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  1. Let me again reiterate
  3. Understand everything that happened under that symbol and how it blotted out everything around it.
  4. How this hell lasted a near century.
  5. Yet what suffering does the person who openly displays it in society incur?
  7. Nothing.
  9. What suffering do they incur by wearing it on political armbands, marching in streets, calling for violent revolution and attacking people?
  11. Nothing.
  13. And you sit there thinking the crimes committed under any symbol matter in societal terms more than suppression and promotion.
  14. Let me be clear.
  15. It does not fucking matter.
  16. Go ahead, enforce their suppression for them. Watch as one infiltrator waves the flag and you are undone. Forever.
  17. Play the same impossible game that already submits to a pretext.
  18. And you have already lost.
  20. Use the Swastika
  22. Don't use the Swastika
  24. Neither of these matters
  26. Stop caring and focus on asserting yourselves, your values, your principles, your ideas and doing so without shame.
  27. Stop caring about the infiltrator. Be so involved and so active that no one will believe anything about you but what you say.
  28. Because you will be doing what you say so much no amount of "overly enthusiastic autist" or infiltrator will be more than a drop in the ocean of your action.
  29. You forgot to keep sight on what really matters.
  31. Action.
  33. What can be said in words holds nothing compared to that spoken through action.
  34. You do not need to retreat, you need to redouble, branch out and step up even more.
  35. The Symbol represents a metaphysical notion but this means nothing if it is not applied through action into reality.
  36. The Symbol represents what it represents.
  38. Do not bog it down.
  39. Form it to define your very nature, and when it begins forming refine it.
  40. But what does the symbol mean, regardless of what it is, if there is no action to speak for it behind it?
  41. Why the normie is uncomfortable from the hammer and sickle, it brings violence, destruction and insanity, but meek at swastika as well.
  42. Show them power, show them a front against this tide, define yourselves through action and speak beyond mere symbols.
  43. Without the firm foundation of the fortitude in the peoples which backs it, present in action and the strength of men beyond, but in conjunction with, muscle, all symbols are self-referencing nonsense.
  45. Stop caring if the swastika is there at all, start doing more and more.
  46. Show that nothing will be brow beating you back down.
  47. Show what you stand for through this and show it so vividly and constantly that nobody could lie about you and not be met with scoffs.
  48. And in contrast caused by your unrelenting actions show them the reality they were once too meek to dare gaze upon.
  50. Speak both through action and the reaction your efforts garner.
  51. Give speeches, ask the questions that get you thrown out, be smart, think before you speak, do it all with presences and a sense of control.
  52. You have to be perfect. Yes, it requires thought, unrelenting action and careful but daring planning. Willing to take the risk.
  53. Anything else is a half-assed effort and you do remember this is a fight for survival right?
  54. Let the vague blur motivate you;
  56. Perfection and supremacy in all aspects is supposed to be in your blood.
  57. So start fucking acting like it.
  59. If nothing else I can tell you personally that "faking it until you make it" is one the most ingenious ways to subversively force yourself into habits and situations in which you lack experience .
  61. Just don't forget you're learning.
  63. And what's a little spilled blood when the world used to stand in awe at the very fact that you actually bled.
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