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Down With The Sickness-DTG Stats

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Apr 3rd, 2016
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  1. The ONE [PG]: 600,000/600,000 HP. Detonation: 1/3. Pandemic: 1/3. Viral Marketing: 1/5. X: 1/8. Plague Corpses: 0/10 (360: 5. End Times: 10 Potency: 10)
  3. The ONE is (praise be!) more simple than Opportunity, but this doesn't make it any less dangerous; a massive robot composed entirely of the power of XBOX ONE and a spiritual successor to Modpack's lovely variety of XBOX-related entities in the past, this is the LAST gaming system you ever want in your home. Let's break it down, shall we?
  5. The ONE, most strikingly, does not have a basic attack that deals direct damage. Rather, its basic action is to spread its unique status effect, the XBONIC PLAGUE. The XBONIC PLAGUE is a debuff that takes off 6,000 HP per stack per turn. This wouldn't be concerning if the stacks wore off, but they don't. Stacks are permanent without deliberate healing, and healing even one stack can take serious effort. But what's the big deal? 6,000 damage per stack? OK, it stacks up to 8 times, so that's bad, but 8 stacks is a lot of stacking to do. It can target up to 3 entities per turn for stacks, or just one entity to make a stack go multiple times. This is noteworthy: XBONIC PLAGUE works on entities otherwise immune to status conditions, meaning, if, say, Nihilumbra was caught in Blue mode when attacked by the ONE, then it would still catch the plague on a successful hit. Minor debuff to damage, though: from 6,000 to 4,000 per stack. Oh, yes; the Plague has a chance of spreading on its own, and each entity afflicted has a 10% chance to give a stack to another random entity-this can grant more stacks to already-sick entities just as much as it can make a new entity sick, and yes, this can totally mean that the entity who triggers this spread can target ITSELF. For future reference: Any plague spreading in any manner is restricted to amongst the entities either directly bodyguarding it (close contact) or within its own faction, so no, the XBONIC PLAGUE cannot spread to Pro-Godmodder entities if I don't actually have The ONE attack them.
  7. Now, this isn't really spectacular until you hit max stacks. At max stacks, in addition to the damage per turn (now the powerful but sub-par for its charge 48,000), the entity afflicted also has a major problem in the form of Detonation, one of The ONE's charged attacks. Simply put, if caught with max stacks of plague, you can be targeted by Detonation and take EXTREME DAMAGE, curing all 8 plague stacks but almost guaranteeing you've signed your death warrant in the process. You can't be targeted by Detonation under any other circumstance. In addition, if you have all 8 stacks and DIE (Detonation included), then you will add +1 to the Plague Corpses. Plague Corpses have a chance (20% per corpse, non-additive, rolled per corpse) to add 1 stack of XBONIC PLAGUE to one entity at random. They also fuel some of his specials. Naturally, as you can imagine, this can develop into an insane pandemic REALLY fast.
  9. Its other specials only help make the plague go everywhere or make it worse for everyone. Pandemic will target 4 random unafflicted entities and give them an immediate 2 stacks of XBONIC PLAGUE. Viral Marketing doubles the stacks of 4 random afflicted entities immediately; any stacks that go into overkill through Viral Marketing deal an immediate 10,000 damage to the afflicted for each stack over 8. X makes every enemy inflicted with at least 4 stacks vulnerable to being minicritted for 2 turns, making any inflicted entities more likely to die.
  11. As for its Plague-Corpse fueled specials, the only limit on them is how many bodies he has: 360 adds 2 stacks to all enemy entities immediately, while End Times is a buff to the XBONIC PLAGUE that lasts for 2 turns that makes all XBONIC PLAGUE damage double. Potency is an alternative to End times that permanently upgrades XBONIC PLAGUE damage by 3,000 per stack, per use, and can be used an infinite amount of times. all of these are stupidly powerful because this implies that the ONE will (a) last that long and (b) secure that many entities who die at 8 plague stacks.
  13. Fortunately, for its charge level the ONE is semi-squishy, though stacks still do not magically go away once he dies either. One more thing; credit to NinjaV and Modpack for the inspiration.
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