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Oct 24th, 2019
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  1. >>23518 Nice1s
  2. >>23523 #BeBest
  3. Thank you FLOTUS.
  4. Rest well POTUS.
  5. Normies trying to sleep.
  6. Spooped out by Anon Notables.
  7. Finally researching.
  8. What they find, sad but True.
  9. What we are, gold star researchers.
  10. What we do, win Elections.
  11. Even during WR1 I used to say 'Honor to serve w the Anons'.
  12. True then, True now.
  13. When this is over, History will remember the Anons.
  14. Night Shift, the Flippening, 8, End, deltas, hash, herding Cats.
  15. Wonderful days, 12 months to go.
  16. Think 'get Voters Truth'.
  17. #ExposeCNN
  18. Expose fake news/ds using the obvious (easy) examples (memes).
  19. Teach them to research.
  20. Teach as many as you can.
  21. Some will not accept, it's ok; let them go in Peace.
  22. If successful, weight of information shared; Matrix behind.
  23. Would you be scared to be Neo on that night?
  24. Ironic, we have to be the most calm while reporting the worst in History.
  25. Great Faith and discipline Anons have to keep going.
  26. 'Can't go back.'
  27. 'Would you want to?'
  28. Thas why every effort is appreciated.
  29. It all adds up; 1 day it will tip the scales.
  30. Prepare to win more!
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