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  2. Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2010 05:26:31 -0700
  3. From:
  4. Subject: From:Rihanna George
  5. To:
  9. From:Rihanna George
  10. 27/04 Cocody Avenue
  11. Abidjan Cote divoire
  13. Dearest One,
  15. I know this mail will come to you as a surprise since we have not had previous correspondence, please bear with me. I will really like to have a good relationship with you, and I have a special reason why I decided to contact you.
  17. I am Rihanna from Cote d Ivoire, the only daugther of Late Mr.Nick.Last year 2009, the Rebels in my Country Struck our township and killed my parents and my only brother in one of their attacks. My late Father,being the government opposition leader.
  19. Before his death he had a domicilary account with a bank in Cote d'Ivoire, up to the tune of (Five Million Five Hundred Thousand dollars) . Please I need your assistance getting this money tranferred to you for investment and to be my guardian in investment.
  21. I shall forward to you with the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer of the money to your account.As you will help me to travel and to complete my studies in your country. I am honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways:
  23. (1) To provide a bank account into which this money would be transferred to.
  24. (2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am only22 years.
  25. (3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a resident permit in your country.
  27. Moreover, I am willing to offer you 20% of the total sum as compensation for your effort/input after the successful transfer of this fund into your nominated account overseas. Furthermore, you indicate your option towards assisting me as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within fourteen (14) days you signify interest to assist me. Anticipating to hear from you soon.
  29. Thanks and God bless.
  31. Your Sincerely,
  33. Rihanna George.
  35. To
  36. From:   REDACTED
  37. Sent:   September 10, 2010 5:53:04 PM
  38. To:
  39. Anything I can do to help Rihanna! I love your music, that Umbrella song is always playing in my head! Just let me know what you need.
  41. Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 15:32:28 -0700
  42. From:
  43. Subject: RE: From:Rihanna George
  44. To: REDACTED
  46. Dear REDACTED
  48. Thank you so much my dear for your response to my email and your willing zeal to be of help to me in regards to getting over the fund to your country for prospective investment and my future. Really it has been a while of thought over this delicate issue in chosing one to be help to me in this as you know the world today but the conviction i had in my mind and spirit after much prayers gave me the zeal to go ahead to get you linked to be of help to me hence my proposal to you.
  50. Just as you had said, what we need is to put heads together and see through the fund's transfer to your account in country and then i will be coming over to meet with you for the rest arrangement on a lucrative investment of the fund for our mutual benefits and my future pursuit. You will have to be of help for a lookout on a good project to have the fund invested on for profit spinning and then get a good school for me to continue my education as i come over.
  52. I will really need to hear more from you as we need to familiarise a bit and then come in accord and then i will have to get to the bank to have enquiries on how to go about the hitch free transfer of the fund to your account without hassles. Please do send to me your telephone number for a verbal chat on this as we go along to a fast handling of the transaction so that i may start coming over to meet with you.
  54. I will await hearing from you soonest for a move ahead to this.
  56. Thank you oncemore and look up to hearing from you.
  58. Yours Sincerely,
  59. Rihanna George.
  61. REPLY:
  63. Dearest Rihanna
  65. No problem at all. Anything I can do to help a celebrity like yourself, it's my duty as an American citizen. If you'd like to give me a call, my number is (202) 324-3000, just ask for REDACTED in Cyber Crimes. It's hard work stopping criminal scams over the internet, a new one pops up every day! Last week we had to bust a guy who was telling people he'd give them an enormous sum of money in return for a $10,000 advance that he needed to open a bank account that had millions in it! Of course, it was never returned to them, nor the millions promised. Criminals are really slick these days, but it's our job to be slicker. But enough about that, I'll set some time aside to talk over the phone with you so we can help you out.
  67. Your pal,
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