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  1. Hi Allan and Kris,
  2. first of all, thanks for the great show. A couple of months ago, I was looking for a podcast to get my BSD fix and after finding BSD Now, my search was over and I stuck with you!
  4. I recently set up three iocage jails to host 3 radius servers with different areas of responsibility. I used to run them as virtual instances in one radiusd, but for easier maintenance, I decided to separate them and to use jails to save resources compared to full virtual machines.
  6. Now I would like to use zfs send to send the whole server to a backup storage machine off site. When I run the remote zfs receive command as root, I works just fine.
  7. For added security, I'd like to run the command as a regular user, to whom I granted permissions via zfs allow.
  9. At first I granted the basics that seemed to be required for receiving. I managed to transfer a couple of datasets but then it fails in the way pasted below.
  10. Both systems are running 10.2-RELEASE with up to date patch level and packages
  12. Do you have any idea what might be going wrong or have suggestions toward a best practises for backing up iocage jails to remote systems? I'd really like to use the power of zfs here :D
  14. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  15. Love the show & BSD
  16. Philipp
  18. (oph/backups2 is newly created at the time of the attempted send. Using root on the receiving side this went through without problems)
  20. root@amypoehler:~ # zfs send -R zroot@installed | ssh -l ngbackup XXXXXXX zfs receive -uvF oph/backups2/amypoehler
  21. receiving full stream of zroot@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler@installed
  22. received 41.7KB stream in 1 seconds (41.7KB/sec)
  23. receiving full stream of zroot/var@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/var@installed
  24. received 41.7KB stream in 1 seconds (41.7KB/sec)
  25. receiving full stream of zroot/var/crash@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/var/crash@installed
  26. received 43.0KB stream in 1 seconds (43.0KB/sec)
  27. receiving full stream of zroot/var/audit@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/var/audit@installed
  28. received 44.2KB stream in 1 seconds (44.2KB/sec)
  29. receiving full stream of zroot/var/tmp@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/var/tmp@installed
  30. received 43.0KB stream in 1 seconds (43.0KB/sec)
  31. receiving full stream of zroot/var/mail@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/var/mail@installed
  32. received 429KB stream in 1 seconds (429KB/sec)
  33. receiving full stream of zroot/var/log@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/var/log@installed
  34. received 674KB stream in 1 seconds (674KB/sec)
  35. receiving full stream of zroot/tmp@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/tmp@installed
  36. received 52.5KB stream in 1 seconds (52.5KB/sec)
  37. receiving full stream of zroot/ROOT@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/ROOT@installed
  38. ————
  39. snip
  40. —— ——
  41. receiving incremental stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429@fr2kaput into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429@fr2kaput
  42. received 312B stream in 1 seconds (312B/sec)
  43. receiving incremental stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429@installed
  44. received 312B stream in 1 seconds (312B/sec)
  45. receiving full stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@ioc-upgrade_2016-01-15_18:44:20 into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@ioc-upgrade_2016-01-15_18:44:20
  46. received 1.68GB stream in 53 seconds (32.4MB/sec)
  47. receiving incremental stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@ioc-update_2016-01-15_18:45:08 into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@ioc-update_2016-01-15_18:45:08
  48. received 50.7KB stream in 1 seconds (50.7KB/sec)
  49. receiving incremental stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@fr2kaput into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@fr2kaput
  50. received 357MB stream in 12 seconds (29.8MB/sec)
  51. receiving incremental stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@installed into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root@installed
  52. received 309MB stream in 12 seconds (25.7MB/sec)
  53. receiving full stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root/data@ioc-upgrade_2016-01-15_18:44:20 into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root/data@ioc-upgrade_2016-01-15_18:44:20
  54. received 41.7KB stream in 1 seconds (41.7KB/sec)
  55. receiving incremental stream of zroot/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root/data@ioc-update_2016-01-15_18:45:08 into oph/backups2/amypoehler/iocage/jails/f53f640e-bbae-11e5-8909-00163e883429/root/data@ioc-update_2016-01-15_18:45:08
  56. cannot receive incremental stream: permission denied
  57. warning: cannot send 'zroot/iocage/jails/89a49d09-ba39-11e5-9eed-00163e883429/root@installed': Broken pipe
  60. These are the permissions granted on the backup2 dataset
  61. ---- Permissions on oph/backups2 -------------------------------------
  62. Local+Descendent permissions:
  63.     user ngbackup aclinherit,aclmode,allow,atime,bookmark,canmount,casesensitivity,checksum,clone,compression,copies,create,dedup,destroy,devices,diff,exec,filesystem_count,filesystem_limit,groupquota,groupused,hold,jailed,logbias,mount,mountpoint,nbmand,normalization,primarycache,promote,quota,readonly,receive,recordsize,redundant_metadata,refquota,refreservation,release,rename,reservation,rollback,secondarycache,send,setuid,share,sharenfs,sharesmb,snapdir,snapshot,snapshot_count,snapshot_limit,sync,userprop,userquota,userused,utf8only,version,volblocksize,volmode,volsize,vscan,xattr
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