Fate Grand Order Max Ascension Lines

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  1. Kiyohime
  2. Master. Please don't lie to me, okay. I'll get the urge to eat you if you do. Fufuhihi
  4. Carmilla
  5. Now, from here on out, we will face the gates of hell. We've finally made it this far. You can love me until the end. Just like "that"...
  7. Tamamo Cat
  8. Exciting pedigree, surging with an animal nature. Master, I will stick with you until the end. Woof!
  10. Waver (Zhuge Liang)
  11. So this is the limit? It can't be helped. Thank you, master. Being able to make it this far was only possible because of you.
  13. Elizabeth Bathory (Caster)
  14. Even though it was for one night, I had a lot of fun! Thank you, master! As thanks, I'll sing a killer number for you. Well then, it's time for the finale! Everyone cheer me on until you die!
  16. Euryale
  17. Ufufu! Ahaha! The greatest feeling! How about I shoot you through the heart as well?
  19. Stheno
  20. I will tell you. Yes, in particular, just what kind of thing is my divinity?
  22. Gilgamesh
  23. Hmph, you did well for a commoner. I shall exempt your desperation, and I will show you mankind's oldest treasure. I shouldn't have to say this, but you are the only one who I deem fit for something this special.
  25. Arthuria Pendragon (Alter)[Saber]
  26. Why are you surprised? I got rid of that cumbersome armor just for you. In that case, you understand our fate from now on right? Use me until there's nothing but a drop of blood left in my body.
  28. Boudicca
  29. The blue sky...I really love it. So calm and beautiful. Hey, why don't you take it easy too?
  31. Cursed Arm Hassan
  32. OOOOOH! This is my body? Thwarting evil while dancing in the shadows! You are the greatest master! A true magus!
  34. Mary Read and Anne Bonny
  35. Mary: Yes, as we are now, we can rule the seven seas.
  36. Ann: They got bigger, huh. But I approve. Ufufu.
  38. Medusa
  39. Mfufu. You are a foolish master, indeed. Do you understand what you have been training? Until now, you've given me much strength. I'll have you take responsibility. First...yes, that's right. Let's help you win over my heart
  41. Cu Chulainn (Lancer)
  42. You stopped the fight! Why didya do that? I have the best spear among heroic spirits, don't I? Man, I wish I could have Master Scáthach see me now!
  44. Siegfried
  45. I have finally made it, huh...Thanks, master
  47. Saint Martha
  48. Wonderful...believing in you was the right thing. Look, Tarasque feels the same way.
  50. Mata Hari
  51. Thank you. Now I'm the real me. Fufu
  53. Francis Drake
  54. The trading agreement was a great success! Right, master? We have the best compatibility! We should set sail for journey around the world!
  56. Tamamo no Mae (Casko)
  57. To show such kindness to a villain like me...I'm so happy. It's almost like a dream as ephemeral as the morning dew. Parting ways would be painful, wouldn't it?
  59. Sakata Kintoki
  60. What a nice night. Yep, what a fucking great night. A night like this reminds me of the white moon of Ooeyama
  62. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
  63. Indeed! This is an empire of flowers! An ovation of roses! There is no longer any need for worry!
  65. Medea
  66. This is the first time you have entered my workshop, master. Now, which of the witch's medicine would you like?
  68. Atalanta
  69. That's as far as I go. Thank you, master.
  71. Marie Antoinette
  72. Isn't it wonderful? Being able to hold hands like this? Whenever. Wherever. During tea time even. As if it were a dream, I'm in full bloom
  74. Okita Souji
  75. Thank you very much for allowing me to reach the peak of my abilities, master. From now on, the entirety of my sword is for your sake!
  77. Arash
  78. The great hero of Persia is here!'s not that big of a deal though
  80. Elizabeth Bathory (lancer)
  81. L-listen up, okay? Receiving all of these presents...okay geez! Thanks, master! I'll continue singing for your sake from now on!
  83. Orion and Artemis
  84. Artemis: I ended up turning into something that is a god but not quite a god, it seems.
  85. Orion: You're fine the way you are. Just as you are now.
  87. Asterios
  88. I...don't hate..when it is...calm. It
  90. EMIYA
  91. Good work, master. I will answer your trust in me with trust of my own.
  93. Saber Lily
  94. Raising my ability as a heroic spirit this far...thank you so much, master. Right now, I may be inexperienced but thanks to you, I have gained the confidence needed to be chosen by the sacred sword.
  96. Arthuria Pendragon
  97. I have returned to my form as a king; our oath has not changed. I entrust my sacred sword to you. Now, let's go, master!
  99. Cu Cuchulainn (Caster)
  100. Reaching the end of the line...I expected nothing less from me. It seems my ability as a mage was top class.
  102. Cu Cuchulainn (Prototype)
  103. Perfect! I have no complaints! I didn't think you would go this far!
  105. Vlad III
  106. Ohh? We made it this far? Tonight, the moon is beautiful. Let's have it carry us away for this brief moment.
  108. Ushiwakamaru
  109. Behold, Master. I have reached the pinnacle of martial arts.
  111. Jeanne D'arc
  112. Yes, thank you very much!
  114. Hector
  115. Thanks, master. I'll dedicate my lance to you.
  117. Charles Henri-Sanson
  118. Thank you, master. Please leave our final journey to me. I'll be sure to show you a moment so great you will remember it forever.
  120. Phantom of the Opera
  121. I don't ask for forgiveness, and, by no means, do I intend to be forgiven. Both my soul and voice shall forever be enslaved. Oooh, Christine, Christine...
  123. Gilles de Rais (Saber)
  124. My path...which is truly the right one? No. Master, I dedicate my sword only to you. Yes...just you...
  126. Saint George
  127. It's perfect. Well then, let's go for a run across the land together!
  129. Robin Hood
  130. Man, how I made it this far beats me. But well, reaching the limit isn't all that bad. I rarely ever feel this happy.
  132. Scathach
  133. You wish to be good with the spear?, nevermind that. There is no meaning in even asking that. Even if I approve, I am not sure if I can make your wish come true...
  135. Fergus Mac Roy
  136. Hahahaha! That is a rather tall order, master! However, I truly understand how you feel. From now on, let us move forward side by side!
  138. Diarmuid O'Dyna
  139. I am grateful, master. I can truly rely on you. Let us give it everything we've got.
  141. Jack the Ripper
  142. Hey, why do you love us so much?
  144. Nursery Rhyme
  145. What a wonderful thing! I've never been treated this preciously before! My appearance is what you wished for. Now, just like this, let us continue on our adventure together wherever it may lead!
  147. Jingke
  148. ...Perfect. With this, I can bring an end to that emperor. Okay, let's go!
  150. Santa Alter
  151. This do I say it? To be surrounded by all of these presents like's all thanks to you, Reindeer. Mhmm...I want to stay like this forever, but I belong to all of the children of the world. You see, it's tough being Santa.
  153. Mephistopheles
  154. This can't be right. This just can't be right! I am the strongest! Fufufu! FUFUFUFUU!
  156. Charles Babbage
  157. Function enhancement, maximum. Now my body has achieved completion.
  159. Mordred
  160. Thanks, master. We finally made it this far.
  162. Frankenstein
  163. Tha....nk...yo...u. I
  165. Von Hohenheim Paracelsus
  166. This here is the true radiance of ether!
  168. Henry Jekyll and Hyde
  169. When did it start? Finding the darkness of night to be lovely...I HATE LIGHT.  I HATE THE SUN. I...CAN ONLY LIVE IN DARKNESS.
  171. Karna
  172. So this is what it means to have no words. Thank you, master. As long as my chest is filled with pride, My lance shall not know defeat.
  174. Arjuna
  175. Good. It's perfect. With this I am...and with you as my master...fuhu...HAHAHAHA!
  177. Spartacus
  178. Finally, it's done!
  180. Mysterious Heroine X
  181. Look at my new form, master! I won't say something petty as "I'll defeat every Arturia clone" anymore. My new objective is to be the strongest Saber and be helpful to you.
  183. Arthuria Pendragon (Alter) [Lancer]
  184. Take a good look at how far this glistening cursed spear as come. Be it enemy or ally, I shall annihilate them all with one strike. Master, stay by my side until the end.
  186. Nikola Tesla
  187. Look! Now this is a world system!
  189. Beowulf
  190. It's all thanks to you. Now then, let's fight! Oh, you don't wanna? If you say so...HAHAHAHA!
  192. Fionn mac Cumhaill
  193. You're a splendid master! I could even fight toe-to-toe with the War God Nuadha!
  195. Brynhildr
  196. What a nice person. Such a kind master. Taking care of me to this extent...if you're this kind to me, I might...
  198. Nero Bride
  199. Wow! This is the pinnacle of the Roman Empire! The most beautiful combat wedding dress in the world! I see you're raring to go as well!
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