Kingdom of Khaos

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  1. [US East] The Kingdom of Khaos
  3. Discord: <u><color=#0f0><link="">Discord Link</link></color></u>
  5.  - Rules:
  6. 1- Don't Ask For Admin/Moderator
  7. 2- Don't EXCESSIVELY teamkill. Once is fine.
  8. 3- Don't ask admins to do stuff for you. They'll announce it if they are making a special round.
  9. 4- Don't be mad at the abuse in the meme server - that's the M E M E server. Expect the memes.
  11. Any issues? Contact <u><link=""></link></u>
  13.  - IP: (meme)
  14. Occasionally other servers go live on ports 7778-7782
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