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Aug 30th, 2013
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  1. Backstory of gnj-torture:
  3. Gnj released each room separately around 2010, i finished each room flawless after 1-2 days.
  4. I had em all done after a week or so.
  5. Then he combined all 4 rooms together and released it as gnj-fulltorture (no teleports).
  6. gnj thought it wouldn't be so hard for me to finish em all in a row, but the disillusion kicked in righ away.
  7. I wasn't good enough, since i reached the third room only a few times.
  8. gnj added teleports, so that we could have at least some fun.
  9. gnj-fulltorture-easy has 10 checkpoints in each room.
  10. My first playthrough was 10-15 mins, after a week it was down to 7 mins.
  11. I think i played it about 500+ hours spread over 3 years.
  12. In 2013 i thought about beating the no-teleport version, since my skill level was pretty consistent by now.
  13. And after a couple of tries i finally nailed it :]
  14. He released 2 more maps in 2013: gnj-finaltorture-medium (1 teleport each room) and shortly after - gnj-finaltorture (kill trigger).
  16. changes: some parts deleted, parts changed, new orange room, flow changes.
  18. Surprisingly in only 5 days i finished it (2-4 hours playing each day).
  19. The End.
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