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  1. But at 2nd stage when people of 30 plus are diagnosed with diabetes they get into some serious trouble. And often at this stage the pancreas almost stops to produce insulin. At this stage people also have same side effects but in a more acute manner. 2nd level diabetes can only be controlled by using inject able insulin. They need to take injections of insulin in order to maintain their blood sugar level.People who suffer from diabetes almost think that this disease is not curable. But you just need to think positive. Everything is possible. I have seen people who have got 2nd level diabetes but still they are living a perfectly normal life.
  3. You just need to follow some very basic things. First you need to have a very balanced diet. You need to cut down the usage of fat and sugar from your diet. Then you need to include more and more vegetables in your diet. Always take plane low-fat yogurt. Sweet and flavored milk and yogurt which are very popular these days can lead you to trouble.Insulin is a hormone which controls the amount of sugar in our blood. When our body faces its deficiency then we have a disease called diabetes. There are two types of diabetes. The first type of diabetes usually occurs in children and young people. In this type controlling it is easy. With proper control and some nice diet planning it can be controlled easily. With this type of diabetes the pancreas gets weak but still it works.
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