Without Anything Good - 46

Aug 9th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

잘난 것도 없으면서! --- Publisher Link

Notable Characters:

Joon Hyun (MC) Student Single
Sujin (FMC) Student Douche's Girlfriend (?)
Eunjung (TB) Student Chase after MC
Sung Hoon Yi (BFF) Student Red's Boyfriend
Hyun Ho Bae (Douche) Student FMC's Boyfriend (?)
Yeojin (Red) Student BFF's Girlfriend

Thanks to Hiraiw &

Chapter - 46

MC's Room TB x MC

TB is preparing to leaves MC's room and she tells him how she has to go, she's smiling and MC tries to smile too but can't.. TB notices his dispirited expression and asks him why he's looking so weak and tells him to man up a bit because he need to show confidence when confessing to FMC later and usually men are like that strong and tough. He looks away saying it should be like this for most of men but not for him, TB tries to comfort him a bit saying how he can do what he want and to not care because if FMC doesn't like him he still has plenty of girls outside. She says how she answered herself to her own confession 'or' she already had her response to her confession.
(Bit weird her, I think she's saying how she's sure MC doesn't like her but to still go after her if FMC rejects him)

She tells him how she really need to go right now, he asks her if she want him to take her home, she rejects his offer saying she's not leaving that far and tries to cheer him up a last time saying how she hope to see him with a smiling face tomorrow in class.

She leaves, he looks at her departing figure and they wave their hands at each other.. MC's still at his window repeating TB last word (About having a smiling face) he thinks about FMC and asks himself how he could do that because he's incapable of making FMC smile.




MC is narrating how he had many chance to confess to her at school but he was the one who gave up without even taking one of his many opportunity.

MC's bedroom

MC says how at least when was having sex with FMC he was alone and could tell her at this moment but still gave up before trying..

FMC's Room (First encounter with her when he was drunk)

He continues to narrates how maybe he should have tell her the very first day he met her, then there is a panel with FMC and Douche chatting together.


MC's Room MC

MC's lying down on his bed a bit drunk after drinking a few beers still in deep thought.. He says how he went too far from the very beginning because his first time with FMC was more a rape than having sex with her, he thinks about their previous meeting saying how all the time he tried to protect his 'pride' and how he was the only one who hurt their relationship..

His cellphone is ringing, waking him up from his thought.. He looks at the text FMC just sent him saying how there is nothing to do about their relationship event if it's the end..

Sujin I'm telling you that I'm dating him from tomorrow.
Sujin I thought I shouldn't tell you, but if you say random shit about us, I'm gonna kill you.

MC is sitting on his bed making an awful expression after reading FMC's text.

Sujin Just in case, forget everything about me and about us.
Sujin I won't contact you anymore from now on. You don't have to keep my number. This is really the end.

MC begins to cry..

Sujin I'm sorry. I think I gave you only bad memories.

MC is shocked and cry as if his own word has been destroyed, he's saying how it was impossible for him since the beginning and thinks how she's a good person and deserves to be happy, he suddenly thinks about FMC's message saying how she'll be dating Douche from tomorrow and remembers what TB told him about confessing and doing whatever he want after this if FMC rejects him.

MC's trying to call FMC but his call is directly received by her voice mail, MC with crying eyes is wondering what to right now. He thinks how he can't do anything if she doesn't answer him but then looks at his floor seeing the empty beer cans.. He says how it's not better to stat home just drinking because it's not like he would help him to forget her.

In front of FMC's door MC x FMC

He knocks at FMC's door asking her to open it, he tells her how he know she isn't sleeping because he saw some lights from outside, he asks her to open the door even for a few seconds because he want to have a talk to her, he continues to plead his cause saying how he want to have a chat face to face.

Facing FMC's indifference he becomes a bit angry and shouts and knock harder against her door saying to open the door, TB is sitting on the floor in her room and she's surprised to hear MC's shout.

He keeps shouting asking her how can she end their relationship with Kakao Talk, how she was brazen when they were together but now she flew away, he says his name ordering her to open the door and to do it quickly.

After some times he sits in front of her door and finally confess to her saying he loves her with a crying voice and asks her to not date Douche because he's an asshole and to come out just to tell him she'll not date Douche. He keeps begging her to come out while crying.

The door is finally opening, MC rises his pathetic face wanting to see FMC's figure.. FMC shows up with a tear dripping the long of her cheek asking him why he's knocking on her door this late and says how he shouldn't be too proud of himself.. (How he's without anything good / not that special '잘난 것도 없으면서' Toon's name)

To be continued..
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