Taken, 2

May 1st, 2013
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  1. When you next wake up you find yourself gasping for air as something has wrapped itself around your throat, cutting off your breathing. You struggle to free yourself from it, and the pair of pink forehooves holding onto you quickly let go once their owner figures you're waking up.
  2. "Oh, Lavender, you're alive!", a familiar voice sounds from behind you. As always just a little too loud and too high-pitched for you to enjoy its closeness to your ears, "I was so worried! I woke up here without Master and you and then you were not here and I was so scared! And then the bad man said I had to put these things in this thing and I didn't know what to do and he just left and I was all alone again but then I had food and I.." The stream of words stop for a moment as Orchid breathes in again, and you use the moment of respite to quickly turn around and put your hoof to her lips.
  3. "Orchid, I.. I just woke up.. I don't know what.. er," you start, words failing to enter your drugged brain. There was definitely something in the food, you realize, and you carefully look around you to find a similar room as the one you first woke up in. There are some differences to your previous accommodations, and you frown at noticing there are now two windows, with a single door in the center of the room, opposite a set of tables with a low wall in-between them. On the other side of the room is a bed similar to the one you're currently occupying with Orchid, and there are two toilets on the foot-end of each of the beds. You don't at all like how far apart the beds are.
  4. "Are you ok, Lavender?", Orchid mumbles against your hoof, and you turn your attention back to her, then shake your head. You immediately regret not just saying yes, as the other pony's strong forehooves quickly latch onto you again and move to pull you in tightly against her form. You once again gasp for air as your earthpony sister simply doesn't realize the strength she has, and flail your own weaker hooves around in a wild panic!
  5. "Orchid! Personal space!", you manage to wheeze out, and Orchid almost immediately drops you to the bed again, her soft pink cheeks turning a darker color as she blushes behind her fur.
  6. "Oops," she mutters, hopping off of the bed and giving you some time to catch your breath again. "I'm sorry, big sis. I'm just so happy to see you, and you shouldn't feel bad. Master is gonna get us out of here, I'm sure of it."
  7. Pulling yourself together, you find yourself wishing you could have as strong a faith in your Master's abilities as your sister has.
  9. You look at Orchid as she walks around the room, her white mane and tail swaying a bit with each step on the uneven padded floor. She's slightly taller than you, and her build is much more muscular than your own, but she has the mind of a little kid and it's sometimes difficult to keep up with. But perhaps it is in that innocence that she can deal with this situation a little better than you?
  10. You rationally know what those windows mean. You know there's a team of people working on observing you for whatever reason. There's doctors and psychiatrists and people of other professions like those all watching the tapes they're inevitably shooting of you. Just the thought of all those people watching you while you were supposed to be in Master's care is enough to make your stomach turn and you rush towards the nearest of the two toilets.
  11. You're barely in time for the vomit to remain contained in the bowl, and quickly spread your hooves out a bit for extra stability as you empty your only recently filled stomach again.
  12. Orchid quickly joins your side and just stands there, close enough for her warm body to be felt, but distant enough to not limit the ferocity of your contractions as you slowly calm down from the sickening waves that had washed over you. When you finally lick your lips clean and turn away from the bowl, she moves in to softly nuzzle her head against your neck in a silent attempt to provide some comfort and you sigh as you return the gesture.
  13. "Are you not feeling well, Lavender?", Orchid wonders, nipping a bit at your mane's hairs on your lower neck.
  14. "It's just this place," you start, pulling away from her and walking over to the mirrored window in front of you. The sound of the bowl flushing behind you doesn't phase you now, you're too focused staring at your own reflection until you're close enough to press your face up against it in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the room behind.
  15. "Do not touch the window, miss Braeden," a new voice speaks from the intercom speakers hidden in the ceiling, but you pay it little attention. Instead, you just push your face up even closer, turning it this way and that to try and get enough shadow around one of your eyes to see through to the other side. To no avail. Something must be standing close enough to the window on the other side to create its own shadow, or is otherwise obstructing your view. You just can't make anything out.
  17. You pull away from the window and look at Orchid staring at you in confusion. "This place?", she repeats, her voice sounding slightly hopeful.
  18. "It's not home," you tell her, padding over and nuzzling into her for comfort.
  19. She shakes her head and returns to nibbling on your neck hairs, sighing out. "It's not, no. I hope Master will find us soon."
  20. "You and me both, little sis," you smirk, watching the back wall open behind each of the small tables and finding a food tray for each one being placed on them. You turn back to the window and frown at it. "They better not be laced with drugs again!", you call out to the unseen people behind the mirrored glass, and you notice Orchid turning to you in confusion in the reflection.
  21. "Your breakfast is safe to eat. We apologize for the sedative in your dinner, but we had to move you. I'm sure you understand," the intercom offered as a reply, while Orchid perked up at the idea of breakfast. It doesn't take her long to find one of the bowls, and you reluctantly pad over to the other table to start on your own breakfast. It's one thing to deal with possibly another drug-induced rest, but Orchid's insatiable appetite is a constant you've long since learned to respect. If you don't eat your food, she will.
  22. "Breakfast", as it is, is a decent collection of apple slices, oats, and even a slice or two of banana. It doesn't taste too bad, and you finish it off with the cool water from the bowl next to it, while Orchid pads on over to see if you left anything she could maybe liberate from your bowl. You grin at her as your bowl is as clean as you could have made it, and she pads on over to the door and pokes it with one of her forehooves.
  23. "I'm still hungry," she speaks to it, seemingly thinking the voices came from the door. You can sort of see how her thought process works in this case. After all, Master always had to use doors to get in- and out of rooms, and the only one who had fed you in the past months was Master, and since there was only one door in the room, the food should have come from behind there, shouldn't it? At least, that's how you figure Orchid's mind to work.
  24. You, on the other hoof, keep an eye on the wall behind the table you're standing nearest to. It doesn't take long for the wall to open and for a gloved hand to quickly grab the empty food tray and pull it back. A hand dressed in a glove made of blue latex. So that system is not automated. Good to know.
  26. Orchid bops the padded door again and whines out a bit louder. "I'm still hungry!"
  27. "Miss Orchid, you will be fed again at lunchtime. Please behave," the intercom returns, and Orchid finally looks up at the ceiling.
  28. "But I'm hungry NOW!", Orchid insists, turning around and preparing to buck the door.
  29. "Orchid! Want to play tag again?", you quickly cut in, trying to defuse a quickly deteriorating situation. You know how insistent your little sister can be when her mind is set on something. That, and you'd rather wait with her bucking the door until nighttime. There shouldn't be that many people around during nighttime. If it were to happen that she would buck the door off of its hinges, you'd rather not have to fight through a veritable army of doctors as you tried to find your way out.
  30. Whatever would happen later, Orchid simply tilts her head at you and points a forehoof around. "This room is way too small for tag, silly!", she exclaims, shaking her head at you. She does relax her muscles in doing so, and you quickly walk up to nudge her side with your head.
  31. "Well, we can play something else?", you try, while nudging her away from the door with soft bumps of your forehead into her rump. "Maybe we could jump over one another? Or tell jokes or stories? Or make funny faces at the mirror?", you continue, sticking your tongue out at the mirrored glass at your last suggestion.
  32. Orchid thinks it over for a moment, her face scrunching up as if it takes all her willpower to consider her options, but then she grins up at you and pads off to the nearest bed. "Storytime!", is her excited reply, her tail flicking happily behind her. "I always like your stories, big sis Lavender!"
  33. You sigh to yourself and turn to follow behind, watching Orchid climb on the bed and pad around in a circle to get herself a good spot to rest on before letting herself fall on her side. You decide to lay down behind her, resting your head on her flank and looking at her expectant eyes.
  34. "Once upon a time," you start, but immediately pause to snort at yourself. "No, perhaps we should start this story differently."
  35. Orchid is all ears as she waits for you to tell your tale, never one to complain about your storytelling skills but always happy to just hear your voice.
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