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  1. The person I am reporting is named William Glenn Locke III, who lives on 4689 Countrygate Court in Riverside, California, zip code 92505. This person has an ongoing history of making, sharing, and receiving child pornography, and going as far as to send these images to other people, some of which were confirmed minors. He has also done basic manipulation that has transitioned into borderline criminal harbouring. The images in particular are in a Google Drive that the suspect has willingly given out to others, with these specific images being downloaded starting back in 2004. The content of these images, while mostly involving the showing of one's stomach, also show some genitalia; these images include both male and female kids and adults. While 2004 was when this first started, 2012 was the year when some of these images were being uploaded online through an alias named "Mojorocka"; as of now, this same person goes by the alias of "3rdEyeRioichi." These images are still being spread today, mostly through two social media applications named Kik and Discord, and there are other minors getting these images as well; none of the minors mentioned are in the photos. He mostly manipulates via false suicide threats, as well as death threats to those who disagree with him. I'm making a tip because his heavy amount of time on the internet keeps him in high contact with minors. It should also be worth noting that he also regularly volunteers at the San Bernardino Unified School District, which puts him into contact with children much younger than who he talks to online. I, myself, am a minor who has been affected by Mr. Locke, and his behavior is unacceptable.
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  6. Password: Carm2002?
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  10. 1. 2438 2039         6. 7921 4291
  11. 2. 5687 1992         7. 2901 2388
  12. 3. 3206 2563         8. 4878 1691
  13. 4. 3174 7840         9. 7177 5971
  14. 5. 0531 8686
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