Get Cutter get Butter 10

Aug 2nd, 2016
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  1. >Be the Pinkest of panks
  2. >It was late
  3. >You didn't know how late it was, which was weird 'cause you were usually really good at telling time because you had to since you worked at a bakery and knowing times was important, but you knew it was late
  4. >All good little ponies should have been in bed by now
  5. >You should have been in bed by now
  6. >But you couldn't
  7. >For some reason, even though you had a belly full of yummy pizza and your day had been loooooooong, you just couldn't drift off
  8. >You shifted in the bed that wasn't your own, your nose loudly scrunching
  9. >As you did so you could feel Twilight's wing brushing against your wither and barrel
  10. >Though you were doing your best to keep quiet you couldn't help but giggle at the sensation
  11. >Your purple drank friend grumbled sleepily into your ear
  12. >The single hoof that she had draped over your body slide down to your tummy as she shifted a bit
  13. >You could feel her chest and belly rubbing against your back as she pressed herself a little more firmly against you
  14. >"Books..." she murmured, nuzzling the back of your neck
  15. >The smile on your face, which hadn't left you since you, the girls, and Anon had sat down and had dinner together, widened just a hair
  16. >Aw...
  17. >Twilight was such a qt3.14 when she was sleeping
  18. >You were going to have to tease her when she woke up...
  19. >Not wanting to disturb your sis, you slowly, carefully scooted yourself forward
  20. >There was somepony laying on the other side of you
  21. >Somepony who had had a very rough day
  22. >A VERY rough day
  23. >And right now you knew that he needed five hundred CC's of cuddles to make everything better
  24. >He might have been getting some of those cuddles from Rarity, who was snoozing with her muzzle buried in the nape of his neck, but from the look of things he was only getting half of his recommended dose
  25. >And you'd know; you were a doctor
  27. >A cuddle doctor
  28. >You had a diploma and everything
  29. >You let it in your room next to Gummy's bed and--
  30. >...
  31. > Oh right, you're in the middle of a scene
  32. >Though it was dark in the room you could still see every inch of Nonny's super giant body
  33. >He was shirtless, with his blanket covering his lower belly
  34. >U-Unf
  35. >You bit your lip, reaching out and giving his side a poke
  36. >He felt like a rock, solid and heavy
  37. >With each breath he took you could feel his muscle-y muscles ripple and move
  38. >Your hoof traced circles on his oddly smooth skin, going lower and lower with each--
  39. >You twitched, freezing in place as Twilight snorted, bathing your ear in her hot, moist air
  40. >Eyes widening, your eyes darted up to Nonny's face
  41. >His eyes were still closed and his face was still peaceful
  42. >He was still asleep
  43. >Thank goodness...
  44. >Sighing in relief, you reached down and grabbed the edge of his blanket
  45. >With a flick of your hoof you pulled it a little higher up his chest
  46. >To your delight he sighed, nuzzling a little deeper into his pillow
  47. >Alrighty!
  48. >You had a great big ol' human that was ninety percent comfy
  49. >Time to dial that up ten more points!
  50. >It took a few minutes of wiggling forward, pulling Twilight with you, but eventually you could feel Nonny's arm against your side
  51. >From underneath the covers your tail flicked
  52. >You could smell him now
  53. >You could smell his soap, you could smell the strong yet pleasant scent of a stallion
  54. >Taking a deep whiff you noticed that you could smell both of your friends too
  55. >Twi had this sharp, berry, kool drank smell about her, while Rarity smelled more like vanilla and some super duper expensive things that you couldn't identify
  57. >Whatever it was it smelled nice...
  58. >A blush came to your face as you slide up Nonny's arm
  59. >Now you could smell... other stuff
  60. >The stuff that the four of you did earlier today
  61. >Even though you had all taken baths there was still that hint of it on Nonny
  62. >The smell of sex and excitement; your scents
  63. >...
  64. >Whoo filly
  65. >Was it getting hot in here or was it just you?
  66. >You shivered as you felt Twilight nuzzling your neck, your butt cheeks clutching
  67. >Just think of rocks, Pinkie
  68. >The sedimentary ones
  69. >Yeah...
  70. >Those were the boring rocks...
  71. >Nothing like those stupid sexy igneous ones...
  72. >Why did they have to be so hot?
  73. >Dirty thoughts/rock puns aside, you soon found yourself lying next to Anon
  74. >Well, that wasn't totally true...
  75. >You had been lying next to Nonny the entire night
  76. >But now you were lying NEXT to him
  77. >Like so close that you could press your ear against his chest and listen to his heart beating and his tummy rumbling and a whole bunch of other stuff
  78. >A sigh escaped your lips as you pressed yourself a little more firmly against his side
  79. >You were nearly felt engulfed by the humey lying like this
  80. >His body dwarfed yours
  81. >Even with you lying splayed out like you were, with your head resting in the space where his arm met his shoulder, your back legs barely made it to his knees
  82. >It felt... nice
  83. >It made you safe...
  84. >Your nose scrunched up slightly as Twilight muttered sleepy book horse secrets into your ear
  85. >...
  86. >Yep
  87. >This was a big ol' stallion
  88. >Like a super-sized stallion
  89. >A big, warm, nice smelling super-sized stallion that gave you butterflies as you cuddle him
  90. >Leaning over a bit you nuzzled Nonny's chest before looking back up at the ceiling
  91. >You could FEEL Nonny's pulse as you laid against him
  92. >Your own heart was beating a little faster than it had been a few minutes ago
  93. >Your hooves were also kinda sweaty
  94. >...
  95. >And, for some reason, you couldn't help but think about mom's spaghetti
  97. >Which was weird since momma pie never made spaghetti
  98. >Your dad was always the one that cooked and the only thing that he cooked was rock soup since you all lived on a rock farm and you needed to eat rocks to help you grown big and strong and your mom never--
  99. >Your ears perked up as Nonny began to move
  100. >You could feel his legs tapping against your hooves
  101. >The blanket that you had all been sharing was pulled from your bodies as he kicked it off
  102. >Suddenly, he rolled onto his side
  103. >The side which, as luck would have it, you were lying on
  104. >You gasped as your muzzle was smooshed up against Anon's collarbone
  105. >Before you could scooch away you could feel one of his big ol' arms flopping over you
  106. >Both that arm and the one under you quickly pulled you against him
  107. >Now his scent seemed to overwhelm you
  108. >He was enveloping you with his body, his warmth, everything
  109. >A whimper escaped your throat as you felt one of his hands tickle the small of your back
  110. >Ohmycakeyouwerenottrainedforthishorseapples!
  111. >You squirmed as he nuzzled the top of your head, your tail once again flicking
  112. >...
  113. >Don't think about the bulge rubbing against your tummy
  114. >Don'tthinkaboutthebulgerubbingagainstyourtummy
  115. >Arethehayareyouthinkingaboutthebulgerubb--
  116. >"You know, if you keep squirming you're going to wake up the other two."
  117. >Your ears perked up as the hand on your back began to wander up your spine, the fingers drumming against your fur the whole while
  118. >Clutching your butt, you looked up
  119. >Anon's green eyes seemed to glow in the darkness as they stared down at you, tired and half-lidded
  120. >You swallowed, though it was a bit difficult since, for some reason, your throat really dry all of the sudden
  121. "I'm super duper sorry if I woke you up, Nonny," you apologized. "I was just couldn't fall asleep an--"
  122. >Your tensed for a moment as Nonny's hand pushed into your mane and found one of your ears
  124. >A second later you melted against him, groaning in delight as he started scratching
  125. >Yeeeeeeeessssssssss....
  126. >"Don't worry about it Ponk," he said as you quietly gasped. "I was about to get up anyway."
  127. >...
  128. >Get up?
  129. >Why the hay would he get up?
  130. >Especially at this ti--dfjvndkfjndkjfndkjnd!
  131. >Anon's fingers danced across your ear while the other dug into your scalp
  132. "Hmm~"
  133. >As you made happy pony noises, squirming in delight, you could feel Nonny's thoughtful gaze on you
  134. >He seemed to mill over something for a few moments before he nodded to himself
  135. >"...Say Pank, if I remember right you're the only one that didn't a happy ending today."
  136. >Happy ending?
  137. >What the hay was he talking about?
  138. >You had pizza and you got to sleep with a big hunk of a stallion
  139. >Of COURSE you had a happy--
  140. >Your eyes, which had been closed as you were given your pets, shot open as you felt Anon swing over on top of you
  141. >Though he was holding himself up with his knees and elbows he still had you effectively pinned underneath him
  142. "...Nonny, wha--thmp!"
  143. >Your eyes widened as he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours
  144. >ekfjndkfjndkjnkjnkj!
  145. >Your could feel a blush spread across your face as he held the kiss for a few moments, his green eyes dancing with amusement
  146. >His lips were soft, you could feel his tongue teasing the edges of your mouth
  147. >Whoo filly...
  148. >Whoo, whoo filly...
  149. >Before you could open your mouth and attack his tongue with your own, Anon broke the kiss
  150. >Your back legs slapped together
  151. >Wetly, you couldn't help but notice
  152. "A-Anon--"
  153. >"Shush," the human cooed, kissing your cheek. "Now, Pinkie, I want to play a little game with you."
  154. >You looked to your left and right
  155. >Rarity was lying a about a foot away from you, curled up into a little ball
  156. >Though Twilight was still relatively close to you Anon had somehow pushed her away a bit without you noticing
  157. >Both of them were still asleep
  158. >They did--
  159. >You gasped as Anon leaned down and kissed your neck
  161. >"I'll be a fun game, and I'm sure that you'll like it a lot~"
  162. >You squirmed underneath Anon as he began crawling southward, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake
  163. >Ohmygosh!
  164. >Was he gonna--
  165. >Your body twitched as Nonny buried his face into your tuft and began to pull at your hair with his teeth
  166. >dfkgjndfkjndkjnkj!
  167. >You bit your lip HARD to keep a groan from escaping
  168. >Your heart was pounding in your chest now, so loudly that you were afraid that Twilight or Rarity woud--
  169. >OhmyLestia!
  170. >Reaching behind your head you grabbed a pillow and quickly stuffed it into your mouth
  171. >Your eyes drifted down to see Nonny kissing your heaving belly
  172. >Your body twitched with each kiss, a wave of electricity and excitement running up your body with each peck
  173. >And then you felt his tongue, short and stout yet strong, teasing your coat
  174. "Tdfjnmp!"
  175. >You bit down on the pillow hard, not able to look away
  176. >"Now I'm going to need you to be as quiet as possible, Pank," Nonny said as he looked down at your painfully erect teats. "We wouldn't want everyone else waking up now would we?"
  177. >You could feel his hands on your meaty flanks
  178. >His fingers were digging into your cutiemarks, squeezing and groping and teasing
  179. >You exhaled loudly through your nose, trying to rub your back legs together
  180. >"Do you think that you can stay quiet for me, Pinkie?"
  181. >Your hips bucked as you felt his lips wrap around one of your tea--akjnskjdnfksjdndlfjvndlfndl!"
  182. >To keep yourself from groaning you bit down on your pillow even harder
  183. >Shutting your eyes tightly, you nodded before hugging your pillow close to your face
  184. >You could be quiet
  185. >You could be the quietest pony in all of the land
  186. >You could make graves seem noisy
  187. >He just needed to keep going
  188. >He just needed to--
  189. "Mugbdpl!"
  190. >The ending of your though was decimated as you felt Anon release your teat with a pop and travel lower
  192. >All you could feel after that was heat and tongue
  193. >And, though you couldn't see it, as lost in your pleasure as you were, you could see a sly smile on Anon's face
  195. ~-`-`-~
  198. >Be an injured, tired, and VERY upset Caramel
  199. >The cell that they had put you in was a small one, but then again Ponyville's jailhouse wasn't all that big
  200. >And it certainly didn't help that they had CRAMPED twenty of you in here
  201. >It was hot in the cell, along with being smelly, dirty and dark
  202. >There were cobwebs peppered all over the walls and the ceiling, the metal toilet that was sitting in the corner looked like it hadn't been cleaned in FOREVER, there were no windows that you could look out of
  203. >And did you mention that this cell was dirty?
  204. >Because it was
  205. >Probably the dirtiest room that you've ever seen in fact
  206. >The smell and the heat was made even worse by the numerous bodies of your fallen brothers, all of whom were as quiet as could be
  207. >Many of them had been crying, while others were just looking down at the dirty stone floor
  208. >Each and every one of you knew that when the sun came up you all would be hauled up to Canterlot
  209. >Only Celestia knows what they'd do to you when you got up there but there was no way that it'd be good
  210. >...
  211. >BUCK...
  212. >Sighing, you scratched at your brand new neck brace
  213. >Bucking Anon...
  214. >If he had just kept his mouth shut and helped you out everything would have probably turned out alright
  215. >But now?
  216. >Now you were all facing numerous charges, some of which could land you some very real jail time
  217. >And no matter how much you cried or whined or tried to look pathetic and weak nothing was going to get you out of it
  218. >...
  219. >You were all screwed
  220. >And you, being the one with a semi-fractured spine AND who would probably get the worst punishment for all of this, weren't all too happy about it
  221. >Not one little bit
  223. >You huffed quietly under your breath, your ears hugging the sides of your head as a ripple of pain coursed up your body
  224. >Bucking... curding...
  225. >Those pain pills that that quack of a doctor gave you didn't do horse apples...
  226. >You couldn't even SLEEP...
  227. >SHUT--
  228. CLANG!
  229. >You looked all
  230. >All around you other stallions were also looking up as this ringing, metal-on-metal sound rang through the cell
  231. >That odd, jarring, slightly unsettling note hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity
  232. >Your ears perked up as you wiggled around uncomfortably
  233. >Were those the guards?
  234. >What the hay were they doing up this late?
  235. >...
  236. >Why were they banging on the bars?
  237. >The second that the ringing stopped a new sound graced your ears; hoofsteps
  238. >...
  239. >No, not hoofsteps
  240. >These sounded different
  241. >They were heavier but slightl--
  242. >...
  243. >Oh no...
  244. >No, no, no...
  245. >You began to scooch backwards, forcing yourself deeper into the crowd of seated stallions
  246. >There was no way that he could get in here
  247. >You knew for a fact that there were about twenty guards in this building
  248. >Somepony as big as him could possibly--
  249. CLANG!
  250. >You jumped as that ringing sound, louder this time, cut through the silence
  251. >You took a few deep breaths, trying and failing calm your now beating heart, before looking at the colts around you
  252. >All of the talking, though there wasn't all that much to begin with, had died down
  253. >Whoever had managed to fall asleep was wide awake now
  254. >Nopony was moving
  256. >As far as you could tell nopony, yourself included, was even breathing
  257. >You were all looking through the bars into the pitch black hallway
  258. CLANG!
  259. >The footsteps were getting louder
  260. >Oh buck...
  261. >He got past them all didn't h-he?
  262. >Dryly swallowing, you settled yourself in the corner of the cell, quietly shaking
  263. >...
  264. >No
  265. >This was just a guard trying to scare you!
  266. >He wouldn't come here and do anything to any of you!
  267. >He would--
  268. >Your eyes widened when you saw a silhouette right in front of the bars
  269. >Huge, looming, familiar
  270. >...
  271. >Buuuuuuuuuuck...
  272. >Though not a single stallion said a word, they quickly got up and began backing away
  273. >You could smell the terror in the air, see it on the faces of everypony
  274. >From beside you a stallion whimpered
  275. >The same exact sound escaped your throat as two massive, calloused hands cut through the inky blackness and grabbed the bars with deliberate slowness
  276. Crrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk!
  277. >You heard the metal groan in protest as the bars were bent wider and wider and wider
  278. >Every single one of you were, at this point, as close to the wall as you could be
  279. >Some of you were nearly sitting on each other to try to get away
  280. >All around you you could hear stallions whimpering, begging, praying, all while they looked for a way to get away, to escape
  281. >But you knew the truth
  282. >Deep down you knew that there was no escape
  283. >You all were stuck here, watching as those bars bent more and more
  284. >There was nothing that any of you could do
  285. >Nothing at all
  286. >Terror twisted your gut as the figure leaned forward and poked his head into the cell
  287. >Mybodyisnotreadycolt.jng
  289. >"There you all are," Anon growled, his glowing green eyes sweeping the cell
  290. >You all wilted under his piercing gaze, not able to look him in the eye
  291. >With a grunt, he wedged himself between the opening that he had made
  292. >Though the bars were bent wide enough for two ponies to walk through it they a bit small for him
  293. >But, nevertheless, Anon eventually forced himself into the cell
  294. >He was shirtless you noticed, and you couldn't help but smell a mare on him from all the way over here
  295. >Heh...
  296. >What a slu--
  297. >Another stallion whimpered, as the human rolled his shoulders
  298. >You all flinched as you heard bones popping, and you couldn't help but notice the smell of urine in the air
  299. >Anon said nothing for a long while as he looked around at all of you
  300. >...
  301. >Did...
  302. >Did he want an apology?
  303. >Did he want to hear you all apologize?
  304. >Because if that's what he wanted then--
  305. >Reaching behind his back, Anon produced a rolling pin from... somewhere
  306. >But this wasn't just any rolling pin
  307. >It must have been the size of your leg and just a bit thicker, with strong steel handles
  308. >...
  309. >Oh buck...
  310. >Oh buck...
  311. >You all were gonna die...
  312. >Anon was going to beat you all to death with that...
  313. >...
  314. >That gypsy was right after all
  315. >"You know," Anon said, giving his weapon as practice swing. "I'm not very happy with you guys. What with you destroying my place and all."
  316. >He took a step forward
  317. >Not wanting to be the first casualty, you all bunched up as much as you could against the wall
  319. >Anon grinned at the sight
  320. >It wasn't a very nice grin
  321. >It wasn't very nice even a little bit
  322. >"I know you all are gonna get in trouble, pay fines and all that shit, but I thought that before they hauled you up to Canterlot I'd get a bit of self-satisfaction."
  323. >As the big monkey took another step forward somepony finally managed to find his voice
  324. >"Y-You can't d-do anything to u-us. If y-you do we--"
  325. >The stallion's mouth snapped shut as Anon ripped one of the handles of the rolling pin clean off and tossed the piece of metal behind him
  326. >"Actually, that's not entirely true my little horse friend," he said, taking another step forward. "See, I have three mares back at my place that'll swear that I spent the whole night in bed with them. Creditable mares, respected mares. One which I ate out until she passed out."
  327. >Tapping the end of the rolling pin against his shoulder, he crouched down
  328. >"And that, my friends, means that I have until the sun's up to do whatever I want with all of you."
  329. >...
  330. >You gulped as about a dozen stallions whimpered in fear
  331. >The smell of pee grew stronger
  332. >Yep
  333. >You all were bucked...
  334. >Anon looked down at his rolling pin
  335. >"You know, a couple of hours ago I probably would have beaten a few of you to death--"
  336. >Ohmygoshyoucouldseethelightanditwasred!
  337. >"--but I kinda had a little pep talk and some snuggles so I calmed down just a little bit."
  338. >He took a deep breath, settling his weight on his heels
  339. >"So I'll give you all a choice," he said, drumming his fingers against his weapon. "You either get this thing shoved up where the sun don't shine or I get to sock you in the face."
  340. >...
  341. >What?
  342. "W-What?" you managed to croak out
  343. >Anon looked over at me
  344. >"You heard me," he calmly said. "You all are gonna line up and either let me smack you in the face or sodomize you."
  346. >...
  347. >You all said nothing
  348. >You waited for him to start laughing
  349. >To say that it was all a joke and he just wanted you all to say you're sorry
  350. >But that never came
  351. >He didn't start laughing, he didn't crack a smile
  352. >He just continued to look at you all with rolling pin in hand
  353. >...
  354. >He...
  355. >He was serious wasn't he...
  356. >He wanted you to--
  357. >"Well, it looks like we're done for, ol' chaps!"
  358. >You all turned to see Princess Celestia standing among you
  359. >She was wearing a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a fake, bushy mustache
  360. >...
  361. >But that was it
  362. >...
  363. >You could see her horn, her wings, her cutiemark...
  364. >...
  365. >What the buck...
  366. >The princess sighed as you all stood there, confusion replacing fear
  367. >"Ah well, if we gotta face the music may as 'ell go about it with a stiff upper lip an' all that," she said in the FAKEST Trottingham accent that you've ever heard
  368. >You all said nothing as she waded through the crowd until she was standing in front of Anon, who looked just as confused as the rest of up
  369. >"Alrighty then, let's get in with it 'en!" she chirped, turning around and presenting herself
  370. >The tip of her horn glowed, and with a flash a gallon jug of lubricant appeared in Anon's hands
  371. >"Be a good chap an' coat that sucker up?"
  372. >She wiggled her backside as your eye twitched
  373. >"An' made sure to be as rough as ya want. Take all that aggressive out on me ya big lug~"
  374. >...
  375. >...
  376. >...
  377. >You should have just taken up knitting instead of lifting
  378. >Anon looked past the princess
  379. >"You're first, Spark Plug" he said, pointing his rolling pin at the stallion. "Now get your butt over here or I'm coming over there."
  380. >Princess Celestia giggled, waving her butt
  381. >...
  382. >You just hate EVERYTHING now...
  383. >EVERYTHING...
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