Battle Factory FAQ

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  1. The Battle Factory is the rental facility. Each round consists of seven battles, and you're fully healed after each one. At the start of each round, you're offered a selection of six rental Pokemon, and you must choose three. After each battle, you have the option to swap for one of your opponent's Pokemon.
  3. Difficulty: 4th easiest of 7
  4. - Your teams are good, but not as good as Latios/Metagross/Swampert with perfect EV spreads and movesets. So bad matchups are more common. Facing mostly 3 IV Pokemon helps.
  6. The Frontier Brain is Noland. You fight him as the 7th battle in the third round (Silver Symbol) and sixth round (Gold). Unlike other Frontier Brains, his team is random. However, his battles are easily the most difficult in the Factory because of his higher IVs (see below).
  8. IV notes: The first six trainers in every round have 3 IV Pokemon. The final trainer has 6 IV, except Noland, who has 15 IV in the Silver Symbol battle and 31 IV in the Gold Symbol battle. The IVs of your rental Pokemon increase with every round: 3 in round 1, 6 in round 2, 9 in round 3, 12 in round 4, 15 in round 5, and 21 in round 6. So the more you progress, the worse it is to trade.
  10. RNG manipulation: You manipulate the starting rentals and the first trainer's lineup. The RNG starts at 0 as usual, so you save and reset before each round, then time the final input before entering the round. You manipulate 10 Pokemon this way: Slots 1-6 are your rentals, slot 7 is skipped, and slots 8-10 are the first trainer's Pokemon. If you're one frame late, each Pokemon from the target frame will move down one slot -- slot 10 becomes 9, slot 2 becomes 1, etc., slot 1 disappears, and a new Pokemon appears in slot 10. If you're one frame early, each Pokemon moves up one slot. One exception to this rule: There is an item clause that prevents two Pokemon with the same item from appearing in slots 1-6. If this happens, the second Pokemon with the same item is skipped and the next eligible Pokemon takes its place.
  12. So rather than aiming for a single good frame, you can aim for a cluster. The target frame becomes the one in which the best Pokemon are in the middle slots, as this keeps these Pokemon in the lineup for as many consecutive frames as possible. Unlike stat manips outside of the Frontier, you cannot retry a manip if you fail it, as this disqualifies your challenge. So big clusters are extremely important, as the Factory becomes about four times harder if you fail a manipulation.
  14. Here's an example of this behavior from my round 1 cluster:
  16. FRAME   RENTAL POKEMON                                                      SKIPPED         FIRST TRAINER
  17. 1877    Luvdisc, Nuzleaf, Plusle, Eevee, Combusken, Graveler                Sableye         Growlithe, Ivysaur, Spinda
  18. 1878    Nuzleaf, Plusle, Eevee, Combusken, Graveler, Sableye                Growlithe       Ivysaur, Spinda, Yanma
  19. 1879    Plusle, Eevee, Combusken, Graveler, Sableye, Growlithe              Ivysaur         Spinda, Yanma, Beedrill
  20. 1880    Eevee, Combusken, Graveler, Sableye, Growlithe, Ivysaur             Spinda          Yanma, Beedrill, Corsola
  22. The chart below shows the clusters I use for each round.
  24. ROUND   POKEMON                                         FRAME WINDOW                                SWAP FOR                   
  25. 1       Graveler, Combusken, Plusle/Ivysaur             6 (3 for Plusle, 3 for Ivysaur)             None
  26. 2       Hitmonlee, Swellow, Sharpedo/Plusle             9 (4 for Sharpedo, 5 Plusle)                Swellow (all 9 frames) 
  27. 3       Zangoose, Grumpig, Seviper                      6                                           Zangoose (1 of 6 frames)
  28. 4       Kingdra/Flygon, Heracross, Jolteon/Metagross    5 (3 Kingdra/Jolteon, 1 Flygon, 1 Meta)     None
  29. 5       Heracross, Aerodactyl, Kingdra                  7                                           Aerodactyl (1 of 7 frames)
  30. 6       Starmie/Electrode*, Heracross, Swampert         6 (3 Starmie, 3 Electrode)                  Swampert (1 of 6 frames)
  32. General strategy: Don't switch in rounds 1-2 unless you have a terrible matchup, as the AI is almost entirely random. Switch a little more often in rounds 3-4, as the AI can be predicted to use certain moves such as Rain Dance and Thunder Wave. Switch the most often in rounds 5-6, as the AI is often predictable with 75-100% certainty.
  34. I battle in the L50 division mainly because rounds 5-6 have much smaller pools of Pokemon, allowing me to easily figure out which variant of a Pokemon I'm facing. For example, if I see an Ursaring in round 6 at L50, I know it's the Special variant; if it were L100; it could be any of eight variants.
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