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  2. Party is gathered at the central hub inside the prominent town of Salmigos.
  4. It is the evening of the winter solstice. The town is lively, not a single spot of silence. There is food, dancing, and music! A festival that will not be soon forgotten is happening this evening. A celebration for yet another bountiful harvest granted by the gods!
  6. As everyone is going around looking at all the shops, eating food, and dancing to their hearts content, what would you like to do, Heroes?
  8. ---Party does party stuff---
  10. The town starts to converge toward the center courtyard for the main event. A play! The reinactment of the gods sealing away the demon of famine and disease. The gods are fighting, lights, magical effects, realistic props, and intense music. All of these make for a wonderful experience.
  12. Right as the demon is about to be slain drums echo in the distance. Their dark, bellowing beat rattle your ears. A sense of unease goes over the celebration and everything stops.
  14. A moment of silence and then.... Nothing?
  16. Everyone looks at eachother wondering where that sounds came from. Nobody figures out the source and the play continues.the band starts up again and the demon is beaten!
  18. The crowd cheers loudly! "What a magnificent retelling!" a short old man leans over and says to you.
  20. The roarings cheers of the festival grow louder and louder. Soon, sounds of howls, roars, and screeches merge in the laughter.
  22. The drumming starts again. The noises grow louder and everyone starts panicking. Nobody knows what's happening and the whole festival is on edge.
  24. And like before, suddenly.... Silence.
  25. Everyone looks around again. Nothing! "What is the meaning of this?!" a commoner yells out. "Who is making all that racket!" Another exclaims!
  27. "Guards, find that source and put an end t- urkh *gurgle*" a lady tries to command, but is quickly struck in the throat by an arrow. Her eyes roll into the back her head and she drops to the ground. Pale and motionless.
  29. A shriek from another commoner. You look around and now there is a volley of arrows flying in from every direction! Commoners are being struck down left and right. As people start taking cover and hiding I'd like for you guys to make a dexterity saving throw.
  31. ---party does rolls---
  33. As you take cover you look around you. Blood. Everywhere. You know see shadows rushing in from the alleyways and main corridors. Goblins, kobolds, gnolls, orcs alike. All rushing in and tacking and killing civilians. Some are being tied up and hauled off. Other beings killed.
  35. At this moment heroes, it is time for you, to roll initiative.
  37. ---rigged combat ensues, heroes lose and are tied up, lined up, and put on their knees in the main courtyard---
  39. You noticed that everyone is being tied up by one strand of long rope so that nobody can escape. And that large, hooded creatures step in front of each person. They're holding a round metal basin and a large, crude knife. Once everyone is lined up, the creatures approach one by one. They grab the hair of the person in front of them, tilt their head back, and gut their throat with their crudely made knives. Letting their victims' blood flow into the metal basin.
  42. The cuts slowly move further down the line. Some start to struggle and scream, but are gaged and held in place by goblins. Screams of horror start to echo through the courtyard as each body is drained then thrown to the ground. The line slowly starts to make its way towards you 3. The screams get quieter and quieter as there are less people to make them.
  44. You can smell of iron fills the air. You can almost feel the metallic taste of the crimson blood on your tongues. Where were the guards? The security? Why today? Questions start filling into your mind, almost as if question the reality will make it go away.
  46. One of the hooded figures steps in front of you, *rolls* *insert name here" he grabs your hair, tilts your head back and leans in, and whispers in your ear. "When I say run, you get the hell out of here".
  48. He brings up the knife, cuts your ropes, spins around, and plunges and twists the blade into the orc next to him.
  50. "Now! RUN!"
  52. A loud echo of angry screeches ring out. A mix of human and beast. Suddenly, most shadows rush from the alleys. A group of men rush the enemy, a set of them branch of and start cutting the rest of the bonds from the living.
  54. "Run south! Someone will meet you there. You need to go, this is not a place for you to be! GO!" The man barks as he turns around and runs into the chaos to hell his men. As he does, a beast appears on the northern end of the courtyard. It has an elongated, dark, scaly body with bony wings that protrude from it's pointed shoulders. A shadowy fiber holds the wings together. It's arms, legs and back are covered with pointed rocks, a dark liquid liquid oozes from it's long, pointed jaw. It's eyes, a burning purple. It lets out a high pitched, ear shattering shriek. Can I have the players make a wisdom savings throw please?
  56. ---players roll---
  58. What do you do players?
  60. ---players figtht, they probably die---
  62. ---they run south, they find a man watching the southern gate---
  64. The man will lead them into a mountain cave entrance that will lead them through to the opposite side.
  66. As they leave they hear the battle slow down. The clanging of metal comes to a dragging stop.
  68. "Looks like we've won for now. Let's move, more foes will be here soon. We need to head north and regro-"
  70. A loud boom radiates from the central courtyard. A burst of purple energy consumes the town as a beacon shoots up towards the skies, piercing the dark clouds. The skies start to swirl around the beam of purple crackling energy as the ground around you begins to crack.
  72. "No. They.... T.hey failed?." he says with a sad, puzzled look. "Listen. We REALLY need to go. Like now! RUN!"
  74. Can I have you guys make another dexterity savings throw?
  76. ---players roll, outcomes happen---
  78. You watch as you're running away, the ground starts to break off in gradual chunks. The large pieces of earth start to hurl towards the town as it too is ripped from the ground. What was the town of _____ is now a floating fortress with a large crater underneath.
  80. The man starts to guide you further into the mountain path.
  82. "We'll get you gear once we reach the Outpost. For now, we need to move!"
  84. You're led over the course of a couple hours through a dark winding passage in the caves. The smell of iron and taste of copper still lingers in your minds. Those screams will never escape your mind.
  86. "The Outpost is just up ahead! I'll bring you to the captain, he'll explain everything I promise!"
  88. As you near the end of the cave you hear an echo of shrieks from further in the cave.
  90. "Man they've tracked us fast. We need to hurry. Full sprint everyone let's go!
  91. You make your way to your destination.
  93. What was called the "Outpost" is actually a fortified fortress. The first thing you notice is a transparent white dole borders the whole thing. It sinks in towards the top middle section to where you see a giant glowing crystal. A thick stone wall borders the buildings inside. Sentry towers are strategically wrapped all around the wall, multiple men are placed atop each one. A main iron gate protects the front of the fortress. Four guards stand at the front, waiting anxiously.
  95. You make your way to the front and your companion yells at them to open the gate. The guards swiftly open the gate and you are led inside. Buildings everywhere. Small houses, barracks, smithies, enchanters hard at work, everyone is in a state of emergency.
  97. You are brought to the main hall where their is a group of people standing over a table, placing pieces on a map.
  99. "Captain, I brought the survivors, everyone else was lost. I'm sorry but the enemy was successful. They brought The Demon."
  101. "Good work Sampson. I'm sorry for your losses. I'll meet with you later. I wasn't expecting them to pull their Trump card so soon. Go to the barracks grab yourself a meal and take the night off. Youve earned it.
  103. "Thanks Captain. I've promised these men some gear, they seem to be adventurers"
  105. "I'll take good care of them, no worries. Once again, thank you for your bravery"
  107. The two men salute eachother and Sampson walks out of the room. Leaving you with the captain and other soldiers.
  109. The captain tells them about how the goblins, kobolds, orcs, and knolls have rallied their forces to try and take over the realm.vthat they have a demonic beast in their possession that will most definitely aid them in their progress.
  111. After their discussion the captains gives them each a paper with a stamp on it that gives them access to the advanced armory.
  113. Players go off to the armory, get gear, get setup, go to bed, end session 1.
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