[oneshot] Rainbow browser history

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. Prompt:
  2. >"I see you got my text. Thanks for the reply, butthead. Here's how this is gonna go. Either you be my slave and do WHATEVER I tell you to, or I email everyone at school your very... unique... browser history."
  3. >"By the way, don't try anything stupid. I didn't bring the flash drive with me."
  7. "Shit."
  8. >The girl with the polychromatic hair grins at you, absolutely sure of the leverage she'd gained on you.
  9. >And boy, did she gain it.
  10. >While you're sure that everyone has their own kind of kinks and people generally don't put TOO much stock in the preferences of others, having your browser history made public isn't really something you're comfortable with right now.
  11. "H-how the fuck did you even get this?"
  12. >"I'm a leet haxxor, bitch."
  13. "No you're not."
  14. >"Okay, I'm not. Still, I have my ways."
  15. "You checked my laptop when I brought it over to your house the other day and went to the toilet, didn't you?"
  16. >Rainbows smirk drops for a second before her bravado returns.
  17. >"A-anyway! You gonna accept or what?"
  18. >Fuck.
  19. >Sweat starts pooling on your forehead, slowly running down and stinging your eyes.
  20. >She's not bluffing.
  21. >She actually got a hold of your browsing history.
  22. >Of all the people, for HER to find it.
  23. "Shit!"
  24. >"You're cute when you realize you're trapped, dude," she chuckles, the certainty of her win now clearly evident in her voice.
  25. "No."
  26. >"What do you mean no? You really want this shit to get out?"
  27. >Shaking her smartphone in front of your face, Rainbow moves for the killing blow.
  28. >"Fine! Let's have a look then, shall we?"
  29. "Wait!"
  30. >"Nuh uhh."
  31. >Wait a second.
  32. "Hold on Dash, so you actually haven't read it yet?"
  33. >"Well... no. I wanted to offer you the chance to make this all go away quietly. But, as you chose to be a giant homo..."
  34. >She swipes at the screen, flicking through a series of hastily stolen snapshots of your computer screen.
  35. "Dash, please!"
  36. >She didn't yet see it herself.
  37. >There might be hope.
  38. "I'll pay you!"
  39. >"Don't want money, dude... Okay, here we go: Wikipedia. Lame! YouTube. Lame!"
  40. "I'll do your homework!"
  41. >"You're already doing that anyway... 4chan? Now that's a bit sick dude. Aren't these guys like rapists and molesters and shit?"
  42. "No, shut up."
  43. >Fuck, fuck, fuck.
  44. >She keeps going, scrolling further and further down her images.
  45. >"Some torrent shit... some game walkthrough... Amazon... dude?!"
  46. >She looks up, confusion written over her face.
  47. >"Where's the porn?"
  48. >Porn?
  49. "I uhm... I use incognito mode."
  50. >"The fuck? What the hell, what are you getting all sweaty for then?"
  51. "I dunno, privacy and stuff. I don't want other people rummaging through my history."
  52. >That's right, play it down.
  53. >Act cool and maybe she'll take the bait.
  54. >Rainbow narrows her eyes at you.
  55. >"I don't believe you."
  56. >She says it slowly, deliberately, a spider momentarily confused what kind of fat insect she actually caught in her net.
  57. >But she's sure she did catch SOMETHING.
  58. >And she did.
  59. >"Something must be here."
  60. >You force a laugh, the sound more akin to a dry choking due to the lack of saliva in your mouth right now.
  61. "There really isn't. I just wanted to make you THINK there was something. Ha!"
  62. >Rainbows eyes flick from you to her smartphone's screen and back.
  63. >"No..."
  64. >She keeps scrolling.
  65. >"No... you were too scared, too- AHA"
  66. >The gunshot-like outburst almost makes you jump.
  67. >"I knew it!"
  68. >Fuck!
  69. >The smug grin returning to her face, Rainbow clears her throat before reading aloud.
  70. >"Google search: 'How to tell a girl you like her'. Hehe."
  71. >Shit fuck.
  72. >"So you're looking for some love advice, huh? How cute. 'How to impress athletic girls'. 'How to talk to fit girls'... Wait, what?"
  73. >She gives you a quizzical look.
  74. "Haha. Cloudchaser, you know? From the other class. She's... ha."
  75. >"'Gifts for turtle-owners'," Rainbow keeps reading.
  76. "Uhm, you know..."
  77. >"'How to tell your friend you love her'"
  78. >Rainbows magenta eyes focus on you once more, now wide in shock and surprise.
  79. "Listen! It's not what you think it is! I was just-"
  80. >"'Wonderbolts fan girl gifts'."
  81. >A few seconds of stunned silence and mutual staring pass between the two of you.
  82. >Too scared to say anything, you wait for Rainbow to make the first move and speak up again, the girl herself much too occupied with re-reading your search entries for possible misinterpretations she could have missed.
  83. >Finally confident enough in her ability to understand what's going on, she once again stares at you with wide eyes and a slight tough of pink in her cheeks.
  84. >"...Anon?"
  85. "..."
  86. >"Did- Did you want to tell me something?"
  87. >With shaking hands, you reach inside the pocket of your jacket.
  88. "F-funny you should mention that..."
  89. >You produce the pair of Wonderbolt tickets and glittering bracelet with the signature team emblem on it you've been carrying around for about two weeks now.
  90. "I was uhm, I dunno... I was wondering if you had any plans for this weekend maybe?"
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