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  1. <size=50><align="center"><color=red>Kryteria</color> Server Rules</align></size=40>
  3. 1. No micspamming the intercom.
  4. 2. No teaming unless its with another team you win with. (ex: <color=red>SCP</color> and <color=orange>Class D</color>)
  5. 3. Don't be toxic. (ex: calling someone names, purposely trying to kill them if your on the same team, or being mean in general.)
  6. 4. Join the discord, <color=yellow></color>
  7. 5. No excessive cursing.
  8. 6. No game throwing. (purposely killing yourself, or letting the other team win.)
  9. 7. Have fun. (yes this is required)
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