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  3. There is no life I know
  4. To compare with pure imagination
  5. Living there, you'll be free
  6. If you truly wish to be
  10. The Cream Room [50k Pageviews Story Special]
  12. Both title and storyline inspired by 0pik-0ort, masterful artist
  16. ~
  19. Phase 2
  23. "I'd say this tour is going quite well, wouldn't you?"
  25. Augustine, the extremely plump female ticket holder who had eaten her heart out in the first room, gave in to temptation as they crossed the marshmallow river to the other side of the Company. Even with Mr. Qwerty's warning of how the essence of the fluffy treat was still in its purest, fattiest form, the glutton scooped up greedy handfuls of it anyway, falling in headfirst when the boat tipped from her weight. When her mother, the even fatter Mrs. Alyssa Glump, tried to reach out a hand and grab her daughter, she got bumped from behind in the chaos, lost her balance, and likewise followed Augustine's fate. And seeing as how they both couldn't swim, the fatties were forced to drink continuously as the suction pulled them down further and further into the river depths.
  27. "Will they be okay?!", Charlotte had shouted, rather shellshocked as gooey white air bubbles rose above the surface from where the two had gone down.
  29. "Oh, certainly, they'll be fine!", replied Mr. Qwerty enthusiastically. "A couple hundred pounds or so heavier than when they came in, and maybe even a few more if they get stuck in the extreeeemely tight drainpipe, but yes, they'll be fine!"
  31. Charlotte wasn't so sure about this whole thing anymore. Her mother, easygoing and optimistic as always, was reassured, but was Charlotte the only one who was beginning to panic slightly?
  33. "Oh, definitely, much better without those two freeloaders!", Veronica exclaimed, replying to Mr. Qwerty's question. "Let the weak sink to their doom! It serves them right for entering the Candy Company without any self control! You've just got to keep the grand prize in mind!"
  35. "Ahh, yes, the prize...", Mr. Qwerty said whimsically, smirking with a far-off look in his eye. "Grand it shall be!"
  37. "Ha!", countered a girl named Rose, munching noisily on her stick of gum. "If anyone's going to be getting the prize, it'll be me!"
  39. "Alright, alright, settle down...", piped Vinny, holding his hands up to both of their faces. "Don't argue about how you're going to get it, show it. Personally, I think Charlotte here will be walking away with that awesome prize."
  41. "W-what?!", she cried, blushing as Joyce tried her best to cover up a smile. "Vinny, don't pull me into this!"
  43. "Hm? Pull you in?", he asked nonchalantly, wrapping an arm around her waist and sliding her across the ferry bench. "Don't mind if I do!"
  45. Too embarrassed to make a scene, Charlotte just stiffened up while eyeing her black heels uncomfortably. What should she do?! She could just feel everyone staring.
  47. "What kind of girlfriend are you?", laughed Veronica, playfully twisting one of her long, brown curls. "You're not even comfortable around him!"
  49. "But, he's not even my... my...!" Charlotte glanced up at Vinny for help, but all she received was a wink for her troubles, and she tore her gaze away in an instant. "Uh... uh..."
  51. "Um, Mr. Qwerty, is this safe?", Petunia Boulevard, Rose's older sister, asked. She referred to a close at hand tunnel's pitch black entrance, which is where the boat was riding towards swiftly. 
  53. "I actually don't know, my dear!" Mr. Qwerty's Cheshire Cat smile was the last thing everyone saw before the shadows washed over them. "This tunnel was built quite recently, so who knows what dangers lie within!"
  55. "Dangers?!", Veronica shrieked, gripping her seat's handles intensely. "What dangers?! What's going to happen?! Stop the boat, stop the boat!"
  57. "We signed contracts, you inhuman devil!", yelled Veronica's mother, Beatrice. "Nothing had better happen to me and my daughter while we're in there!"
  59. "Don't rock the boat, don't rock the boat, baby~", Mr. Qwerty sang, twirling his cane around happily.   
  61. Suddenly, the vessel took a sharp nosedive down a waterfall. The drop was relatively short, but it was still enough to send Veronica into conniptions.
  63. "Qwerty, stop this madness!", the beauty brat cried out, fearful face lit up occasionally by the sparse tunnel lights. "I don't want to die!"
  65. Mr. Qwerty seemed to hardly care about his guests' discomfort, though, and launched into another verse from a different song.
  67. "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts~ Here they are, sitting in my boat~!"
  69. "Cut the crap, man!", Rose yelled over the rushing marshmallow rapids. "Tell your helpers to stop us!"
  71. "Smart ones, dunce ones, ones that bicker and beg~!"
  73. "Waaaah!", Veronica wailed. "We're all going to DIE!"
  75. "Let me tell you all a story!", snarled Mr. Qwerty as he suddenly broke away from singing, springing up and somehow balancing while beginning to pace dramatically. "About this very tunnel! You see, I lied, a certain man actually came down this way not too long ago! He was one who had obtained everything he had ever wanted! Everything! He had become one of the richest men in the world! But this made him evil, or so people would tell you! Yes, so evil in fact, that Death even joined him, in this very boat, to take his life and do the world a favor! But it didn't work! This man was stronger than Death, and the evil still lives on to this day! He didn't let his enemy do him in, he did in his enemy! He wouldn't let anyone stand in the way of his dastardly plans! YOU SEE, my FRIENDS, it's all about the the Whoop Dee Dooper, Loop Dee Looper, Alley Ooper Bounce! The more you try, the more you fly, and that's what really COUNTS!!!"
  77. The end of this nonsensical conglomeration of madness coincided with the sudden stop of the ferry boat. The more Mr. Qwerty had gone on, the crazier the turns in the tunnel had become, and it came as a great relief to everyone to have finally halted. To the side of the ferry, a lovely violet door with a sign on the outside seemed to be the only way forward, a wonderfully constructed cobblestone path below it acting as the dock and walkway for passengers.
  79. Only Veronica still stayed in the boat, shivering, which was rather ironic since she had been so adamant about getting off in the first place. Beatrice Sage actually had to lift her daughter out and place her on solid ground, the Loompa Oompa rowers filing out after them.
  81. "Well, everyone, we're here!", an ecstatic Mr. Qwerty spoke while holding the door open. "Please read the Three T's as you enter, they're very crucial to a smooth time here in the Invention Area~."
  83. "He's absolutely bonkers...", Veronica mumbled as she walked through the doorway, furrowing her brow warily at the grinning man.
  86. ~~~
  89. All throughout the expansive room, a multitude of shiny machines hummed and whirred away happily as they went about their daily tasks, producing and reproducing effectively through the usage of Mr. Qwerty's special coding. So much technology in one place was a neat sight to see, and everyone enjoyed it very much.
  91. They were even shown one of Mr. Qwerty's latest and greatest inventions, the Infinite Jawdropper. It was a multi-colored jawbreaker that perpetually changed color and flavor every hour, and the man had gotten it down to a consistency that would last forever in your mouth. "If you stay awake for a whole entire day, you'll be able to experience twenty four different flavors!", he had told them. "And when it resets, the flavors randomize! Isn't that the bees knees?"
  93. Each ticket holder was given one to keep, and solemnly swore to keep their ownership of it a secret until he had officially released the candy in his Shoppe chains.
  95. "I suppose I'm somewhat of a programming prodigy, you might say," he mentioned while leading everyone down an aisle of conveyor belts. "And I'm eternally grateful for my skills. You see, thanks to the innovations I've made here in this very Candy Company room, my darling little Loompa Oompas need not bother themselves with assembly line work, and can devote their efforts to maintaining many other crucial sectors and rooms all throughout the establishment." 
  97. "Um, Mr. Qwerty?" This time it was Joyce Bouquet's turn to ask a question. "What exactly are those Loompa Oompas? They don't appear to be human, and they dress like-"
  99. "Ah, that's a question that the forest will have to tell you!", the man said abruptly, cutting her off with a dismissive wave of the hand. "If it makes a sound, that is! But that's an entirely different matter altogether. Ah, look at that, we're running a teensy tad late on time, so let's be off, everyone."
  101. "Oh, but wait, Mr. Qwerty!", Joyce insisted, trying to keep in step with the man. "Can't you just tell us a little more..."
  103. But Charlotte didn't hear the rest of her mother's question, or the topper's reply, because Vinny's hand held her back by an arm, a grin beginning to form on his face.
  105. "Pssst. Charlotte. Stop for juuuust a second."
  107. He forcefully pulled and directed her towards a doorway that was hidden by a long, purple velvet sash. The interior was nothing special as they went down the stairs; "Cream Room" was written on a window across the way, viewed backwards from the inside, with the only eye-catching quality appearing to be a purple file folder placed upon a silver table labeled "Top Secret". That, and what appeared to be many, many ropes (were those ropes?) lacing the ceiling, almost as if they were the intricate bows of a birthday present.
  109. If we're separated from the group..., thought Charlotte nervously as she was overpowered, then who knows what he'd do to me alone!
  111. "Vinny, let go!" Wrenching her arm out of his grasp, she rushed to leave, but was caught again, this time being swept off of her feet and held endearingly by her thighs and back. 
  113. "Look, Charlotte... you saw that folder on the table, right?"
  115. Blushing in his arms, no longer able to avoid his gaze, she nodded quickly. "Mhm!", she told him, feeling the fire in her face rise.
  117. "If you nab it...", Vinny whispered, putting on his best, most convincing smile. "Then one of Mr. Qwerty's secret recipes will be ours to use! Won't that be something?"
  119. "W-well, yeah, I suppose...", she replied, face getting hotter and hotter the longer he held her. "B-but is it... safe?" 
  121. "I suppose you'll just have to find out."
  123. It was then in that moment that Vinny kissed her. It was something she had been unprepared for, her wide-eyed expression making it blatantly obvious, but she didn't pull away. She couldn't pull away. Something she had never dreamed of having, she now had.
  125. Romance. Love. A guy.
  127. And it felt so damned good.
  129. Furtively stealing a whole slew of close-ups while around him earlier, Vinny's physical appearance had only become more and more attractive as time flew by, his humor and personality invading her mind like a drug and giving her a sense of exhilaration. What she had rejected at first, she now found comfort in, and could not believe that she hadn't hooked up with this amazing guy sooner. He wasn't a creep... he was wonderful!
  131. Wrapping her arms around his head, she returned Vinny's passion, loving every moment of it. She felt a oneness between them as his tongue invaded her mouth, as he gnawed on her lip playfully, as he kissed her face and neck all over. Charlotte squealed in delight, this wonderful feeling causing her to twitch sporadically. When she finally made contact with the ground again, put back down by Vinny, both were panting, eyes lost in the each other's.
  133. "Why'd you... stop... you jerk...", was all Charlotte could say as she tried to regain some breath, sending a weak yet playful jab his way.
  135. Vinny didn't answer for quite a long time. As the seconds ticked by, his expression slowly transitioned from turned on to somber, and then this look of deep anguish as he dropped eye contact altogether. 
  137. "What's wrong... h-honey?", Charlotte pressed, placing her hands on Vinny's shoulders and awkwardly attempting a lover's term. "Did you want to-"
  139. "Yes."
  141. "W-wow, that was fast!" She giggled nervously, pressing her body into Vinny's again. "I n-never knew kissing could be so-"
  143. "Er, no, Charlotte... that was my answer to your question before."
  145. "My...? Ohhh...", she replied, looking rather disappointed. "I see, so then... you're sure that nothing's going to happen?"
  147. "Yes," came the reply again, albeit slower. Vinny swallowed hard, and began to sweat profusely. He did his best to show honesty, but was nearly certain that Charlotte would see right through his behavior. "Remember? He said no touching, tasting, or telling... but never 'no taking'."
  149. "Oh, alright, Vinny, if you insist~."
  151. Vinny raised an eyebrow as she literally skipped over to the lone table, rather taken aback by how jovial she was being. He had... done this to her, hadn't he?
  153. Woah... not too long ago, she wouldn't even talk to me, and now I've got her on a high? I wish we could've shared our first kiss under different circumstances, Charlotte, at a time where I'd be able to share your happiness, too... but the consequences for not following father's orders are too steep. Far too steep.
  155. But then, very specific images began flying by in his head against Vinny's will. A younger Charlotte, alone and picked on, admired from afar by one male only... an older Charlotte, whom he had spied from across the street flouncing into the Candy Shoppe for the very first time... and the present Charlotte, who came to believe that Vinny wanted nothing but the best for her. Charlotte... the exceptional girl who had placed her absolute faith in Vinny. Yes. It was an unfinished sentence, essentially a lie when told alone. Yes... something will happen to you if you take it.
  157. "Charlotte, stop!", Vinny yelled suddenly. "Don't touch it! Come back!!!"
  159. Too late.
  161. The purple folder had already made it's way into Charlotte's brown purse, the love stupor still in her eyes as she looked quizzically at Vinny. "Huh? But you just said I-"
  163. *FOOMP*
  165. Vinny's heart began pounding hard, and his ears began to feel like they would surely erupt with lava. A heavy, dreadful sensation spread all throughout his body, akin to when one realizes they've made one of the biggest, most irreversible mistakes of their entire existence. As the worn out purse strap broke off of a startled Charlotte's shoulder and the purple "Top Secret" folder ejected from the pouch, landing askew upon the swirling floor circle she stood in, Vinny felt entirely at fault. Entirely. He dashed over to his crush and tried to remove the long tube that had become inserted into her mouth, but the clasp wrapped around Charlotte's head was way too tight and secure. It wouldn't budge, even after pulling with all his might, and tugging any harder would've put her noggin in danger.
  167. "Mmmph! MMMPH!" Eyes bulging in horror, Charlotte stared at Vinny, her body language begging him to make sense of what was happening.    
  169. "Charlotte, I... I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do now..." Vinny backed away slowly, dejectedly, leaving the frantic blonde to try and yank the nozzle out of her mouth. "But y'know...", he continued with a forced smile. "Without a doubt, you'll be receiving the grand, secret prize... won't that be great?"
  171. And that's when it all began. Thick and rich, yet smooth and silky... Billiam Qwerty's specially prepared cream, created just for the occasion, flowed mercilessly down from the elevated ceiling tank above towards its target. The delicious substance caught Charlotte off-guard as it invaded her mouth, exploding upon her tastebuds with a flavor unlike any other.
  173. This is the best thing... I've ever tasted..., she thought, her eyes fluttering in ecstasy. Mmmmm...
  175. But almost instantly, she felt very, very full, and a sharp pain like no other racked her stomach, as if she had eaten all of the candy in the world in a matter of seconds. She squeezed her eyes shut as her hands traveled towards the thick, glossy tube. She gave it a weak yank, but the only thing she succeeded in doing was stumbling forward, nearly losing her balance.
  177. *Gulp* *Gulp* *Gulp*
  179. Charlotte's cheeks puffed out like a blower fish, and she was forced to swallow every single drop that entered her mouth thanks to the tight suction. Yet another unpleasant feeling assaulted her body, but this time it was external. This time, it was her clothes.
  181. "MMMMPH?!" Hands still on the tube, Charlotte's heart began to race wildly as she witnessed a change take place in her appearance. Her arms... they were larger than before! And getting larger! They filled out her white blouse sleeves to capacity, flaring out with chub and beginning to rip the fabric in various places.
  183. *POP*
  185. *POP*
  187. *POP* *POP* *POP*
  189. The buttons on Charlotte's blouse began to give way, zinging across the room and landing near Vinny's shoes. He picked one up, and gripped it firmly in his hand. Something to always remember the old Charlotte by.
  191. "Well, well, well! Look at what we have here!"
  193. Both teenagers turned their attention towards the entrance, the very man that they had attempted to steal from looking down at them with a bemused expression.
  195. "I'll tell you what we have here," Mr. Qwerty continued, leaping over the railing and making his way over to Vinny. "One of the greatest plans I've ever hatched in my entire lifetime, that's what! There are still a few more phases to go through, but I'll take over from here, son. You've been an excellent help in ensnaring this one."
  197. Charlotte became wide-eyed. She stared at Vinny with a hurt, disbelieving look. 
  199. "Yeah, eh heh...", Vinny told her guiltily, wiping the sweat off of his forehead. "How else did you think I was able to secure a ticket without any publicity?"
  201. She couldn't believe it. Vinny was Billiam Qwerty's son! His SON! So then... his love wasn't real?! He only kissed her to fool her?! And... wait, no... NO!
  203. The fifth ticket... the Qwerty bar...! Oh, Vinny, you knew it was in there! You knew it all along!
  205. "By the way, Miss Charlotte...", said Mr. Qwerty, rubbing his hands together haughtily as he gazed upon her body. "Your beautiful mother may or may not be on her way to the Fizz Room, where she was led to believe you were awaiting for her there. Little does she know, it's all part of my lovely little plan! Hee hee!"
  207. "Dad, you didn't have to go that far!", cried Vinny, his awful, gut-wrenching feeling growing.
  209. An unintelligible screech came from the blonde, and anger overtook her as she tried to run forward and hit the man. Emphasis on tried. She would've liked to, at least, but she was no longer able to walk, let alone run. Her thighs, which Vinny had attested were definitely Charlotte's greatest feminine asset, had gotten so big and round that they nearly touched now. 
  213. Charlotte waved her pillowy arms around frantically, and watched helplessly as her legs began to burgeon wildly, swelling at an incredible rate from within with cream. Her chocolate brown pants had not been able to take the torture, and burst apart rather violently at the seams to reveal immense, hefty layers of chub that continued piling onto her once lithe frame. Near her crotch, one could make out the color of panties she had decided on that day, which were a lovely lime green.
  215. By now, she seemed to surpass Augustine and Alyssa Glump COMBINED. Her belly and boobs were getting quite large, but her thighs and ass... they were the true stars of the show! It became so bad that Charlotte's pants began to look more like an atrociously made pair of large daisy dukes, a good bit of the remaining fabric left hanging in-between her legs while her huge butt bulged out the splits in the back.
  217. As her clothes continued bursting at the seams, Mr. Qwerty procured a shiny harmonica from his pocket. He played a little ditty while hopping around, alternating from one foot to the other, something that even Vinny had to look at strangely, but then realized what it was his father was doing. No, he wasn't summoning the Bogey men. It was Loompa Oompa time.
  219. They materialized out of nowhere, seemingly from the darkness, and gathered around the musically inclined Billiam Qwerty who was still playing away on the harmonica, where they began mimicking his curious movements. And then, he stopped abruptly, wiping the saliva from his mouth. 
  221. "Lights, please! I need the lights taken care of! The show is now on the road!" 
  223. Adhering to Mr. Qwerty's demands, all the lights in the Cream Room seemed to dim, one brighter, more expansive light taking their place and enveloping Charlotte in all of her cream-filled, corpulent splendor.
  225. Following this, the mastermind stretched forth his cane towards Charlotte, taking something out with the other and tossing it to Vinny. It was a mini-radio.
  227. "On my cue, the song will be played. Capicce, Vincent?"
  229. "Yes, dad...", Vinny obeyed reluctantly. He desperately wanted to erase the looks of hatred that Charlotte sent his way, but he couldn't. Nothing could ever restore the past, because his father's plans involved permanency.
  231. Raising his cane and swinging it in the air, a-one, a-two, a-one, two, three... Mr. Qwerty brought it down with certainty on the final beat, to which Vinny pressed the play button.
  233. The Loompa Oompas began prancing around Charlotte in the darkness, humming ominously to the tune that Mr. Qwerty had composed. Stark terror was painted all over Charlotte's face, and she lifted a hefty arm up to try and wave away a minion that had come too close for comfort.
  235. Keeping their leaps in time with the beat, the Loompa Oompas began to sing what they had rehearsed.
  237. Loompa, Oompa, Doompa Dee Doo~
  239. I've got a fun ol' stumper for you~ (Oo oo oo~)
  241. Loompa, Oompa, Doompa Dah Dee~
  243. You've gotten wide, so listen to me~ 
  247. Charlotte's brown rags finally snapped off of her humongous, thick tree trunk thighs, the last threads splitting and sending the tattered mess flying across the room and taking out an unlucky Loompa Oompa in the process. Charlotte's booty was now so astoundingly large that her smooth, boulder-like ass cheeks nearly touched the floor, her globular gut somehow managing to catch up in terms of sheer size. Both assets swayed and wobbled as Charlotte struggled to keep her balance, meaty form quivering with each unsure step. Suddenly, something yellow caught her attention. It was a Loompa Oompa, setting up a caution sign that read "Floor About To Get Slippery". She turned her head to stare at Vinny, her brow furrowed in distress.They're joking, right?, those horrified brown eyes asked desperately. 
  249. Charlotte~ You were wrong~ To have wandered this way~
  251. If only you knew~ We'd be making you stay~
  253. Now you'll keep at~ Getting terribly fat~
  255. Great things shall only come~! From~! That~! (Grow and grow forever~)
  257. "Mmmmph! *Gulp* *Gulp* " And Charlotte was becoming exactly that which the Loompa Oompas foretold: terribly fat. Her once rail thin arms were now like gigantic sausages, flabby masses that looked impossible to even move anymore, constricted by their sleeve "casings". Though to move them was no longer an option, for Charlotte's boobs had finally gotten so BIG that they pushed her chunky digits back to rest on her booty, her white blouse, now held together by one final, strong button, straining and cutting into her plump breasts like a second bra. A canyon of cleavage, that's all she saw bulging out between her torn shirt. But she didn't need to see the rest of herself to experience a bloated feeling like no other. Such was her girth now that it looked as though she could completely fill an entire bedroom!
  259. Loompa, Oompa, Doompa Dee Dah~
  261. Continue your drinking~ And you will be large~
  263. You'll become~ A help to us, too~
  265. You can't~ Stop this~
  267. Plumping~ Loompa~ Oompa~
  269. Doompa Dee Doo~!!!
  271. At another cue from Mr. Q, Vinny stopped the music, and the Loompa Oompas twirled and leapt like flamingos to end their dance off.
  273. "Remarkable!", clapped Qwerty. "Absolutely remarkable! Now, drop her in, my lovely Loompas!"
  275. Backing away from Charlotte, they giggled mischeviously, and in spite of where his loyalties had to lie, Vinny dearly wanted to knock each and every one of them out on the spot. He watched, despairingly, as a Loompa Oompa that stood high up on a ledge pulled a lever, the floor beneath Charlotte suddenly coming to life and giving way.
  277. Feeling the solid ground beginning to dissipate all of a sudden, Charlotte launched into a panic, and her glutted body jiggled wildly as she tried to do something, anything, to save herself. It was all futility, though, and within a matter of seconds Charlotte was falling through. 
  279. "MMMMMMPH!" *CRASH*
  281. Though the fall was only a second long, every ounce of cream had sloshed and stirred inside of her upon impact, which hurt incredibly but at the same time felt shockingly marvelous. "OMMMPH!" Charlotte gasped from the feeling, but in doing so swallowed her entire mouthful of cream. By some twisted logic, the machine up above calculated that this called for a faster output, and so began to pump it out accordingly into poor Charlotte. 
  283. But in spite of how it was a veritable torrent, nothing ever dribbled down her chin. It was unreal, but the nozzle was so entrenched into Charlotte's mouth, the metal band clamped so well around her head, that she could do nothing except swallow everything. Cracking open an eyelid, Charlotte strained to see past her boobs and waistline, but made out that she was in a large, porcelain container, essentially a giant bowl, which slowly arose out of the ground with her.
  285. "Wow, Miss Bouquet, you must really be enjoying it!", proclaimed Mr. Qwerty with a grin. "Enough to speed up the process, too! I'm very impressed."
  287. Much like the filling up of a water balloon in those first few seconds before it reaches max, the effect was replicated in Charlotte, and she grew larger and larger by the second, her gut surging outwards at a ludicrous rate along with magnificent buns that rose like yeast. Her skin shone in the light as it continued to stretch dangerously, sounding for all the world like rubber right before it breaks.
  289. Overwhelmed, with throat muscles hurting like hell, Charlotte stopped drinking, instantly becoming fearful of what might happen for choosing to do so. Surprisingly, though... absolutely nothing happened! Instead of collecting in her chipmunk cheeks, the cream flowed swiftly and efficiently down her gullet. The feeling was almost... pleasent! Whereas Charlotte had fit snugly into the center of her new home, not even half a minute had gone by before she bloated and swelled to fill it up completely, the very undersides of her voluminous rear and enormous, cream-filled belly now being the only things to touch the surface.
  291. Oh, God...! I'm getting so huge... too huge! And my... my tummy hurts soooo MUCH! Please, no more cream! OHHHHH! 
  299. Finally having enough punishment for one day, Charlotte's final frontiers of clothing blasted off of her body and left her totally naked in the bowl. After consuming so much cream, her limbs     no longer looked normal. Her arms, plumped up to the highest degree, looked like two very tasty, giant marshmallows, a chubby hand sticking out of each squishy sideways tower. A similar thing had happened to her humongous thighs, which had become giant fleshy rings that bulged out and sagged slightly over her calf fat, also rounded out to scary dimensions. Charlotte had never possessed the largest rack in school, but she held the title of it now, for sure. Each breast was a plump, doughy marvel, her nipples erect in the air from the increased sensitivity. But hands down, without a doubt, Charlotte's eyecatchers were definitely her butt and belly. Huge, blubbery love handles broadened out into her protruding, astronomical stomach, pumped to the max with cream and breathtakingly taught. Matching the spherical wonder in width, her giant white derriere shone in the spotlight, both cheeks so mindbogglingly immense that they had even begun to spill out the back of the bowl, and Charlotte's deep ass crack seemed to go on and on forever and ever. And her face... oh, it was a beautiful sight to behold. Now possessing a cute double chin and pudgy cheeks, her face was radiant with health, golden blonde hair resting atop bulges of pure fat that had slowly begun swallowing her neck, and dewy brown eyes darting all around, frightened, at the Loompa Oompas masses.
  301. So full... so much cream... my gut's gonna... OWWWWW... b-burst...! 
  303. And yet, the cream did not stop. From her larger than life ass to her herculean, protruding belly, on and on she grew. The discomfort was great, but for some reason the bliss was suddenly greater, and Charlotte found herself entering into a very dangerous state of mind: If I could just eat this cream for the rest of my life, I'd be so happy...
  305. "Now, my Loompa Oompas!", announced Mr. Qwerty, breaking Charlotte's daydream. "It's time for the final phase! Huzzah!"
  307. Seemingly out of nowhere, one of the Loompa Oompa creeps fell from above and landed on Charlotte, causing her entire body to bounce and wobble.
  309. "UMMMGPHHH!", she cried out, the feeling highly stimulating.
  311. Now up close and in the light, Charlotte could see what the Loompa Oompas truly looked like in detail. Reminding her of short, voluptuous imps that wore vile, watermelon candy cane colored wetsuits, these tiny women possessed dark purple hair tied back in slick buns, brown, almost mocha-like skin, and menacing, luminous pink goggles coupled with vampirish ears of varying lengths. Charlotte found that she both hated and feared these workers, these horrid little helpers who only aided Mr. Qwerty in making her fatter and fatter on a whim. 
  313. Much to her shock, though, the voluptuous helper actually removed Charlotte's hose! After hearing the sound of a key turning in the back of the metal clasp, the flow just... stopped! She stared incredulously at the Loompa Oompa. All notions of wanting to continue swallowing the cream disappeared, and in spite of the intense pain that now enraptured her body, Charlotte felt inclined to thank the midget female.
  315. Instead, though, a garbled mess of syllables and a glob of cream spewed out of her mouth. Charlotte tried to talk again, but received the same results. 
  317. What's happening... why can't I speak?!
  319. Then it dawned on her. She simply could not believe it, but she was so engorged to the brim with cream that she was actually overflowing with it! 
  321. "Switch it up, my lovelies~!", Mr. Qwerty called out. "It's time!"
  323. Letting go of the hose that was oozing with the ivory colored cream, the Loompa Oompa that stood before Charlotte's head grinned down at her, a slightly different hose swinging back up towards Mr. Qwerty's minion. The chubby mischief maker grabbed onto it with no problem, and removed the nozzle.
  325. "You like chocolate the most, correct?" Squeaky voice or no, the question was rhetorical, and true through and through. Like chocolate? Charlotte loved chocolate!
  327. But instead of pushing this new tube into her mouth, the Loompa Oompa angled it upwards, and out came a torrent of pure fudge. Charlotte tried to gasp as the chocolate hit the top of her body, but only succeeded in having more cream pour out her mouth. It was so warm! She didn't realize it before, but the cream had been slowly making her entire body very cold, and the heat provided by this cocoa spray made Charlotte feel like she was taking a piping hot bubble bath on a harsh winter night back at home.
  329. Ohh, home! 
  331. Charlotte nearly burst into tears then and there. How could she possibly return to a normal life now?! Was this really what she had been so excited about, becoming a human blimp in some demented fiend's kooky candy factory? What about finishing school, and then college?!
  333. Soon, the upper half of her was completely covered in chocolate, sans her adorable, rounded little head. She could feel the cold collide with the warmth, the syrupy fudge hardening as it slid down her glossy, incredibly rotund form. Past the Loompa Oompa who was giving her a candy shower, Charlotte's eyes widened when she saw two other Loompa Oompas appear on ropes with identical hoses in their arms. They left as abruptly as they came, but not before decorating her tits with whipped cream spirals, signaling to their friends from above to drop giant red cherries that landed smack dab in the middle of the frost, exactly where her nipples were. Almost directly after, Charlotte felt a tickling sensation around her belly button, and realized that they were doing the same thing down there, too! In fact, not just to her navel, but all around the perimeter of her lower body!
  335. As the Loompa Oompas continued on, Vinny just couldn't help but be... well, aroused by Charlotte's body! Each time she tried to move, her luscious curves undulated enticingly, her swollen assets so heavy and tight that Vinny was sure he had died and gone to heaven. He knew it was terrible of him, to be fantasizing at a time like this... but Charlotte looked nothing short of delicious! He kept on staring, open-mouthed at the Loompa Oompas' impeccable designing. They had even begun to prance around again and scatter chocolate sprinkles onto the whipped cream swirls!  
  337. They're dressing me up like I'm some sort of gingerbread house!, the immobile female realized, horrified. Ohhh, my belly... my entire body... it still hurts sooo much...
  339. "Hmm... what do you think, Vinny?", Mr. Qwerty asked his son, snapping Vinny out of his trance as he put a hand on his shoulder. "An eclair... or a Boston Cream doughnut? It's so hard to choose..."
  341. The Company owner gestured to what Charlotte had become, and a dry laugh escaped from Vinny's lips. "Dad... she may look great, but she's not food. She's a human being, one that I... wait, you're not planning on eating her, right?!"
  343. "Oh ho ho, why of course not, my boy!", replied Mr. Qwerty with a look of amused disbelief. "I'm not that cruel! Something like that is definitely not what all true men strive for!"
  345. "Wow! Jeepers creepers, I can't believe!"
  347. Both father and son turned to look at the door, and saw a man rushing down the steps.
  349. "Ah, Marco, my good man, you've come to join us! How are the Glumps faring in the Marshmallow Room?"
  351. Vinny stepped off to the side, making way for the out of breath Marco Polo. "They're doing great, Q, sir! Better than expected, actually! But here... I can't believe it, master! This is tremendous!"
  353. "Cheers to us both then, Marco!", Mr. Qwerty replied, putting an arm around him much like a good chum would. "After we're done here, what say you we doubleteam those annoying pests, Rose and Veronica? Perhaps even the mother and sister while we're at it, too?"
  355. They were amazing, his father's plans. Vinny couldn't think of a single one that had backfired, as Bill Qwerty always had everyone right in the palm of his hand from the very start. He had the government agents and cops payed off so well that they'd even help him out in silencing anyone who found out about everything!
  357. "Cease the dance for just a moment, my pretties!", called out Mr. Qwerty. "Charlotte, you scrumptious little lady, I know it's hard, but wobble once if you can hear me! What I'm about to tell you is very important!"
  359. She didn't respond at first, but eventually Charlotte attempted movement, as humiliating and as painful as it was. After all, what did she have to lose?  
  361. "Okay, great!", laughed the topper. "Now, become all ears! See, I chanced upon a liquid solution not long ago that, if mixed with my sugary concoctions, such as the cream you've been forced to down, and fed to a person in high quantities, would come out in its richest and most delectable form when either squeezed or pumped out of the consumer! A few of my 'lucky' Loompa Oompa volunteers can verify it, too, ha! 
  363. "And this is where you come into play, my dear. See, Vinny was the only male on the tour for a reason, and that's because my revolutionary discovery only works in the bodies of women! Once all of you ladies are together in the Squeezing Room, you'll be perpetually fed to your hearts' content as I market off of your 'wares', selling the refined liquids and candies to the public without anyone the wiser! Eternally, you shall be enslaved to me!
  365. "Hearing about you all the time from Vinny, you who has virtually zero faults, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for this. It's because, for this specific cream concoction to do its thing, I needed a female of pure heart. What better downfall for a sweetheart such as yourself than to be led astray by false love? Ahaha!"
  367. "It wasn't false!" Vinny spun his father around angrily, taking him by the collar and putting a fist close to his face. "You MADE me do this, dammit!!!"
  369. "My my, such temper...", replied Mr. Qwerty nonchalantly, fixing his hat and smacking Vinny's hand away with force. "Don't you know how to take a joke... Vincent?" His tone suddenly changed, and after being around his dad for so many years, he knew questions asked like that were not to be answered. Or else.
  371. "As the heir to the Candy Company, Vinny, my son, you must learn that emotion is often a silly little thing that clouds your judgement. Trash those feelings, and you'll achieve what you've been born to do. But above all else, remember... I always win."
  373. "Dammit to hell...!", Vinny seethed, clutching his head in turmoil. "I'm so confused! I... you, Charlotte...!" He looked from face, grinding his teeth and stamping the ground in extreme frustration. And then, he suddenly came out of the mood, all traces of anger gone, instead replaced by an eerie type of calm. "Father... I don't think Charlotte's big enough... do you?"
  375. For the first time in years, Mr. Qwerty was caught off guard, and stared at his son as if he had grown two heads, unbelieving. But then, he burst into boisterous hoots of laughter, a sinister smile and impressed look replacing his shocked features. "There you go, son! That's the ticket!"
  377. "Um, young sir, are you sure you're alri-"
  379. "Get off of me, Marco! I don't need your sympathy." Vinny didn't know why he was doing this... had he just finally snapped? One can never truly throw away their emotions, and in his mind Charlotte was still the apple of his eye. So why weren't the words coming out of his mouth matching the truth?!
  381. But above all else, remember... I always win.
  383. Yes, that's right. There was nothing he could do to delay the inevitable. With the Qwerty schemes, there was only ever one course of action.
  385. "You there, Loompa Oompa on top of Charlotte," Vinny continued, pointing with a shaky finger. "I think she's had enough normal cream for one day, haven't you? Please plug her full of chocolate n-now."
  387. "Ah, that's ingenious, son!", Mr. Qwerty exclaimed, patting Vinny on the back. "I can just see it now... Choco Delight, a heavenly fusion of Qwerty's famous chocolate recipe and vanilla cream! It'll be all the rage!" 
  389. Charlotte stared up at the rubenesque Loompa Oompa, pleading with her eyes as spurts of cream continued to flow over her jaw. "Sorry, charlie!", spoke the helper, wagging a finger. "Future master's orders." And with that, a nozzle was taken out, attached to the end, plugged into Charlotte's mouth, and flicked on to the fastest output setting.
  391. "MMMMPPPHHH!!!", she squealed. Nooo! Please, stop! OHHHH! The... the PRESSURE...! I'll... I'll pop!
  393. I can't believe I did it, thought Vinny as he cringed from each of Charlotte's loud, crazed grunts. I ordered them to continue... I... I should really take responsibility now...
  395. "I wonder how much more her body can take!", she heard Vinny say. "Father, is it okay to fill her up for as long as I'd like?"
  397. "Why, of course, Vinny! In fact, I give you full authority over the process from this point forward! Just make sure she doesn't blow up!"
  399. Vinny... you monster!, screamed Charlotte from the inside, her ballooning figure bouncing up and down angrily and causing a small tremor in the room. Asshole, jerk, douche! You've backstabbed me again! Oh, help me! Someone, PLEASE! This chocolate is too... much...! I'm gonna EXPLODE! AGGHHH!!!  
  401. But just like before, these thoughts were soon replaced by those of desire. To be guzzling this delectable, sugary substance down gave Charlotte a joy like no other. As the thick, gooey fudge rode down her throat slowly, pushing the cool cream back down and warming up her gullet, she felt so peaceful, so happy, and so open to the need of stuffing herself beyond the limit. She had no clue why... it just felt really good! Her eyelids fluttered as a ripple of pleasure spread all throughout her humongous body, and Charlotte actually began suckling the chocolate out eagerly, not giving a care in the world to how it was currently affecting her.
  403. Oh. My. GOSH! This is TOO scrumptious! MMMM, Amazing~! I just can't get enough! Why can't this come any faster?!
  405. "Sirs, look!", Marco cried, twirling his greased handlebar mustache nervously. "The machine's speeding up!"
  407. Sure enough, when both father and son looked up to where Marco pointed, they saw the digital counter rise slowly. 2x speed... 3x speed... 4x... 5, 6! What with the nozzle on full blast, coupled with the ever increasing flow of chocolate from the machine, there was nothing for Charlotte to do except continue to accept what was sent her way and gorge herself silly even more.
  409. MORE!, she thought, enjoying every minute of the treatment. GIVE ME MORE! 
  411. "Oh my, will she last?!", cried Marco, dumbfounded. 
  413. "The suspense is terrible!", Mr. Qwerty exclaimed, taking a bite from the plum he had procured from his pocket. "But I must be getting back to my tour before suspicions build! Marco, I entrust my son to you!"
  417. ~~~~
  421. *BOOOOOM*
  423. "Young Vincent, s-sir... I c-can't believe it really happened..."
  425. Vinny's eyes were glued to the fudge machine. It had blown a gasket, but more important than that was the quantity meter. He was shocked. The reading...
  427. It was 0%.
  429. "One side!", Vinny commanded the Loompa Oompas. "Disperse for a moment!"
  431. Stepping forward tentatively, Marco grinned sheepishly at the master's son.
  433. "You really know how to fill 'em up, young sir!"
  435. It took a few seconds for his words to sink in for Vinny, but he was right. He had forgetten, it was he who had given the command for more. But what other course of action was there?
  437. "Marco, I have a job for you. Can you run to the Fizz Room and make sure her mother hasn't-"
  439. "Of course!", Marco replied, eager to escape from Vinny's unsettling aura. He had never seen Mr. Qwerty's son act like this, not ever, and it was rather disconcerting. "You can count on me!"
  441. With that, the mustachioed henchman split the scene, leaving Vinny alone with the ample behemoth who was once skinny Charlotte.
  443. Every now and then, she would pulsate as a result of her overloaded digestive tract doing its best to cope with the amount of substances in her system. She had become so pushed to the limit with cream and fudge that there was surely no more room in that taxed body of hers. Noises that sounded like waves upon the ocean exuded from Charlotte, and Vinny realized that the liquid-like combo was flowing inside of her, mixing, sloshing, and churning to create the perfect mix, just like his dad had anticipated.
  445. "Charlotte, I really can't help saying this!", Vinny shouted up to her, face reddening. "But you look amazing! And delicious! No, amazingly delicious! I... ugh... sheesh, I just keep sending you these mixed signals, don't I..."
  447. As she had continued to down the sweet fudge, cracks began appearing in her chocolate coating, so occasionally some Loompa Oompas swung by from above and spread some more of the warm, tasty goo all over her. You could really tell that Charlotte was ready to burst at any second now, because a steady stream of cream the color of chocolate milk ran down the front of her boobs, now as large as great prize pumpkins, melting through the solidified chocolate and pooling together below her. Thanks to her newfound girth, she had been successful in cracking the plate she had been placed on right down the middle. It was impossible to see now, though, because Charlotte's well-endowed form covered up the damage wonderfully. Now cut off from the supply once again, the anguish was clear on Charlotte's features, her head having sunk into her fatty form so well now that it was permanently angled upwards, and Charlotte was still unable to speak clearly as the mixture from within continued pouring forth from her mouth. The panic caused her breathing to quicken, and in turn this caused her entire body to wobble and undulate. More proof of what the overstuffing had done to the poor blonde shone through, for with each breath her monstrous, pulsing stomach creaked dangerously, almost like that of an old galleon out at sea. Even though her pained grunts were loud and clear, Vinny was able to tell Charlotte was still conscious from the wiggling of her thick fingers. Her arms and thighs, though, had gotten so chubby and plump now that she could do nothing but wiggle her hands and feet, the latter not even in sight anymore. But keeping well in line with the one blessed area of Charlotte's body, an ass now at least the size of a three-story building had won the growth contest, with skin so taught and shiny that it reminded Vinny of a giant balloon full of way too much air.
  449. *Sploosh!*
  451. Something landed on top of Charlotte again, and broke through the solid outer layer of chocolate, landing in the warmer, more fluid-like stuff underneath the surface much like how thin ice gives way to water. And rising out of the chocolate pool... 
  453. It... it was Vinny!
  455. "My clothes are all ruined now," he laughed, crawling forward towards her face. "But who cares. Charlotte... this, uh... I know this is probably the worst apology in the world, but..."
  457. Clamping her mouth shut to keep the chocolate cream inside, Vinny went in for their second kiss of the day, catching his crush by surprise once again. She helplessly accepted it with mixed feelings, but nonetheless found herself enjoying it. In fact, her skin seemed even more sensitive than before, so it felt even better!
  459. But why, with all that he had done to her... why was it that she suddenly found room in her heart for forgiveness?
  461. "Loompa Oompas!", Vinny called. "Please lower myself and this young lady down to the Squeezing Room at once!"
  463. "UNNNGF!", Charlotte cried, more cream spilling out her mouth. Won't that hurt?!, her eyes cried.
  465. "Don't worry, Charlotte...", Vinny told her in calm, reassuring hush, cradling her head in his arms and tracing a figure 8 on her plump cheeks. "From now on, I'll be taking special care of you. How does that sound?"
  467. Charlotte, you're in incredible pain, and he's the one who made you like this!, her sensible side said. Don't listen to him, he'll only bring you more trouble!
  469. But one look into Vinny's sincere, bright eyes, his handsome face, and Charlotte found herself lost again. I can't believe he still loves me like this! What a guy...
  471. "Woah, just look at these melons!", he cried suddenly, sliding over to one of Charlotte's breasts. As he pressed into it, a burst of cream flew out of her tit and drenched the whipped cream, ruining the decoration and causing the cherry to fall off. "You look ready to burst, girl!", he continued in a playful tone in his voice. "We've gotta get you down to the Squeezing Room right away~!"
  473. Charlotte sputtered, her expression one of pure bliss. Ohhh, yes, Vinny! Please, keep going! AHHH~!
  475. Thanks to this, the last thing on her mind was the Squeezing Room, but it should've been the first. Never in her life would she imagine the surprise, one crazier than becoming Mr. Qwerty's non-stop cream producer, that awaited her there.
  477. As for Vincent Pastel, he still felt awful, but slowly found that he was letting go of the guilt, thoughts of keeping Charlotte huge and sexy forever overtaking his mind. Slowly, one step at a time, he was absorbing the Billiam Henry Qwerty influence. 
  479. And he knew it.
  482. ~
  485. Cream Room Phase: End
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