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  1. The offer is pretty much ridiculous, probing my staff team is acceptable but some other things are not.
  3. "I'm not sure where you yourself would fall- I'm not willing to share any community authority or ownership with you because I'm solely funding everything, including development, and that's what a community owner does..."
  5. A community owner to my eyes isn't the man who pays up, but it's rather the man that keeps everything in order, in check, that knows what decisions to take when shit hits the ceiling and basically someone who's capable of leading that community to something enjoyable for everyone not only for himself. But by that quote, I can't really say Shen fits into that category to me, and not even having a slight consideration of sharing ownership with me or with Verne is just ridiculous.
  7. Your lore ideas are simply accostumed to how Fusion Networks pretty much operated, and... The staff management and organization is way too similar as well. I'm not quite fond of Fusion Networks either, I've never got to enjoy it, I found it quite boring to say the least. Our server's plot and lore start Pre-CS to give the players the opportunity to experience, /Influence/ and /change/ the path or the route it takes, obviously following the default stalker landmarks that make stalker actual stalker, following the theme and aesthetics as well. But it gives room for enough free roleplay and opportunities to create things people wish to rather than just railroading to the same generic storyline GSC made and that we communities keep repeating over and over. If I don't find freedom in roleplay I simply don't enjoy it.
  9. But I'm going off the road, so basically your lore is adapted to FN's playerbase, a playerbase that has been going with the same characters since Sevilidan... And that's quite concerning to me, people who are overly attached to their characters and that feel directly related to them are a big no no in my mind, a red alarm goes off with people like that. Don't know if I described this properly, maybe I'm wrong, if so. Just say so.
  11. I agree that a staff team needs to be effective and /well/ chosen. But there is always the question... Who is qualified to choose these people? I am basically giving chances to several people I know have been wrongdoing in the past, if they bust their chance, gone. Simple as that.
  13. Plus this grudge Shen has with Mrfix I find it simply childish, this is pure Gmod drama that always goes on and on, why can't two adults just sit down at a table and talk it out like mature people. Why does he have to throw this fit against MrFix because of something from the past? This is not new as I'm aware, MrFix is and will always be accepting to cooperate and work with Shen or anyone that they deem him as a dickhead or w/e.
  15. I did actually spearhead some mergers between communities like Jimi did now. I do find it a really good opportunity from time to time to unite communities and get a bigger and more efficient community, it's great to have people come all together and simply enjoy something like roleplay.
  17. I don't really know much about FN but... I've never head much good from there, and this is basically a continuation of that.
  18. Plus, our stalker server is integrated into another community which runs a Hl2RP and a custom tabletop RP mixed with some Gmod RP,
  19. Anyhow, I'd have then to talk to the owner of that community, Gleep. But I'm pretty sure that if we reach some middle terms and manage to get a reasonably understanding of how could we do this we could manage to pull this off.
  21. So far my staff team hasn't had a negative response, actually a positive one rather. But they deem the offer just... Not good, even Jimi sees the offer as something not really that reasonable.
  23. Plus so far I've seen the progress has stagnated, and Shen has confirmed this, and that quite worries me as well. Right now we're working quite fast and are nearing launch.
  25. But yeah, that's basically my opinion, response... My team's viewpoint, and yeah I shared my convo with Shen in the staff channel, I do consult and talk quite a lot with my team, we work as a team, and so far it's been going great for us. Tho I think that with a bigger staff team and different individuals we could even improve furthermore in this project, and add many things to the table that would benefit both.
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