Anon - Tsundere lewd

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >”You’re sure Hexferry will cool down from that?”
  2. >Caramel waves her hoof lazily
  3. “It’s fine, she’ll calm down soon enough”
  4. >You are sitting on your porch with Caramel
  5. >Hexferry was in your company but she got a bit angry at Caramels lewd innuendos and left
  6. >”You say that but you seem worried”
  7. >Caramel turns to look at you
  8. “What makes you say that?”
  9. >You give Caramel a gentle smile
  10. >”You’re tapping your hoof a bit, you always do that when you’re a bit anxious or worried”
  11. >Caramel seems a bit surprised for a short while
  12. “You’ve certainly been looking at me a lot to know that Anon~”
  13. >You let out a small laugh and shrug
  14. >Caramel sighs
  15. “She did seem a bit angrier than normally...”
  16. >She now turns to fully look in your direction
  17. “Do you think I took it too far?”
  18. >You shrug again
  19. >”I don’t know, but I would not be too worried. You two are such good friends that I don’t think this would affect it”
  20. >Caramel looks at her drink
  21. “Yeah, you’re right...”
  22. >You take a sip of your drink and say nothing more as Caramel keeps looking at her drink, most likely deep in thought
  23. >Caramel was doing her usual lewd joking routine and jabbed once again at Hexferrys sexuality
  24. >Hexferry did not take it as well as usually and got a bit upset, and told Caramel off and then left
  25. >And then you decided to offer a few kind words to Caramel
  26. >She seemed a bit worried, but honestly you think that those two will be all right, you’ve seen them spend time together a lot and those two are close
  28. >And sure enough, your and Caramels heads turn as you hear the flap of a pair of mothpony wings
  29. >Caramel lets out a very faint sound of surprise and you smile a bit
  30. >It’s Hexferry, blushing and avoiding Caramels eyes
  31. “Hexferry?”
  32. >Hexferry looks up at Caramel but blushes more and then looks at the ground again
  33. “I... I came t-to apologize...”
  34. >Caramel looks at Hexferry like she’s not sure what to say and Hexferry glances at Caramel every now and then
  35. >In its own way it’s a pretty sweet sight
  36. >Hexferry then gulps and lands on the porch and walks up to Caramel, who herself gets up from the chair she’s on
  37. >The two of them stand there awkwardly for a short while and then HExferry starts to talk
  38. “I’m sorry... for overreacting...”
  39. >Caramel herself seems to freeze up a bit before she gets something out of her mouth
  40. “N-no, no I’m at fault as well, I should have stopped when you told me to...”
  41. >Now Caramels also blushing a bit and looking a bit embarrassed, but not as much as Hexferry
  42. >You feel like giving them some outside help
  43. >”Just kiss already!”
  44. >Both of them give you a dirty look, before both noticing each other doing the exact same thing and then they start to laugh a bit
  45. >Caramel then throws her hoof over Hexferrys shoulder
  46. “If Anon wants to see it so much maybe we should show him~”
  47. >Hexferry smiles at Caramel before pulling her usual scrunchy and annoyed look
  48. “No, I don’t think so”
  49. >And then the two smile at each other
  50. >”So Hexferry, how about returning to our company?”
  51. >Hexferry gives you a glad little smile
  52. “Yes, I would love that”
  53. >As Caramel and Hexferry sit down you can’t help but to feel the atmosphere became even better than it was before
  54. >Friendship is a nice thing
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