Breakfast - Pancakes

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >Searing pain.
  2. >Great agony.
  3. >... It's just a minor headache.
  4. >Still, you wake up with a headache.
  5. >And you're in the middle of the hallway.
  6. >You begin to recall yesterday's happenings as you get to your feet.
  7. >A blanket falls off you.
  8. >...
  9. >You suppose that's why you weren't cold, you had a blanket.
  10. >You certainly don't remember putting it on yourself, but...
  11. >Actually, Shimmer may have put it on you. As you recall she was more tame than...
  12. >Then you recall... some of the things you did.
  13. >Mainly, the... mouth-to-mouth.
  14. >You feel the heat rushing to your head; every other part of your body is like ice.
  15. >There's no way she would forget that.
  16. >She wasn't crazy when it happened.
  17. >... Though, when she was crazy, she was crazier than you.
  18. >The two of you did many impressive things.
  19. >Also some things you regret.
  20. >... Actually, just that one.
  21. >You really weren't thinking.
  22. >... Trying to pick up her tongue with yours?
  23. >Really?
  24. >You groan and you move toward the kitchen.
  25. >You should probably look for Shimmer, but you'll prepare breakfast first.
  26. >To be honest, you'd rather avoid seeing her today.
  27. >Or ever again.
  28. >You would die of embarrassment.
  29. >You step into the kitchen.
  30. >Then freeze.
  31. >She's already there, cooking something on the stove.
  32. >She turns to face you.
  33. >"Oh, Anon, I was expecting you to sleep a bit longer."
  34. "I feel like I should have."
  35. >...
  36. "Slept longer, I mean."
  37. >Her expression deadpans.
  38. >"Obviously."
  39. >Good start.
  40. "So," you're quick to get away from that mess, "what're you making?"
  41. >She turns back to the stove with a spatula in her hoof.
  42. >"Pancakes."
  43. >... You don't remember having pancake mix.
  44. >Whatever, pancakes are great, so you aren't complaining.
  45. >You walk over to her, eager to see her progress.
  46. >There is one made and one on the pan.
  47. >The bowl of batter is empty.
  48. >It's like she doubts your eating ability.
  49. >Then you take a good look at the pancakes.
  50. >They're a bit on the large side, but mainly...
  51. "They're so fluffy!"
  52. >She turns to you.
  53. >Did you just scare her?
  54. >Well, you can check that off... Wait, you did that all of yesterday.
  55. >Oatmeal is weird.
  56. >"Of course they're fluffy. They're better this way."
  57. >She says it as though she's had pancakes before.
  58. >"... Though, most of those times, I drank it as a shake, because..." She turns back the pan, flipping the now-cooked pancake onto the plate. "The whole, eating solids thing."
  59. >She slides the plate and the butter to you.
  60. >Then she looks up to you. Her eyes are filled with wonder.
  61. >You'll try not to accidentally insult her, like you did with the muffins.
  62. >You take as little time as you can spreading butter on the pancake, and you take a bite.
  63. >An explosion of partially cooked goodness topped with a little bit of butter goes off in your mouth.
  64. >It's so good.
  65. >It's not gooey but it's not overcooked.
  66. >You can't help but release an overjoyed sigh.
  67. >Your eyes glance over to Shimmer.
  68. >She's ecstatic.
  69. >You continue eating until the outside is gone.
  70. >Then you get to the inside.
  71. >It's slightly gooey but not in a gross way.
  72. >It tastes even better than the rest.
  73. >Your moan of ecstasy is louder this time.
  74. >...
  75. >You finish the pancakes and turn to Shimmer, wrapping her in a tight hug.
  76. >"I'm guessing you liked them."
  77. >Her tone was slightly smug, but that's fine by you. With pancakes like that, she can be smug if she wants to be.
  78. "They were amazing."
  79. >She pulls away from you and stares into your eyes.
  80. >She licks her lips.
  81. >"Good. I can't wait to taste them."
  82. >Oh, right...
  83. >Before you can even react, her mouth is on yours.
  84. >Her tongue has already made its way into your mouth.
  85. >... You feel her tongue brush against yours.
  86. >She sharply inhales and freezes.
  87. >Neither of you move.
  88. >So, she can't just ignore everything.
  89. >... Meaning she remembers what you did.
  90. >Oh no...
  91. >She slowly makes her way to the back of your mouth, recoiling every time she accidentally touches something.
  92. >...
  93. >The feeding itself goes without anything interesting.
  94. >... Though, afterward, the two of you are reduced to blushing piles of embarrassment.
  95. >Neither of you look at the other.
  96. >This... is going to be difficult to escape from.
  97. >... You have something to clean, right?
  98. >... You'll make something up.
  99. "A-anyway, I uh..." you pause. "I have to go... clean the... bedroom. You know, all that dust."
  100. >You turn toward the hall.
  101. >"Anon."
  102. >Your heart beats faster.
  103. >"... About the oatmeal..."
  104. >It's happening.
  105. >You turn back to her.
  106. "What about it?"
  107. >She looks to your feet and rubs her foreleg.
  108. >"Oatmeal... amplifies the body and mind."
  109. >... That would make sense.
  110. >"... However, it doesn't create."
  111. >That... doesn't.
  112. "What?"
  113. >"Well... I did some research, and..."
  114. >She hesitates.
  115. >Whatever she has to say, she's conflicted on saying.
  116. >"It increases physical capabilities and amplifies emotions, but it doesn't make you do things you'd never do by choice."
  117. >You don't see where she's going with this.
  118. "Yeah, and...?"
  119. >You can practically see steam coming off her face.
  120. >"The whole... tongue... thing..."
  121. >...
  122. >You wish you still didn't know where she was going with this.
  123. >She now thinks you were making out with her by choice.
  124. >You weren't!
  125. >... Right?
  126. >She had to feed, that's all.
  127. >... Though, you remember feeling extremely hot while doing that.
  128. >About as hot as you feel right now.
  129. >You have to diffuse this.
  130. >...
  131. >You can't speak.
  132. >There's a lump caught in your throat.
  133. >You can't.
  134. >...
  135. >You can't!
  136. >She looks into your eyes.
  137. >She's smirking...
  138. >"If you really wanted to do that," she brushes against you as she passes by, "all you needed to do was ask~"
  139. >She leaves the room.
  140. >You burst into flames and melt away.
  141. >GOOD END.
  142. >... Actually, you just fall to the floor. Luckily, you land softly.
  143. >You lay there for an unknown amount of time.
  144. >... It's time for you to gather your thoughts and feelings.
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