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Ez, Alice, Aife, Gavin, Ray Sept.21.2019

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Sep 21st, 2019
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  1. Ez wasn't impressed by any of it, it didn't matter to him if what Malik did to the mage was all in his head or actually occured physically, it was still torture, and it was still breaking the young mage, no matter what way it was looked it. "You misunderstood me Malik, release the mage, or I'll be the one to make sure you never get your hands on a single hint of the information you seek." The words were cold, emotionless and uncaring of what it was that Malik said or though tat this point, he had been toyed with by far too many Ancients for his liking, and he would be damned if he were going to simply stand back and allow another to endure the mind fuckery, even if he didn't always see eye to eye with Jacoby, he was still a living being that didn't deserve such treatment. "You put on a hell of a show, speak beautiful words, and I won't lie, but you certainly do know how to make one feel welcomed. But that doesn't mean I will look away and let you treat my family in such a manner." Ez's frame began to cool rapidly, his skin feeling more and more like that of death itself, nearly ignoring everything else Malik had said, wrapping his arms around Sky as fell back into his frame, not only to keep her as calm as he could but to keep himself from lashing out any further towards Malik. Though the thought of Alice being his neice made quite a bit of sense in his head, her additude certainly did match those of the rest of the Maugers, but it was when Alice, another male with dark grey hair, and Ray with his mate Shay walked past that his attention was even detered in the slightest, who the hell was the other male and was that.... heartbeats from Ray and Shay? There was a great deal about the dreaded male that seemed quite different, from what he could see through the shadows there were runic markings down either side of the man's body, from head to toe. 'How the hell?' crossed his mind. Once Malik was gone he stepped into the doorway, "Alice, can we have a moment of your time?" he called over to her just as the small group was stepping into their rooms.
  2. Alice was nearly through the doorway of the room when she heard Ezekiel's voice call out to her, her artic blue gaze turning to look at him as she moved back towards him, "What's up Ezekiel?" she stepped into the room as he stepped aside inviting her into the room, she could feel the presence of another, not so much weaker presence, but smaller? "So it's true, she is with child?" she spoke calmly, though she was certain she had sensed it before, now she was absolutely certain, without a doubt in her mind, though was it as it was said, was it truly Kellen's child? Devon's perhaps? She focused on the life growing within the young woman and smiled softly looking between the two of them, "I suppose a congrats is in order?" she wasn't exactly heartless about towards the two, though the idea of such a being in this world didn't sit well with her in the slightest. A true immortal grew in Sky's womb, a hybrid of hybrids, and a rather powerful one at that, the ability to control shadows at their deepest levels, the control of blooded magic on level like no other family line could accomplish, at the very cellular level demonic entities would crawl to it's feet on a whim, this could be a problem.
  3. "We have something of a favor to ask of you." Ezekiel began as he moved back to Sky and wrapped his arms back around her, placing his hands along her stomach as he kept his protective stance over her, trying not to let Alice's words mess with his train of thought, just one more to confirm the letters truth "Undoubtly you know Sky is with child, but at the same time you know a kindred can't carry full term without magical influences to help the process."
  4. "And you were hoping that I would help the kindred to bare a child? Not just any kindred but two rather powerful kindred at that? What have they done to your head Ezekiel Carson, in what world would I honestly be inclined to help blood suckers have a child?" she crossed her arms just under her breasts in a huff, her tone filled with annoyance and anger at the very thought that he truly believed she would actually help them.
  5. "Alice, it's not like we purposely went out of way to have this done..."
  6. She put a hand up towards him, "I don't care, kindred having children is far beyond my limitations of tolerance for this sort of thing. If you truly wish to carry this child to full term, look else where for the magical influence that is required, you won't get any from me." she turned and left the room, practically storming down the hall to the door of her room and slamming the door behind her.
  7. Ez was sighed and shook his head, "I should have known she would ..." his words were cut short as he seemingly stared off into the space before him. He could feel a surge of energy with the void, the abyssal realms beyond most beings reach, though it would seem there was one here within the castle that was more than capable of reaching it. He allowed his sight to focus, watching the flow of energy through the shadows, guiding him to the source, or at the very least the room in which it swirled around, "Raven's room?" he couldn't see past a barrier, some one with a large amount of magical influence keeping the majority of the energy contained, though the void was something that wasn't entirely containable in full, especially to those trained in such things as the abyss.
  8. "As soon as all this is dealt with, we're getting the hell out of here, and back home. I'm done with ancients and their bullshit entirely." he scoffed as he brought his focus back to his beautiful mate.
  9. "Sorry to hear you say that Ezekiel." Lady Aife's voice sang through the short distance between the two and the doorway before her silent footsteps carried her towards them, "You my dear little daeva, have much to explain as to how you were able to get into my cellar, and why I found a rather crispy malk in a pile of ash rather than the rather strapping blondy I left chained up." she smiled with absolute delight towards Sky with those sharp bright blue hues, before looking to Ezekiel, "And you should have known better than to ask Alice for help with kindred matters." she held up a small pill bottle towards him, "To keep her body alive for the time being, until we can get her magic returned to her, and get some spells on her to keep her going to full term."
  10. Ezekiel was taken back, unsure how to process the fact Aife was here, and everything else in between, let alone the fact the woman already had some sort of pill ready for Sky. He reached up as he couldn't seem to even believe what he was hearing, letting alone what he was seeing, his fingers wrapped around the bottle as he listened to Aife, dropping his gaze to read the lable 'One pill, Three times, Daily.' Lifting his gaze back to Aife's, "Thank you... What is it you want in return?" naturally he was cautious and sceptical.
  11. "Nothing Ezekiel. Weather you believe it or not, you are like a son to me, and I truly do just want your happiness." she spoke softly as she rested a hand along his cheek, he didn't even flinch nor move away from her touch, it was odd even for him, that 'mothers' touch. "I suggest starting those doses right away." she smiled and dropped her hand to leave the room to go in search for Malik.
  12. Gavin was restless from the very thought of being around so many kindred, let alone being in kindred territory, there was so much more darkness that lingered with their territories than any other, and skin crawled with the energy. It was one thing to be a mage of the Dynamism Trinity, but it was entirely a different story for the demonic blood that coursed through his veins, and yet a totly different chapter entirely for the hunter in him. It took everything in him not to go immediately for his weapons and accept the fact his entirely family line was cursed, kindred, mage, demon, and goddess only knew what else had touched the blood. He found it rather difficult to even keep his nerves at bay long enough to get himself to his room, taking those few moments to glance back at his sister as she moved back down the hall to discuss matters with another rather odd looking kindred, from first glance he assumed Lasombra, but the way she responded and the name she spoke he knew it to be the hybrid childer of her employer. Not that it made it any easier for him to relax even in the slightest, he glance over at Ray and Shay as they moved to enter their room, catching the glance Ray had given his sister and him before walking into the room and closing the door behind them. Gaving wasn't going to be relaxing much on this trip, setting his bag down in the room before closing the door and began to wander the halls, he wanted the full lay out of the place before he even attempted anything remotely close to relaxation.
  13. Ray moved with Shay down the hall way, he did everything to the best of his abilities to keep the runic markings hidden from view, even wearing the dreads down rather than having them pulled up as he normally did. He'd glance to the lasombra and his mate as he passed their door, glancing to his sister as she stood in his door way, than to his brother, catching that uneasment of his gaze before stepping to the room and closing the door, "Gavin must be going insane with all the energies in this place." he grinned at Shay as he set their bags down near the foot of the bed and dropping his own frame onto the surface of it, stretching his full length out across it as he kept his feet on the floor. "This is one fucky family reuinion." furrowing his brows for a moment, "And I didn't see mom, did you love?"
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