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  1. Via Pastor (Path of the Shepherd)
  3. conscience/self control. Variant Road of Kings
  5. Tennets:
  6. The most important form of power is control of territory; sovereignty of ones own territory is paramount.
  7. A good ruler has a duty to protect and guide those they rule over.
  8. The territory of others should be respected; be a polite guest and a gracious host.
  10. 10  Leaving your territory (replaces Neglecting your duty).
  11. 9   Interfering with the affairs out outsiders (replaces Treating a peer with disrespect).
  12. 8   Allowing outsiders to ignore your sovereignty (replaces Treating an inferior as an equal.)
  13. 7   Entering another’s territory uninvited (replaces Breaking your word to a peers).
  14. 6   Allowing your subjects to be unhappy or disrespectful (Replaces Behaving shamefully before your peers.)
  15. 5   Showing weakness in front of outsiders (replaces Showing weakness in front your inferiors.)
  16. 4   Failure to protect and provide for your subjects (replaces Failing to answer a challenge to your honor).
  17. 3   Treating your guests (in your own territory) or host (in another’s territory) poorly (replaces Treating a superior with disrespect.)
  18. 2   Failure to defend your territory from outsiders (replaces Breaking your word to your superiors).
  19. 1   Causing or allowing harm to your territory or its inhabitants (replaces Breaking a sworn oath.)
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