Eternal Lust

May 1st, 2018
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  1. >Another day, another day full of paperwork, diplomatic action, and smiling.
  2. >This was life for Princess Celestia for the last several hundred years.
  3. >At least she's not doing it on her own anymore.
  4. >Speaking of, as she's horn deep in new laws and treaties to sign, a familiar midnight colored alicorn emerged into the throne room.
  5. >Wearing her usual silver regalia and a chipper grin beaming from ear to ear.
  6. >She practically skipped around before she flew to the throne opposite of where Celestia was.
  7. >"Well, somepony is in a good mood" Celestia smiled as she wrote down some notes beside her.
  8. >A squee of delight escaped Luna's mouth.
  9. "You bet I am sister!"
  10. "Tonight's the night I will be treated like a Princess!"
  11. >She blushed slightly and giggled.
  12. "Uhh, more so than usual"
  13. >Princess Celestia looked over at her sister.
  14. >Giddiness couldn't even describe it.
  15. >"Hmmmm, if I didn't know any better I'd say that sounds an awful lot like a date" she smugly grinned.
  16. >Princess Luna averted her eyes to the ground as her face flushed bright red.
  17. "Y-Yup!
  18. >Celestia put her quil and stack of papers aside.
  19. >She walked over to Luna and gave her big bear hug.
  20. >"Daww, my itty bitty sister has a date" she taunted as she rubbed her hoof playfully against the top of Luna's head.
  21. "Tiaaaaaaaaaa!" Luna whined in response.
  22. >"I'm just teasing you Luna, but still" she looked down at her sister's messy mane.
  23. >"I'm happy for you" she laughed as Luna blew a playful raspberry at her.
  24. >Rolling her eyes a new question enters her mind.
  25. >"So who is your escort for the evening?"
  26. >Luna kicked at the ground
  27. "You remember Applejack's brother?"
  28. >"Hmm, he's the red one right?" Celestia brought her fore hoove to her chin.
  29. "Eeyup" Luna replied in a little southern drawal added to her voice.
  30. >"Oh, right!"
  31. >"Big Macintosh." Celestia exclaimed.
  32. >"We really didn't get to speak much the last time Twilight and her friends were here, but he seems like a really nice stallion" Luna warmly nodded at Celestia's words.
  33. "We're going on a night walk and ending things off with a picnic under the stars"
  34. "I personally arranged each and every star tonight so they'd be perfect!" Luna beamed with stars of her own in her eyes
  35. >Giggling at Luna's immense enjoyment.
  36. >Celestia put her hoof on her shoulder.
  37. >"As long as you have a good time that's all that matters"
  38. >The two sisters embraced each other in a warm hug.
  39. >"And as long as he brings you home before the Sun comes up" she whispered.
  40. "What?" Luna asked.
  41. >"Nothing!" Celestia scrunched her face and looked away.
  42. >Luna raised her hoof and was about to say something, but chose not to.
  43. "Sister?" her tone changed to something a little more serious.
  44. >Celestia's full attention was on Luna.
  45. "...You know Big Mac probably has some friends or something" she awkwardly kicked the ground again.
  46. "I-I'm sure one of them would be delighted to be your plus one tonight...if you wanted..."
  47. >Celestia let out an internal sigh.
  48. >"Lulu, you know I'm far too busy to drop everything for a date"
  49. >She turned around and walked over to one of the stain glass windows depicting her and Luna defeating King Sombra.
  50. "You...could always just get Kibitz to finish up the paperwork" Luna suggested.
  51. >Hoping that maybe today would be the day Celestia let her mane down.
  52. >Celestia let out a small laugh to herself.
  53. >Her reflection staring back at her with cold eyes.
  54. >"I appreciate the thought Luna, but..."
  55. >She looked up at the glass depiction of herself.
  56. >Then at her sister.
  57. >For a brief moment, she thought she saw Luna's dark blue fur turn a familar shade of yellow.
  58. >Yellow, and red.
  59. >Her colors.
  60. "Tia?" Luna's voice grew concerned at Celestia's silence.
  61. >Celestia found herself having to force her eyes back to her worried little sister.
  62. >"I'm just really busy right now ." Celestia fibbed through tired eyes.
  63. >"You go and have fun"
  64. >"I'll want to hear all about it when you return" she forced a smile on her face to reassure herself more than Luna.
  65. >Luna studied Celestia's face for a second, but decided to just return the smile back.
  66. "Of course Tia" she slowly turned away from her sister who was still staring at the stained glass window.
  67. "...Love you sister" Luna said as she trotted out of the room.
  68. >With a heavy heart, Celestia found it in herself to reply with.
  69. >"Love you too Lulu" she held back a sob as a single tear rolled down her cheek.
  70. >And with a satisfying shut on the door to the throne room.
  71. >Celestia was alone.
  72. >Nothing but her and the countless pieces of paper she had to read.
  73. >She was used to it.
  75. >Silence and her thoughts.
  76. >Her two oldest friends.
  77. >She's grown more dependent on each as time goes by.
  78. >Each seeming to be Celestia's only escapes from the world.
  79. >Celestia looked over to her throne and the stack of neatly placed papers.
  80. >She knew she wouldn't be able to focus on another decree no matter how hard she tried.
  81. >So she did what she usually does in this situation.
  82. >Sneak away to take a break in her bedroom.
  83. >Peering out into the hall, Celestia made sure no royal guards were approaching.
  84. >Seeing the coast was clear she carefully slid out and began her journey towards her bedroom.
  85. >Along the way she glanced outside through one of the gorgeous looking windows.
  86. >The Sun was just about to set over the horizon.
  87. >Which meant Luna's date was surely about to start any minute now.
  88. >Celestia only hoped for the best for her little sister.
  89. "Haha, catch me if you can!"
  90. >A familar voice stopped Celestia midthought.
  91. >Childlike, and full of spirit and energy.
  92. >"Just like..." Celestia quickly turned her head towards the sound of the voice.
  93. >And was greeted by an empty hallway.
  94. >No one in sight.
  95. >Celestia sat down on the carpet for a moment.
  96. >She rubbed her temples with her hooves and took a deep breath.
  97. >She had a feeling she was going to need it.
  98. >Getting back to her hooves.
  99. >She restarted on her path back to her room for some well deserved rest.
  100. >As she was preparing to turn the last corner before her study.
  101. >Out of the corner of her eye she saw a sight that almost stopped her heart.
  102. >A little yellow, and red maned filly playfully running around the corner.
  103. >Out of instinct, Celestia dashed to catch a look at her, but when she rounded the corner.
  104. >She had vanished.
  105. >All that remained was the large door to Celestia's study.
  106. >Her heart pounded in her ears.
  107. >"Get it together, you're just a little on edge after Luna..." she shook her head slightly.
  108. >"Just get it together Celestia" she berated herself.
  109. >And with that, she pushed her thoughts to the side just as she pushed open the door.
  110. >An aura of calm entered her body as soon as she crossed the threshold to her room.
  111. >This was her safe haven.
  112. >Using magic she took off her regalia and crown and set them off to the side.
  113. >The comfy, purple, princess sized pillow in the middle of the room was calling her name.
  114. >"Just a quick little cat nap to get my thoughts straight" she spoke to herself.
  115. >Her thoughts still on Luna and her date.
  116. >She tried to force her eyes shut so she could rest, but after five minutes she was still wide awake.
  117. >Restless, she tried to slowly relax every part of her body and then try to fall asleep.
  118. >The image of Luna's lovestruck face still came across Celestia's thoughts.
  119. >Her body tenses up.
  120. >Her teeth clench tight.
  121. >In her thoughts, Luna leaned forward and kissed the red stallion Big Mac in a throw of passion.
  122. >"Stop" Celestia whispered fearfully as she desperately tried to think of literally anything else.
  123. >But all she saw when she closed her eyes was her little sister burning with the sensation of love.
  124. >Hearts enveloped them both like a fairytale ending.
  125. >Fireworks were going off in the background.
  126. >Each explosion another hole in Celestia's chest.
  127. >"I said, STOP!" she brought her front hooves down onto the felt carpet.
  128. >The room shook from the violent force of Celestia's jealously
  129. >As she was catching her breath.
  130. >A small thump caught her attention.
  131. >She looked over to the source of the noise and saw a book from her own collection had fallen down to the floor.
  132. >Cover side up.
  133. >A sun just like the one that adorned Celestia's flank was on said cover.
  134. >But in a spine chilling tone of yellow and red.
  135. >A color pattern she was starting to notice almost everywhere.
  136. >She heistated on taking a look over it.
  137. >For she knew what she would find.
  138. >Her legs moved her over to where the book lied.
  139. >It practically begged to be opened and looked over by Celestia's sorrowful eyes.
  140. >Carefully, she flipped open the cover and gasped unexpectedly.
  141. "Dear Princess Celestia, by the time you're reading this I'll be long gone through the portal. You got what you wanted after all this time. I hope this makes you happy. Lord knows I never could.
  142. Your former student, Sunset Shimmer"
  143. >Celestia's legs wobble reading that line.
  144. >She falls to the floor and lands with a soft thud.
  145. >Her eyes unable to look away from that note.
  146. >Beneath that was a blur of yellow, orange, and white out of corner of Celestia's eyes.
  147. >But when she focused in on the object it was a picture.
  148. >An exuberant looking her hugging an excited looking orange unicorn.
  149. >A feeling like someone put a freezing wet blanket over her heart appeared.
  150. >She closed her eyes and looked towards the floor.
  151. >Another one she failed.
  152. >Another love lost.
  153. >Another heart broken.
  155. >Darkness, nothing but the emptiness of oblivion enveloping her.
  156. >No sounds came from her throat.
  157. >No noises came from the steps of her hooves.
  158. >It was like she was non-existant.
  159. >A ghost in her own life.
  160. >Then seemingly out of thin air two, small, slits of light appeared before her vision.
  161. >Just the sight of them sent chills into Celestia's heart.
  162. "...ter" a quiet, voice whispered in the eerie silence.
  163. >The slits of light became more defined.
  164. >They took on the shape of eyes.
  165. >Familiar, predatory eyes.
  166. >Before her eyes she saw the formation of another silt below them.
  167. >Wider and crooked, but still smiling all the same.
  168. >Rows of sharp teeth adorned the silt.
  169. >A silvery blue glint blinded her eyes for just a moment.
  170. >It was surrounding the eyes and the teeth.
  171. >Like it was trying to contain them.
  172. >When Celestia's eyes adjusted to the light she felt her soul shiver.
  173. >For there before her was the head of Nightmare Moon.
  174. >Her little sister.
  175. "SISTER!" the head shouted in an almost demonic tone.
  176. >The world felt like it came tumbling down upon her head.
  177. >Nightmare Moon's face vanished into a blurry fog.
  178. >What replaced it was something similar.
  179. "Sister, are you alright?" a sweet voice echoed.
  180. >With a start, Celestia lurched upwards at record breaking speed.
  181. >Her heart like a jackhammer.
  182. >Her blood cold like ice.
  183. >As she looked around however, she began to calm down.
  184. >She was in her bedroom.
  185. >Her safe spot.
  186. "...Sister?"
  187. >Celestia would recognize that voice anywhere.
  188. >Turning around she was greeted with the same face of sisterly concern as she was when Luna left.
  189. >"Oh Luna, when did you get here?" Celestia tried to mask her shakey breaths as well as she could.
  190. >Luna raised an eyebrow at how calm her sister was.
  191. "I...just got back"
  192. >Something clicked inside Celestia's head.
  193. >"Oh right!" she practically shouted.
  194. >"How was your date sister?" Celestia forced a big fake grin.
  195. >Luna walked forward slowly.
  196. >She reached out her front leg and held it against Celestia's forehead.
  197. >"Uhh, Luna?" Celestia was at a loss for what her little sister was doing
  198. "It went just fine Celestia" she said with discerning eyes.
  199. >Worry coated her tongue.
  200. >Celestia could feel it.
  201. "You weren't in the throne room sister"
  202. >How such a simple statement could shatter what was left of Celestia's confidence she'll never know.
  203. >Upon hearing that the great white alicorn began to sweat.
  204. >Her muscles tensed up as if she were preparing to take action.
  205. >"I-I'm fine Lulu, really"
  206. >"Just needed a break is all." she flashed a wide, toothy smile at the stoic sister.
  207. "I get that Tia, but you usually tell the guards or Kibitz or somepony when you take a break"
  208. >Luna's ears drooped slightly.
  209. "Are you okay Tia?" Luna's face was genuine in its concern.
  210. >A nervous giggle escaped her throat.
  211. >"Luna, it was just a small break"
  212. >"Your worry is appreciated, but not needed"
  213. >Luna still looked unconvinced.
  214. >Staring at her older sister as if trying to place the pieces together.
  215. >Thinking quickly, she extended her hoof towards Luna and wrapped it around her neck.
  216. >And pulled her in for a loving, distraction filled embrace.
  217. >Luna's muzzle relaxed on her white, slightly shakey shoulder.
  218. >Slowly she returned the hug and let out a sigh.
  219. "Sister?"
  220. >"Hmm?" the tone of Luna's voice still scared her.
  221. "Why is that book on the floor?"
  222. >Like someone had just sucker punched Celestia in the stomach.
  223. >All the wind was knocked out of her.
  225. >"Wh-What book Luna?" she couldn't hide how scared she sounded.
  226. "The one you were sleeping right next to"
  227. >A million thoughts ran through the poor older sister's mind.
  228. >"Uhh...it's a...cookbook?" Celestia blind threw out an excuse hoping it'd stick.
  229. >Luna breaks away from Celestia's hoof and returns to staring at her sister.
  230. >Her eyes judging her sister's very being it seems.
  231. >Blinking, Luna's brow furrowed slightly.
  232. "A cookbook?"
  233. >Just from her tone Celestia already knew she wasn't buying it.
  234. >Feeling like the room was closing in on her.
  235. >Celestia panicked.
  236. >She hated to lie to Luna.
  237. >But, maybe it was time to stop lying.
  238. >Celestia knew more than anyone that eventually the truth finds a way to the surface
  239. >Letting out a sigh, Celestia stepped to the side and gestured towards the book.
  240. >Pausing for a brief moment, Luna looked from her defeated looking sister to the book in question.
  241. >With minor hesistence, she walked towards the open book.
  242. >Unsure of what she'll find.
  243. >Using her magic she levitated the book up close and began the act of reading it.
  244. >Celestia's head dipped lower with every page turned.
  245. >Every mumble from her sister's lips making her mane stand on end.
  246. >A thump caused Celestia to quickly pick her head up.
  247. >There was her little sister.
  248. >And beside her was the book with the yellow and red sun on the cover.
  249. >Dropped to the side in a state of shock clearly.
  250. >"Luna I can explain" Celestia reached a hoof out towards her sister in some desperate attempt to control the situation.
  251. "...Please do" her sister's head hung low.
  252. "Tell me you didn't have a relationship with one of your students sister"
  253. >Silence between the two.
  254. >It was all Luna needed to hear.
  255. >She understood.
  257. "I see." Luna picked her head back up and turned towards her sister.
  258. >While most times whenever she would look towards Celestia she'd feel a warming glow of compassion and kindness.
  259. >Instead what she felt was detachment, apathy, coldness.
  260. "I have no-" she started a thought, but stopped midway.
  261. >Luna looked towards the floor of Celestia's room.
  262. "I do not know why you'd risk everything over a relationship with your personal student sister" she breathed in deeply and exhaled.
  263. "That's the only thing I want to know" her gaze met Celestia's sullen expression.
  264. "Why?"
  265. >The great white alicorn was at a loss for words once again.
  266. >There was a temptation to lie.
  267. >But, she was supposed to protect Luna, not hurt her.
  268. >Besides, she already knew half of the real answer.
  269. >What more harm could the full answer do?
  270. >"Luna, dear sister..." she started.
  271. >"My relationship with Sunset Shimmer was built on my love for you"
  272. >Luna's expression remained stoic.
  273. >But Celestia could see the gears turning in her head.
  274. >Her face grew slightly pale as her breathing became heavy.
  275. "Wha-what do you mean Celestia?" there was no sugar coating it.
  276. >Luna looked terrified.
  277. >Standing to attention, but still feeling empty Celestia cleared her throat.
  278. >"Luna, when I banished you to the moon a 1000 years ago, it made me realize something" she sighed.
  279. >"Everypony I meet, all the delegates, politicians, business ponies, and whoever else.
  280. >"They just see the tiara, and nothing else."
  281. >Luna was still focused on her older sister.
  282. >A slight leg wobble catches Celestia's eye, but she doesn't let it bother her.
  283. >Not when she's still finding words to say.
  284. >"You see past that Luna."
  285. >"You always have" Celestia choked a sob back.
  286. >"I was so lonely without you..." she sniffled.
  287. >She gathered her composure and wiped her tears away with her hoof.
  288. >"But, that's when I met Sunset" she quietly giggled.
  289. >"She reminded me so much of you..." smiled as happy memories of the two bonding filled her mind.
  290. >Her smile slowly turned into a slight frown.
  291. >"But she wasn't you"
  293. >Celestia noticed Luna's stare was unwavering.
  294. >She hadn't blinked or moved an inch since hearing Celestia's words.
  295. >"Luna, you are my other half"
  296. >"I...I love you" she felt a warm tickle in her heart.
  297. >"More than a sister loves a sister" she extended her leg towards the stone cold frozen princess of the night.
  298. >The moment hung over the two like grim shadow of death itself.
  299. >The irises of Luna's emerald green eyes as small as pinpricks.
  300. >They were darting around wildly trying to comprehend the situation.
  301. >But when all of a sudden they stopped.
  302. >Princess Luna stood up straight and tall and shook her head to clear it from her jitters.
  303. >With a firm stance of conviction, Luna grabbed a hold of Celestia's extended hoof.
  304. >"I knew you'd understa-" Celestia began to say, but was cut off as Luna proceeded to walk towards the door with her hoof held on tight.
  305. >"What is the meaning of this sister?" Celestia asked confused.
  306. >Without turning around Luna immediately replies back with.
  307. "We are going to infirmary, and if they can't help you we're going to see Kibbitz, and if he can't help you then we will go to every hospital in Canterlot" increasing the force of her hold with each word.
  309. "Because you are not well Tia" Luna explained with the voice of a concerned mother.
  310. >Celestia pulled her hoof out of Luna's vice like grip.
  311. >"What are you talking about?
  312. >Turning around, Luna's confidence was still felt, but it was starting to become shakey.
  313. >Calming down, she took a breath.
  314. "Tia, you're not well..." she gestured towards her head.
  315. >"...Why would you say that Luna?" Celestia clearly hurt by her sister's words.
  316. "Because...clearly me being gone for all those years has done...something to your mind"
  317. >Celestia felt her heart drop down to her stomach.
  318. >"...You think I'm crazy" the tingle of warmth in her heart vanished.
  319. >It was replaced by a shudder of despair.
  320. "No, I never said that"
  321. >Luna gently raised her hoof at Celestia.
  322. >Her face burdened with the facts that were just revealed.
  323. "I just want to help you sister"
  324. >She offered her hoof once more.
  325. "Please let me"
  326. >Looking from Luna's hoof to her face, Celestia's heart sank lower and lower in her body.
  327. >She had just bared her soul to the only other person she's ever felt a deep connection with.
  328. >And she rejected it.
  329. >"Out of all the ponies I know...I never expected you to just...treat me this way" the tears were starting to well in her eyes.
  330. >Luna's eyes expressed the uncertainty she was experiencing.
  331. >Celestia knew she only had one other choice.
  332. >She closed her eyes and her horn glowed thick with a sunlight yellow aura.
  333. >Luna stood back in fear of what Celestia would try to do.
  334. >And with a sudden zap!
  335. >Celestia had disappeared from the room.
  336. >Leaving her little sister alone, frightened, but still on a mission.
  337. >She had to protect Celestia.
  338. >Even if it's from herself.
  340. >All was calm in Ponyville on this night.
  341. >Half of the townsponies were safe asleep in their homes.
  342. >And the other half were enjoying the beautiful night their Princess had made.
  343. >As for the town's resident Princess.
  344. >She was in the latter group.
  345. >Her crystal castle dark as the night sky.
  346. >Only the light from the stars and moon illuminated some parts of the castle.
  347. >The room with the cutie mark map, some parts of the royal library, and the room where Twilight Sparkle kept a magical mirror to another world.
  349. >Speaking of, the reflective glass was replaced by a swirling mass of rainbows.
  350. >And before anyone knew it, out popped a figure into the shadows of the castle.
  351. >A unicorn with a fiery mane, and a coat like the surface of the Sun.
  352. >Her eyes full of worry and concern.
  353. >She looked around the ominous looking library.
  354. >As if she were looking for something.
  355. >"Princess Twilight?" she confusedly whispered.
  356. >The unicorn took a few steps forward.
  357. >Each hoofstep making a soft clop against the floor.
  358. >"I got your message" her eyes wandered around as she kept quietly trying to speak.
  359. >An eerie feeling tingled down her spine.
  360. >Like frostbite had taken hold of her.
  361. >The only sound she could hear was the thumping of her own heart.
  362. >Hoofsteps began walking in her direction.
  363. >Slow, deliberatley slow.
  364. >Against her better judgement she turned her head to face the sound.
  365. >But she couldn't believe it.
  366. >There before her was the great white Princess of the Sun.
  367. >Princess Celestia.
  369. >A surge of long forgotten emotions swelled up in the unicorn's chest.
  370. >Bitterness, anger, and fear.
  371. >But despite everything she was frozen where she stood.
  372. >All she could do was gaze over to the other side of the room where Princess Celestia paced towards her.
  373. >Every hoofstep feeling like the last thing she'll hear.
  374. >But, in spite of all the terror gripping her, her eyes remained wide open.
  375. >To witness the great white sun goddess stand right in front of her face.
  376. >She had to lean her head up slightly to maintain eye contact.
  377. >Her jaw had dropped slightly.
  378. >With a slow motion, Celestia reached her hoof out towards the dumbstruck unicorn.
  379. >Flinching slightly from the touch.
  380. >It brushed the side of her cheek.
  381. >And rested on the underside of her chin.
  382. >There was no where else to look in the room.
  383. >She couldn't if she tried.
  384. >"You are as beautiful as ever, Sunset Shimmer" softly spoke the great white alicorn.
  385. >Looking up after hearing her name, Sunset came upon the glorious face of Princess Celestia.
  386. >A small, warm smile.
  387. >Tired eyes.
  388. >They gave off a sense of uncertainity.
  389. >Sunset watched her stare break off to the floor for a second.
  390. >Celestia then sighed.
  391. "...Where's Twilight?" Sunset asked unsure if she wanted to know.
  392. >In response, Celestia turned her head down a hallway.
  393. >"Most likely fast asleep" her eyes focused on the dark corridor.
  394. >Sunset felt her brain thinking a mile per minute.
  395. >She could feel her eyes darting back and forth between the ground and her former mentor.
  396. "But- She- You-" Sunset couldn't finish her frazzled thoughts.
  397. >Princess Celestia's eyes fell to the floor.
  398. >"Sunset Shimmer, I am afraid I have brought you here under false pretenses"
  399. >"But do know it was for a good reason" she lifted a hoof up from the ground.
  400. >Meanwhile Sunset was still just absorbing everything coming from Celestia's mouth.
  401. >A small voice inside Sunset's chest began to whisper though.
  402. >It wasn't loud enough to hear, but its messsage was clear.
  403. "Get Twilight" Sunset internally nodded as she quickly turned around.
  404. >She dashed towards the large doorway with conviction in her eyes.
  405. >But, before she could pass into the hall her head met firm resistance.
  406. >Like a sheet of plastic bouncing her back.
  407. >This only served to piss Sunset off.
  408. >Gritting her teeth, she charged up a blast from her horn and let loose on whatever was stopping her.
  409. >It vanished as soon as it collided with what seemed to be the air.
  410. >Running out of options, Sunset pulled out her desperation move.
  411. "Princess Twilight!" she shouted from the top of her lungs
  412. >Trying one more time to break through into the hallway, Sunset is pushed back.
  413. >Exhausted, Sunset takes some deep breaths and tries to think of what the hell is going on.
  414. >"She can't hear you." came from behind Sunset.
  415. >Sunset turned her head slightly so she could see the Princess out of the corner of her eye.
  416. >She was met with the sight of Celestia's stoic face and her currently glowing horn.
  417. >"Only I can"
  418. >And that's how Sunset's heart plummeted out of her body
  419. >The increasingly frightened unicorn felt her legs begin to wobble.
  420. >"Sunset please, I just want to talk" Celestia pleaded with her hoof still outstretched.
  422. >"Don't make this any harder than it has to be" her voice sounded hurt.
  423. >The orange unicorn saw she was left without any other options.
  424. "...You know, I'm really not in the mood to talk" she began to speak as she turned to fully face Celestia.
  425. "Especially when I'm lied to" Sunset felt a little fire light up in her stomach.
  426. >It wasn't much, but it kept her standing.
  427. >Celestia frowned as she looked in Sunset's direction.
  428. >Her etheral mane's light growing duller by the second.
  429. >"...Would you have come if I asked?" she said crestfallen
  430. >And just like that, Sunset didn't have an answer.
  431. >She looked down at her own hooves trying to think of any response.
  432. >But nothing came to her.
  433. >"Well, if you don't want to talk...then just listen, please" Sunset heard the most powerful pony she knew beg once again.
  434. >Sunset felt herself scowling.
  435. >She was becoming equally pissed as she was scared.
  436. >"I don't have many whom I can turn to...especially here lately" Celestia's voice was heavy.
  437. >It's burden was felt even by Sunset.
  438. "I don't care"
  439. >Princess Celestia immediately turned to see Sunset Shimmer appearing to be fed up with everything.
  440. >The hurt was noticable in Celestia's eyes.
  441. "And don't try to tell me you do because I know that's a lie"
  442. >"Sunset-"
  443. "No, don't you dare" Sunset glared as she felt the fire burning stronger in her gut.
  444. >"Sunset please-"
  445. "You only ever cared about me because I reminded you of her!" she stomped her hoof to cut off Princess Celestia.
  446. >A sharp bang and the only thing that was left was silence.
  448. >Pure, unadultered silence.
  449. >Sunset's chest huffed in and out with heavy, angry breaths.
  450. >A small spark fell from her horn.
  451. >But, Princess Celestia simply closed her eyes.
  452. >As if to accept what her former student had shouted to the heavens was true.
  453. >Or to totally ignore it.
  454. >Pretend it never happened.
  455. >Sunset of all ponies was the one who knew that policy of Celestia's all too well.
  456. >"...Sunset, do you remember the day I first took you in as my student?" she asked without opening her eyes.
  457. >The unicorn's eyes focused in on any sign of what she was planning.
  458. >But, all she found were the mannerisms of a pony at the end of their rope.
  459. "You...you told me that there was something special I had..." Sunset's face fell to the floor.
  460. "Something the others didn't..."
  461. >"And it's still something that is with to this very day"
  462. >"Your ambition" Celestia giggled slightly to herself.
  463. >"When you set your mind to something there wasn't any stopping you"
  464. >And without missing a beat.
  465. "Just like Luna, right?" Sunset's words twisting into Celestia's heart.
  466. >The sun Princess said nothing.
  467. >She just turned around and had her back to Sunset.
  468. >Maybe hoping it would dull the harshness of what Sunset just said.
  470. "See, you say you want to talk, but every time I bring up that ugly truth you turn and hide" Sunset began to step to the side.
  471. >Celestia's eyes refused to meet Sunset's
  472. >Shaking her head, Sunset sits down on the cold castle floor.
  473. "...Why can't you just admit you used me?" her ears drooped a little.
  474. "It's been years, Celestia, I'm tired of fighting" she sighed.
  475. >Hoping that maybe after all this time.
  476. >Just maybe, she will finally see reason.
  477. "And I"m sure you are too"
  478. >With that final word, Princess Celestia's eyes were still glued to the floor.
  479. >"I-I...I loved you Sunset" her face slowly drifting in the tired former student's direction.
  480. >"You were like family"
  481. >Princess Celestia was still staring at the floor.
  482. >Unsure of how Sunset was taking what she had just spoke.
  483. >But a pair of orange hooves appearing before her vision dragged her attention back upwards.
  484. >Before she could muster a word, a strike to the face sent her head to the side.
  485. >Surprised, Celestia felt her left eye ache as she held pressure to it with her hoof.
  486. >Physical pain was something Celestia had gotten used to a long, long time ago.
  487. >But the emotional pain that accompanied it?
  488. >Still hurts like when she was a child.
  489. >But the emotional pain that accompanied it?
  490. >Still hurts like when she was a child.
  491. >Except there was no mommy or Luna to kiss it better.
  492. >Instead there was a very upset pony who looks like she wouldn't hesitate to throw another punch.
  493. "You just don't get it" the stern voice of Sunset Shimmer drilled into her ears.
  494. >Scared, the hurt alicorn's mind raced a mile a minute.
  495. >Everything was going wrong with this day.
  496. >Anxiety was turning Celestia's stomach black with fear.
  497. >More and more mistakes were being made.
  498. >Unforgivable mistakes.
  499. >A ring of guilt gripped her heart like a hangman's noose.
  500. >She had to fix everything.
  501. >Again.
  502. >Closing her eyes and concentrating.
  503. >Celestia felt a surge of power flow into her horn.
  504. >It glowed a radiant sunlight yellow.
  505. >However, before she cast the spell.
  506. >She whispered under her breath.
  507. >"Good bye"
  508. >And instanteously poofed from the room.
  509. >In a flashing light.
  510. >Leaving Sunset Shimmer hurt, angry, and confused.
  511. "Princess Twilight!" Sunset had an ephiphany.
  512. >And hurried to her friend's bedroom.
  513. >While the plans of goddesses were being unfolded under her nose.
  514. >Hastily made plans.
  516. >When she no longer felt an emptiness surrounding her.
  517. >Princess Celestia opened her eyes.
  518. >She was greeted with a long room that seemingly stretched on and on.
  519. >It was lit up by the lights in the moonlit sky.
  520. >At the far end of the room was a massive door and to the other end was her throne and her sister's.
  521. >Judging by the position of the moon, it was due to be daybreak shortly.
  522. >Which meant she didn't have long to do what she needed to do to set things right.
  523. >The sound of mumbled speaking drew the princess's attention back down to the imposing door.
  524. >It slowly creaked open slightly.
  525. >Opened by a night sky blue magical aura.
  526. >Princess Celestia felt her pupils shrink.
  527. >"...And you are certain of this place's reputation Kibitz?"
  528. "Absolutely your highness"
  529. "When you assigned me to find the best well that's precisely what I've done"
  530. >The princess of the night still looked conflicted.
  531. >Struggling with her head splitting emotions towards everything.
  532. >But the older looking stallion with a wise looking grey bread stepped forward.
  533. "It will take some time, but they will help her, princess" he bowed his head.
  534. "You have my word for it"
  535. >Princess Luna's smile half-returned at Kibitz's determination.
  536. >It was infectious.
  537. >However, towards the other side of the room, Princess Celestia was still frozen in place.
  538. >Eyes locked onto her sister and her royal advisor.
  539. >Her heart pounding in her chest as she was helpless to do anything about her sister's eyes wandering towards the thrones.
  540. >"Sis...sister?" her pupils shrank just as Celestia's had a moment prior.
  541. >Kibitz turned his attention towards the sun princess as well.
  542. >The three staring at each other.
  544. >Betrayal, fear, and uncertainty.
  545. >No one knowing what to say.
  546. >Luna's face was a mixed bag.
  547. >But, her older sister knew there was still some fight left in her.
  548. >She could tell by a small glimmer in her eye.
  549. >"Celestia..." her heart as heavy as the tension in the room.
  550. >"Please, don't run..." she raised a hoof foolishly thinking it would prevent anymore bad from happening.
  551. >"Kibitz and I we're..." her eyes fell to the floor for a second.
  552. >The younger sister's ears drooped.
  553. >She sighed deeply and looked back up at the other side of the room.
  554. >Where her sister still stood.
  555. >Expressionless.
  556. >"We're going to get you some help Tia...
  557. >"But..." the words were caught in the poor alicorn's throat.
  558. >That's when the stallion stepped forward to give her a reprieve.
  559. "You will have to take a momentary leave of absence from the throne I'm afraid."
  560. >Still, Princess Celestia stood as straight as her expression.
  561. >Kibitz couldn't tell what she was thinking or what she felt.
  562. "Your highness, when your mother and father entrusted me to keep an eye on you two." Kibitiz's eyes glistened with the thoughts of memories past.
  563. "I gave them my word that at any cost I would do everything in my power to keep you both safe" the strong stallion closed his eyes.
  564. >Princess Luna's lips pouted lightly as she turned to look at her sister.
  565. >Nothing still.
  567. "With all due respect Princess Celestia, when I give somepony my word..." he returned to a firm stance.
  568. "I keep it"
  569. >The mighty Princess of the Sun's stance remained rock solid.
  570. >Like she turned into a statue.
  571. >"Tia...we don't want to hurt you" Luna's soft voice carried itself to her sister's ears.
  572. >As that plea occurred a group of Luna's night guard entered the room.
  573. >They ordered in behind Kibitz and stood in a side by side formation.
  574. >"Please..." she was close to getting down on her knees and begging.
  575. >But, she heard an oddly familiar noise.
  576. >A whirring like the turning of gears onto each other.
  577. >She could feel her heart fall through her body.
  578. >Her eyes landed upon her stoic sister as her eyes nearly bulged out of her head from what she saw.
  579. >Celestia's horn was glowing it's usual sunlight yellow.
  580. "Guards, apprehend and restrain!" Kibitz ordered to the fully armored bat pony guards behind him.
  581. >"Wait, Kibitz no!" Luna leapt in front of her guards with her wings outstretched.
  582. >Keeping her own guards from attacking.
  583. >"This is something only I can deal with..."
  584. >Her expression stern instead of the sight of heartbreak.
  585. >A moment slid by as Kibitz finally relented and ordered the guards to stay behind.
  586. >Luna bowed her head in graditude.
  587. >Finally, she turned back towards her sister.
  588. >Her horn becoming more brilliant as time moved on
  589. >Courage was building inside her.
  590. >For the good of Equestira, and for the good of Celestia.
  591. >She had to move forward.
  593. >The air grew thicker with each consectutive step towards Celestia.
  594. >"...It's not a teleportation spell" Luna reasoned in her thoughts on the way over.
  595. >"She'd be gone by now"
  596. >Soon she was standing right before her great, white sister.
  597. >Horn still aglow, and eyes shut tight.
  598. >"Tia?" she looked up concerned and confused.
  599. >A great burden was present in Celestia's demeanor the more Luna observed her sister.
  600. >The weight of the world was dragging her down.
  601. >"Tia, what are you..." Luna lost her train of thought as Celestia's eyes opened.
  602. >They were pure light.
  603. >No pupils, irises, or anything.
  604. >Almost like she was overflowing in pure magical energy.
  605. "...Lulu, I'm so sorry" Celestia's voice almost a whisper, but all Luna could hear.
  606. "It's...it's too late for any of this."
  607. >A tear dripped down Luna's cheek.
  608. >Celestia's words felt like an omen.
  609. >Only serving to confuse her even more.
  610. >"...Ti-" and before she utter another syllable, the Princess of the Sun stole a kiss from her sister's lips.
  611. >To Celestia, it couldn't be described.
  612. >Words would fail to capture how the moment meant to her.
  613. >They would never capture the passion, the sheer magnitude of the event, or even touch upon the beauty of her sister.
  614. >In that moment, the two royal sisters were as one.
  615. >Celestia slowly pulled her head back away from her younger sister.
  616. >The sweetness of her lips still present on her mouth.
  617. >Judging by the thousand-yard stare anyway.
  618. >And with that, Celestia's horn began to strobe bright yellow flashes in the room.
  619. >The sound of Kibitz yelling something was drowned out by Celestia's pure concentration.
  620. >Before she closed her eyes one more time, Celestia turned back over to her sister.
  621. >She saw something her mind forever burned into her memory.
  622. >On Luna's conflicted face were tears.
  623. >They streamed down her face, but she didn't sob.
  624. >Or fall to the floor a crumpled heap.
  625. >No, she stood where she was kissed and tears poured out of her.
  626. >Like she was a broken mare.
  627. >Celestia shut her eyes tight and set all her magic into overdrive.
  628. >The pulsing of her horn increased the strobe effect.
  629. >Coating the room in a blinding white light.
  630. >Then with a scream of anguish, the sun goddess unleashed all her stored magic in her horn.
  631. >Muting out the sound of everything.
  633. >It was just a high pitched whine for a few moments.
  634. >And then, she felt a ray of sunshine upon her head.
  635. >She carefully opened her eyes.
  636. >It was the throne room, but lit up by the glow of the Sun.
  637. >And she was sitting on her seat with a stack of papers by her side.
  638. >The sound of the throne room door being opened made her heart stop.
  639. >But she heard joyous humming coming from the other side.
  640. >That's when a familiar sight caught her eye.
  641. >It was her little sister, skipping into the throne room.
  642. >A few more skips until she took a leap and flew over to her throne by Celestia.
  643. >Still humming a happy little tune.
  644. >That's when Princess Celestia let out a contented sigh.
  645. "...Well somepony's in a good mood" she observed.
  646. >A squee of delight escaped Luna's mouth.
  647. >"You bet I am sister!"
  648. >"Tonight's the night I will be treated like a Princess!"
  649. >She blushed slightly and giggled.
  650. >"Uhh, more so than usual"
  651. >Princess Celestia looked over at her sister.
  652. >Giddiness couldn't even describe it.
  653. >Maybe this time things would work out differently.
  654. >Hopefully so.
  655. >She shook her mind free of the haunting image of Luna breaking apart after their moment.
  656. "I will protect you this time, I swear it"
  657. >A small tear pooled in her eye.
  658. "Fate won't make me liar again"
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