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  1. EP 7:
  2. きっと彼があなたを警戒するような何かがあったんだと思う
  3. Sentai: I'm sure he did something to keep an eye on you.
  4. GJM: I'm sure something happened that made him more wary of you.
  6. 僕にとっては君がいない世界の善悪なんかに何の意味もありはしないんだ
  7. Sentai: For me, there is no point of living in a world of good and evil without you.
  8. GJM: For me, good and evil hold no meaning in a world without you.
  10. これから指定する写真を送って、回収される前に
  11. Sentai: Send me the photos I specified now before they're collected.
  12. GJM: Send the photos I'll specify now before they're collected.
  14. ケイは気が付くと女の子と仲良くなっていますね
  15. Sentai: It occurred to me that you've been befriending girls, Kei.
  16. GJM: You become friends with girls before you realize, Kei.
  18. 能力によって再現されてはいけないものが写っているからだよ
  19. Sentai: Because things that shouldn't have been created by an ability are in the photographs.
  20. GJM: Because things that shouldn't be recreated with (his) ability are in the photographs.
  22. EP 5:
  24. ビー玉の中に逃げ込みたくなるほど苦しいなら、
  25. Sentai: If you're suffering just from escaping to a marble,
  26. GJM: If it's so painful it makes you want to escape into a marble,
  28. 間違って学校に持って行ったから、担任に預けたの
  29. Sentai: It's because I accidentally brought them to school. My homeroom teacher gave them to me.
  30. GJM: I accidentally brought them to school, so I left them with my homeroom teacher.
  32. 私はたぶん変だったけど、それは全く特別じゃなかったの
  33. Sentai: I might've said you were weird, but I didn't mean you were special.
  34. GJM: I probably used to be weird myself, but I wasn't special at all.
  36. EP 4:
  38. 去年の夏その兄が交通事故で死んだ
  39. Sentai: Her brother died in a car accident in the spring of last year.
  40. GJM: He died in a car accident in the summer of last year.
  42. 迷子の子犬がいたら、母親を探して、
  43. Sentai: If there's a kitten that's lost its way, we can find its mother.
  44. GJM: If there's a puppy that's lost its way, we can find its mother.
  46. 自分の意志で能力を使い、人を傷つけた
  47. Sentai: She intentionally hurt an ability user.
  48. GJM: She intentionally hurt someone using her ability.
  50. EP 3:
  52. リセットしたってことはこれから三日間は一度やったことをもう一回やるってことだよな
  53. Sentai: You've reset within these next three days, so that means you'll reset again, right?
  54. GJM: Since you've reset, I'll be doing the same work I've already done for the next three days, right?
  56. EP 2:
  58. 僕が消したかったのは君の涙だ
  59. What I erased were your tears.
  60. What I wanted to erase were your tears.
  62. だからあなたは春埼を言い訳に使った
  63. Sentai: That's why you gave Haruki an excuse.
  64. GJM: That's why you used Haruki as an excuse.
  66. 自分が善だということすら無自覚な純粋な善
  67. Sentai: A good that is unconsciously pure even when she knows she's good.
  68. GJM: She's so purely good that she doesn't even realize it herself.
  70. EP 1:
  72. でも春埼には誰も救えない
  73. Sentai: But no one can help Haruki.
  74. GJM: But Haruki isn't able to help anyone.
  76. でも助けても助けなくても気にならない少女をたまたま助けることにしただけなら、
  77. Sentai: But if you're just randomly helping a girl who doesn't care to be helped,
  78. GJM: But if you're helping the girl just for the sake of it,
  80. ケイ、あなたはどうして春埼と親しくなりたいと思ってるの? | リセットという能力を手に入れるために
  81. Sentai: Kei, why do you think I want you to be friends with Haruki? | To get your hands on her reset ability.
  82. GJM: Kei, why do you want to get closer to Haruki? | To get my hands on her reset ability.
  84. いつまでもあなたはバカみたいに優しくて、けっぺきなくらい自身の悪意に敏感で、
  85. Sentai: You're always so kind like a fool, easily influenced by your own malice that is upright...
  86. GJM: You're kind to a fault, and that uprightness of yours causes you to worry too much about your own malice.
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