, and the actual boss was a bit off. It's a good thing you started working on backgrounds, but it actually lagged my computer at best. Not really a good sign.
  14. Suikama: 3/10
  15. Although I applaud your idea of a dungeon crawler, there wasn't really any point to most of it because there were no enemies, although you obviously know that. Flan was okay, but was the no-shooting part on purpose? I couldn't shoot. Also, lag to death. Too bad this ended up unfinished, because it could have scored some major points if there was any substance.
  17. Chau: 9/10
  18. To be quite honest, this is probably my favorite entry, edging just over Sasu by a bit just from the sheer Halloween-iness of your stage. The kind of scary is exactly was what I was looking for in this contest. Your blue-purple theme was very nice, and the stuff that popped out at your was surprising without outright murdering you, even the midboss' turning bullet gimmick. Didn't like the random wall a minute into the stage, but it was definitely overall a good time. I can really see that you balanced this according to just your standard, though, and that was a bit disappointing.
  20. Schezo: 5/10
  21. Uhhh? I'm not sure what to do with this. I'm going to note that oddly enough this was one of the only entries where Lunatic was done better than Normal. Until Dark Mind, that is. At that point Normal was better. Danmaku was a bit plain, but whatever.
  23. Grumskiz: 5/10
  24. I'm not quite sure what to do with this one either. Lots of static patterns and the stage was really boring. First noncard was better but instead it turned into random stuff flying everywhere. Couldn't follow. Next stuff was once again static, but the last card on Lunatic was alright.
  26. Foremoster: 4/10
  27. You are bloody awesome. This script was going to be bloody awesome. And then the bullets happened. You ruined something that could have been that script, man. Whyyyyyyy. Your setting and ambience and fucking everything but the danmaku is fantastic. I just can't judge you well on impossible crap.
  29. Zerro: 3/10
  30. I only knew this script was yours because it was the only one not labeled. Put your name on your entries dude. Anyways, sorry but the entire thing is just reeeeeally bland. It'll come with practice, though. Keep working.
  32. Naut: 4/10
  33. WAT DA FAK
  35. Onthenet: 8/10
  36. I'm just getting really lazy and tired at this point and I don't care, but your entry's quality was just as good as usual. Fairly fun to play, but a little too many random elements for my taste. Most of the time you had very good ideas and premises that could have been executed sliiightly better, but all-around was good.
  38. Sasupoika: 8.5/10
  39. The only problem I have with this script is the ability to memorize and trivialize the stage very easily. Background was kind of bland but I don't really care. Other than that, your stuff is so awesome I don't even. Fantastic danmaku skills; it was one script that I just had to play over and over again.
  41. Thaws: 7.5/10
  43. Fairly good this time around. Your danmaku is... odd, and too random for my tastes, but it was still fun. ADD bullets fucking everywhere is not a good idea though.
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